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2015 & 2016 Inventory

a teak shack, Room 37, Lich #20353, go shack


[A Teak Shack, Pole Party]
Narrow teak planks bound together by thick twine run the length of the wall. In the rear of the room, a teak beaded curtain beckons entry. A slightly lowered basin constructed around the floor is filled with sand and assorted seashells of all shapes and sizes. A pair of evenly spaced palm trees leans over a long wooden footlocker in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: northeast, out

Shock Weapons

In the Footlocker you see

a slender drakar-bladed naginata 2000000
a slender rhimar-bladed naginata 2000000
a slender gornar-bladed naginata 2000000
a slender zorchar-bladed naginata 2500000
an enruned drakar-tipped lance 1500000
an enruned rhimar-tipped lance 1500000
an enruned gornar-tipped lance 1500000
an enruned zorchar-tipped lance 2000000
an enruned drakar-shod runestaff 1500000
an enruned rhimar-shod runestaff 1500000
an enruned gornar-shod runestaff 1500000
an enruned zorchar-shod runestaff 2000000
an enruned rhimar-tipped spear 1500000
an enruned gornar-tipped spear 1500000
an enruned drakar-tipped spear 1500000
an enruned zorchar-tipped spear 2000000

Pole Room

[A Teak Shack, Pole Room]
The absence of a ceiling allows the moonlight to come flooding in, lighting up a bright blue pool in the center. Teak chairs surround the pool, each with a closed parasol attached to the top of it. Seashells and crab husks are tied to the teak planks circling the room. A bamboo male mannequin and a teak female mannequin stand neglected in the corner of the room.
Obvious exits: southwest

On the teak female mannequin you see:

a tan leather knapsack clasped with an emerald palm frond Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a red linen wrap skirt strung with small teak beads leg-worn 5000
an ivory silk blouse with painted palm fronds Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
chest-worn 5000
some tan suede teak-ringed sandals foot-worn 5000
an ivory silk parasol 20000

On the bamboo male mannequin you see:

a tan leather pouch with a white linen streamer Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items
some linen knee-length pants with tan hemming leg-worn 5000
a white linen shirt with rolled-up sleeves Pocketed:VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
chest-worn 5000
some tan leather sandals with thick straps foot-worn 5000
some thin white linen trousers rolled up to knee-length leg-worn 5000
a bamboo-slatted parasol 20000

On the simple teak weapon stand you see:

a teak-hafted vultite spear with a red ribbon tied to the neck spear 30000
a teak-handled vultite lance with a scarlet vamplate lance 130000
a crimson mithglin jeddart-axe with a teak haft jeddart-axe 220000
a bronze-swept vultite Hammer of Kai with a bamboo haft Hammer of Kai 175000

Quiet Corner

Go curtain from entry

[A Teak Shack, Quiet Corner]
The twine-wrapped teak plank construction of the walls and ceilings blends in with the sandy floor. A low teak credenza with refreshments sits neatly by a beaded curtain. A collection of lush palm fronds are stacked in the center of the room as a makeshift bed.