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Current Shop Listing

a birch-bound faded canvas yurt, Room 58, Lich #20266, go yurt

[Line in the Sand]
Latticed walls of supple birch encompass the circular dwelling, wide diamonds of rough spun canvas visible through the narrow wooden bands. Underfoot, several richly detailed, plush rugs line the unfinished pine floor that fills the expanse. Situated on opposite sides along the perimeter of the circle, an oversized oak chest and a weathered maple trunk overflow with goods.
Obvious exits: out

In the oversized oak chest you see:

a gold-scaled handflower with an emerald inset finger loop hand-worn
a ruby-beaded handflower anchored with a copper disc hand-worn
a silver and opal handflower with a scalloped wrist-cuff hand-worn
a slender copper-banded stick As your eyes travel across the stick, faint tendrils of essence slither outward from it, and a bold pattern of concentric circles slowly forms before your eyes. In a heartbeat, it fades away. 2500
a slender silver-banded stick
a slender gold-banded stick
a slender bronze-banded stick
a slender steel-banded stick
a slender bone-banded stick
a blue glass ink pot 1000

In the weathered maple trunk you see:

an alizarin fitted linen tabbard with a gold stitched hem AsG: 1 30000
a zaffre fine muslin kaftan with a finely beaded collar AsG: 1 30000
an invar-traced steel rock thumper 25000
a brass-lined iron rock thumper 25000

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