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2015 & 2016 Inventory

an elongated black silk tent painted with silver stars, Room 65, Lich #20192, go tent


[Like Nobody's Watching, Entry] RNUM: 21475
The entry to the tent is cool and dark, offering relief from the elements outside. The far wall is blank, save for a beaded curtain serving as the only break in the opaque black silk. Arches to the east and west lead deeper into the structure, and a soft crimson carpet dampens the sound of footfalls on the floor. Near the tent's flap is a metal rack that dangles scarves in myriad colors.
Obvious exits: east, west, out

On the Rack you see

a diaphanous crimson scarf belt-worn 5000
a soft rainbow chiffon scarf
a long sapphire blue scarf
a fringed silvery silk scarf
a translucent pale amber scarf


West from entry

[Like Nobody's Watching, Men's] RNUM: 22595
Unlike the entry, this room is airy and well-lit with a variety of ensconced candles. Wide windows are cut in the silk walls and protected by awnings so as not to let any rain enter the room, yet allowing plenty of moonlight. A long black marble counter encompasses the center of the floor, its surface displaying a variety of footwear and a propped-up, discreet white wooden sign. Against the back wall, several shelves hold clothing and accessories for men.
Obvious exits: east
These shoes and boots are special dancing shoes.  They are set to only be worn by males.  I will be around to unlock them, as they have several possible tiers.

On the black marble counter you see

a pair of supple leather boots Male dancing shoes 25000
a pair of mottled grey boots
a pair of rugged leather boots
a pair of blue suede boots
a pair of silvery suede boots
a pair of black leather shoes
a pair of scuffed leather shoes
a pair of deep blue shoes
a pair of tan leather shoes
a pair of silver-laced shoes

On the high shelf you see

a sapphire blue silk satchel with a burnished silver clasp shoulders & back FLA 10000
a weathered leather satchel with a golden clasp
a pebbled black leather satchel clasped with a crimson scarab
a dark brown suede pouch with a carved haon clasp belt SLA
a midnight blue leather pouch with a wrought silver clasp
a dove grey suede pouch with an amethyst clasp

On the middle shelf you see

a high-collared midnight blue shirt with tiny silver buttons chest none 25000
a haon-buttoned raw linen shirt with an embroidered hem
an open-necked ebon silk shirt with ovular onyx buttons
a soft dove grey satin shirt with a pale violet hem
a dark crimson brocade vest with a black hem front FSA
a plum watered silk vest with square silver buttons
a soft brown suede vest with a haon clasp
a silvery brushed velvet vest with sapphire blue edges

On the low shelf you see

a pair of straight-legged tan trousers legs 25000
a tailored dark grey jacket with an ameythst lining shoulders Sig
a soft black suede jacket with fitted sleeves shoulders Sig
a knee-length leather jacket with carved haon buttons shoulders Sig
a pair of crisp black linen pants legs
a pair of pleated mist grey pants legs
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East from entry

[Like Nobody's Watching, Women's] RNUM: 22596
A soft golden glow suffuses the room from a set of glowing orbs that hangs suspended from the angled ceiling. The walls billow slightly in the passing breezes outside, causing the golden light to create varied shadows on the black silk surfaces. An armoire in the far corner contains several drawers full of women's clothing, while a long marble counter in the center of the room displays several styles of footwear and a propped-up, discreet white wooden sign.
Obvious exits: west
These slippers and sandals are special dancing shoes.  They are set to only be worn by females.  I will be around to unlock them, as they have several possible tiers.

On the marble counter you see

a pair of black leather slippers with ruby-beaded laces Female dancing shoes 25000
a pair of rainbow-beaded suede slippers with long cord laces
a pair of thick-soled sandals with long hemp laces
a pair of blue leather sandals with silver suede calf-laces
a pair of ruby silk sandals with white ribbon laces
a pair of calf-laced sandals sporting thick cork heels
a pair of high-heeled sandals with braided calf-length laces
a pair of calf-laced slippers perched on clunky wedge heels
a pair of watered silk slippers with crimson ribbon laces
a pair of gold satin slippers with amber-beaded laces

In the top drawer you see

a mottled gold suede pouch with an amber clasp SLA belt 10000
crimson watered silk purse with an onyx scarab clasp FLA shoulders & back
a multihued silk velvet pouch with a crystal clasp SLA belt
a soft black suede pouch with a cracked ruby heart clasp SLA belt
a white dupioni silk purse with a ruby heart clasp FLA shoulders & back
a braided hemp purse with a carved modwir clasp FLA shoulders & back

In the middle drawer you see

a pale gold marbrinus corset with an amber-beaded neckline front 25000
a checkered white and red corset with ruffled cap sleeves
a faded blue cotton corset with pure white hems
an ebon-boned white leather corset with blood red laces
a low-cut leather bodice with soft tan cap sleeves
a muted gold dupioni silk bodice with amber accents
a black watered silk bodice with ruby eyelets
a silver-boned sapphire blue bodice with a low neckline
a stiff crimson leather bodice with white cotton cap sleeves

In the bottom drawer you see

a pale blue watered silk skirt sporting silvery swirls legs 25000
a simple raw linen skirt belted with braided hemp legs
a flowing black silk skirt with ruby-stitched seams legs
a rich gold dupioni silk gown belted with an amber sash chest
a high-waisted white silk gown with a ruby-beaded hem chest
an off-shoulder red silk velvet gown with a slim waistline chest