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Kritter Kickin'

a patchwork pelt and hide tent, Room 42, Lich #20175, go pelt tent

[Kritter Kickin'] RNUM: 22587
Severed animal heads in various stages of taxidermy hang from the ridgepole of this musty canvas tent. Large racks of antlers, mounted on wooden posts, display an assortment of stiff leather boots. Tanned leather goods and scraps of various hides lay piled upon a workbench. Beside it, a large snapping turtle carapace has been turned upside down and filled with a collection of leather gloves.
Obvious exits: out
All dese boots and gloves gots four enchants.

De ones on de workbench can make a good IMPACT when yas be huntin.

All de rest of em look all fancy-like when ya put em on, pull em, tap em, and take em off.

On the boot rack of antlers you see

some sturdy boar hide boots 4x UAC boots scripted 50000
some red and black snakeskin boots
some sleek panther hide boots
some soft doeskin leather boots
some dark caiman hide boots
some stiff alligator hide boots

On the workbench you see

some back-cut python skin gloves with belly-scaled palms 4x impact flaring UAC gloves scripted 35000
some diamond-patterned python skin boots 4x impact flaring UAC boots scripted 85000
some azure suede gloves with white rabbit fur wristcuffs 4x impact flaring UAC gloves scripted 35000
some soft azure suede boots with white rabbit fur lining 4x impact flaring UAC boots scripted 85000

In the snapping turtle carapace you see

some stiff alligator hide gloves 4x UAC gloves scripted 50000
some dark caiman hide gloves
some soft doeskin leather gloves
some sleek panther hide gloves
some sturdy boar hide gloves
some red and black snakeskin gloves