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2017 & 2018

a cave opening, [Map Room 38], Lich #26462, go opening

[Seaside Grotto] RNUM: 26500
A circle of boulders surrounds a small fire, the glow of which reflects off the gem-inset canvas wall coverings, causing radiant flashes of light to flit throughout the cave. Posed atop the stones is a pod of colorful mermaids, each holding a large anemone blossom. Despite the flowers, the cavern still holds the stale odor of decaying fish.
Obvious exits: out

In the cherry red mermaid you see:

a hip-length cherry tunic belted by a flower coral chain chest-worn 7500
a red-streaked alabaster orb skirt pin pin-worn 2500
a long ash grey cotton wrap-skirt leg-worn 15000
some backless charcoal sandals sewn with claret silk hibiscus foot-worn 20000

On the bright gold mermaid you see:

an off-shoulder peach blouse with a ruffled neckline chest-worn 7500
a gold-caged amber skirt pin pin-worn 2500
a gold ramie linen wrap-skirt trimmed in peach fringe leg-worn 15000
some open-toe peach sandals inset with amber starfish foot-worn 20000

On the ivory mermaid you see:

a niveous flyrsilk half-bodice with long coral bell sleeves chest-worn 7500
a blush conch shell skirt pin pin-worn 2500
a coral flyrsilk wrap-skirt patterned with nacreous shells leg-worn 15000
a pair of white lace sandals adorned with blush conch shells foot-worn 20000

In the pale yellow mermaid you see:

a haltered flax lyraigne shirt neck-secured with a gilt pin chest-worn 7500
a smooth yellow dreamstone skirt pin pin-worn 2500
a pale lemon lyraigne wrap-skirt sewn in multi-tiered layers leg-worn 15000
a pair of copper filigree sandals with saffron calf-lacing foot-worn 20000

On the blue mermaid you see:

a caramel silk corset cinched with teal lacebark ribbons chest-worn 7500
a petrified lacewood teardrop skirt pin pin-worn 2500
a teal lacebark wrap-skirt layered over caramel silk leg-worn 15000
a pair of teal thonged sandals lofted on cork heels foot-worn 20000

In the green mermaid you see:

a sideless jet sea silk bodice bound with chartreuse cord chest-worn 7500
a black coral seahorse skirt pin pin-worn 2500
a short wrap-skirt fashioned from chartreuse sea silk leg-worn 15000
some dark leather sandals with carved sea glass heels foot-worn 20000

Sandals analyze:

You analyze the peach sandals and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
You carefully look over your sandals and decide that they could easily be altered with a long or a show but that they need to always have straps.

These particular sandals have (1 of 3 tiers) the ability to use verbs Wear, Remove, Push, Pull.