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2015 & 2016 Inventory

a stone and wood plank hut partially obscured by ivy, Room 47, Lich #20300, go hut

[Monumental Mementos] RNUM: 21523
The musty room is unusually cool. Knotted pine walls are partially covered with somber-colored banners that hang loosely from roof to floor, adding an air of solemnity to the room. A fine dust pervades the air and plays within a stream of light emanating from a rough-hewn oak door. A large stone bench rests upon the solid floor. Adjacent to the bench is a wide, solid set of shelves with items resting upon them.
Obvious exits: out
Homeowners Only (door)

On the Low shelf you see

a crypt-clasped ghostly white longcoat Pocketed:significant
any number of items
a moon-clasped mist grey cloak
a cross-clasped dark brown robe
a spade-clasped mud brown cape
a chisel-caught stone grey greatcloak

On the Middle shelf you see

a coffin-shaped maple thigh case Pocketed:Small
any number of items
leg-worn 10000
a cross-shaped pine thigh case leg-worn
a casket-shaped mahogany thigh case leg-worn
a coffin-shaped leather thigh-quiver thigh-worn
a casket-shaped leather thigh-sheath thigh-worn

On the High shelf you see

a tiny stone casket Pocketed:Small
any number of items
a small carved pine coffin
a miniature gold sarcophagus
a miniature marble mausoleum
a small ivory crypt

On the Bench you see

a carved wooden marker stickpin pin-worn 5000
a tiny stone cross stickpin
a pale ivory crypt charm
a dull bronze sarcophagus charm
a miniature mausoleum brooch
a polished white headstone pin
a crude cross-shaped pin
a semi-circular stone marker pin
a worn grey headstone pin
a miniature gravestone pin
[Monumental Mementos, Workshop] RNUM: 21524
Constructed from black-painted timber, the smooth walls bear a series of hammers and chisels of varying sizes. The floor is littered with offshoots of soft limestone and pieces of rock. At the back of the hut, rough blocks of veined stone rest beside a large bin overflowing with well-worn masonry tools. An expansive stone workbench stands in the center of the room, beside an overturned chest with a canvas cushion that serves to provide seating. A small black marble tablet hangs on the wall beside the door that leads out. You also see a stooped swamp troll.
Obvious exits: none
Please ORDER your house furnishings here.
Premium home furnishings


      Price  Item
1.)   50000  a white porcelain tile glazed with a blue-shadowed seascape
2.)   50000  a stylized stone flower mosaic
3.)   50000  a glass-framed aged parchment map of Elanthia
4.)   50000  an elegant cerulean silk tapestry embroided with an elven seal
5.)   50000  a large ruby-eyed ouroboros crafted from hammered silver
6.)   50000  a semicircular black metal candelabra with half-melted candles
7.)   50000  a cypress-framed tapestry depicting a weeping willow tree
8.)   50000  an interwoven willow hoop dangling several spotted owl feathers
9.)   50000  an ancient iron shield painted with elven heraldry
10.)  50000  a bone-framed painting depicting a dreary swamp scene