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2017 Inventory

a water-stained leaning building, [Map Room 24], Lich #26442, go leaning building

[I Got This] RNUM: 26445
Shafts of moonlight seep through the windows, snaking through the miniscule spaces found between stacks of merchandise that fill the room. Narrow shadowy walkways allow for navigation among the clutter and no specific organization is present in the chaos of the decor. Shelves are interspersed in the mess, dotting the walls and peeking out from the haphazardly stacked towers of items.
The candy bags on the shelf heal what ails ya.
The yellow helps with severe organ issues, while the green helps with a bit less of a wound (though not much!).
The small blue one helps more than acantha.
The dark violet assists with some nerve damage, while the crumpled blue helps severe nervous ticks!
The stained green one fixes a severe limb injury, and the stark white one helps even further!
The bright pink one's for when your head is busted up, and the wrinkled white one's for more severe injuries.

In the sanded driftwood shelf you see:

a bug-eyed red satin wizard hand-puppet wielding a gold wand Hand-puppets
This is a hand-puppet.  It can be altered normally but the noun must remain "hand-puppet," and it must be made of fabric.

This item is currently off-the-shelf quality.  It can be unlocked further by a qualified merchant.  It currently traps: WEAR, TICKLE, PUSH, PULL.
hand-worn 10000
a lumpy green felt frog hand-puppet
a stained and matted brown furry dog hand-puppet
a gowned and jeweled elven princess hand-puppet
a frumpy old maiden hand-puppet with matted grey yarn hair

In the weathered oak shelf you see:

a broad brimmed grey felt hat with an ebon satin band Yansio hat head-worn 25000
a slender chocolate suede hat with a sweeping ivory feather
a brushed ivory suede hat with a curved brim
a wine-hued supple leather hat

In the short stack you see:

a short stub of white chalk 100
a piece of narrow white chalk 100
a piece of cracked blue chalk 100
a length of dark red chalk 100

In the leaning stack you see:

a small circular chalkboard with a bamboo frame Chalkboards
Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
neck-worn 25000
a smudged black slate chalkboard
a large oak-framed dark blue slate chalkboard
a small black slate chalkboard looped on a length of cord

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the opening.