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Mask or Aid

a grey slanted house, Room 27, go2 20323

[Mask or Aid] RNUM: 21599
Serving as the sole source of illumination, sunlight streams in from a small open window, dust particles swirling through the brilliant rays. A massive, moss-covered cypress tree with low hanging branches and deep hollows has burst through the uneven flooring damaged by a continuous assault of moisture from the surrounding swamp. Two costumed goblins move hurriedly through the room, straightening the assembled costumes and replacing the dwindling inventory.
Obvious exits: out

On the Moss-covered branch you see

a floor-length hooded black cloak Pocketed:significant
any number of items
an ebon skull-shaped mask pin-worn 2500
a dark twine sash gathered with an orb-shaped ruby Pocketed:VSA
any number of items
a twisted modwir scythe with a jagged-edged mithril blade 12500

On the Crooked branch you see

a yellow silk cockatrice costume wrapped in layered feathers chest-worn 10000
a fake cockatrice beak pin-worn 2500
a long fake rat tail pin-worn 2500
some brown claw-tipped shoes foot-worn 2500

On the Thorny branch you see

a bandage-wrapped cap head-worn 2500
some dirty white linen footwraps foot-worn 2500
a fitted mummy costume covered in bloodstained bandages chest-worn 10000

On the Long branch you see

a black widow spider costume chest-worn 10000
some black silk gloves hand-worn 2500
some shiny black poulaines foot-worn 2500
a stuffed red satin hourglass pin-worn 15000
a pair of fake fangs pin-worn 2500

On the Short branch you see

a cat-eared headband head-worn 2500
a fake white fur tail pin-worn 2500
a thin red leather collar with a tiny silver bell neck-worn 2500
a fluffy white fur costume chest-worn 10000
a white leather mask with delicately painted grey whiskers pin-worn 2500

>go tre

Taking a firm hold of the branches you hoist yourself up and climb to the top of the tree!

[Mask or Aid, Treetop] RNUM: 21600
Despite the tree's height, the view of the surrounding grounds from this vantage point shows little more than moss-covered treetops. Knotted branches bend and sway with every step and the lack of four walls offers no security from a potentially fatal plunge. A small bird's nest is perched on a branch amidst a thick cluster of leaves and moss, and deep hollows scar the trunk.
Obvious paths: none

In the Nest you see

an apple-shaped red ora pattern gem cutter pattern 4985
a pumpkin-cut golden bronze pattern
a ghost-shaped white mithril pattern
a goblin-shaped green steel pattern
a bone-shaped silvery imflass pattern

In the Small hollow you see

a pair of black feathered wings back-worn 7500
some claw-tipped gloves hand-worn 5000
a small grey tombstone 7500
a floor-length white hooded cloak Pocketed:significant
any number of items
a tall black canvas hat with a thin brim Pocketed:VSA
one item
some huge fake troll feet foot-worn 5000

In the Odd-shaped hollow you see

a bulbous red felt nose pin-worn 5000
a pair of white feathered wings back-worn 7500
a pair of fake pointed elf ears pin-worn 5000
some fake rotten teeth pin-worn 5000
some fake warts pin-worn 5000
a fake bloody scar pin-worn 5000

In the Dark hollow you see

some curved fake fingernails hand-worn 5000
some oversized nacreous wings back-worn 7500
some paw-shaped slippers foot-worn 2500
a fake black-haired beard pin-worn 5000
some fake ogre tusks pin-worn 5000
some ebon-framed glasses with darkened lenses Darkness (206)
few charges / persists
pin-worn 12500