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a boxy wooden hut, [Map Room 54], Lich #26479, go hut (High Plateau)

[The Jewelry Box, Salesroom] RNUM: 27526
Utterly square, the perimeter of the room has been lined with shelving. Resting on each shelf is an array of glittering jewels. A table near the rear of the room holds a silver jewelry tree that displays a variety of wearables. A crystalline globe in the ceiling emits a fractured light that sends a rainbow of colors across the surfaces. A soft, woven rug adorns the floor and leads from the front entrance to a doorway in the back.
Obvious exits: out

On the silver jewelry tree you see:

a butterfly-shaped jewel barrette with delicate gold antenna
This is a piece of jewelry created by a jewelry box.  It has nothing to unlock and you can alter it at will.  It also traps PUSH and TURN for fluff actions.  It cannot be lightened or deepened.
hair-worn 7500
a braided silver and gold armband in an infinity pattern arm-worn
a pair of delicate jade hoops with an elongated curve ears-worn
a jointed burnished gold finger-armor with jet veins finger-worn
an ornate silver circlet center-set with a ruby heart head-worn
a triple-tiered gold foot-flower strung with onyx beads ankle-worn
a thick silver cuff studded with tiny opals wrist-worn
a delicate bracelet of teak and jet beads wrist-worn
a tiered gold lavaliere strung with ruby beads neck-worn
a fine silver-strung sapphire pendant neck-worn

On the shelf you see:

a golden spiral shell scepter 1840
an iridescent tempest shell butterfly 2403
a queen helmet shell spiral 1771
a snow cowrie shell star 872
a large moonsnail shell crescent 1612
an emperor's crown shell fan 2398
a brown triton shell tree 2550
a tiny siren's comb shell mace 1680
a white shell gryphon's wing 3520
a ruby-lined nassa shell heart 2619
a wentletrap shell oval 1300

On the shelving you see:

a small pink sapphire fairy 2975
a faceted blue sapphire raindrop 2280
a cat's-paw coral snowflake 684
a radiant fire pearl oval 1144
a blue flower coral globe 624
a striated green sapphire leaf 450
a jagged star sapphire shard 1344
a violet sapphire blossom 1130
a yellow sapphire sunburst 792
a faceted star ruby heart 996
a carved white opal moon 1008

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the doorway.