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2015 & 2016 Inventory

small woven grass tent, Room 5, Lich #20336, go tent

[Sing Me an Epithet] RNUM: 22553
Surrounded by walls of long, woven swamp grass, the tent smells about as good as it looks. The odor of skunks and slime pervades the small area with a noxious scent. In the center of the room, a circular oak pedestal leans slightly to one side, yet still manages to display its wares to shoppers. Against the far wall, a makeshift wooden counter seems to have been added as an afterthought. The two exits are merely holes that appear to have been torn in the grass walls.
Obvious exits: out
These labels can be written on and attached to armor and weapons.
Which I find very useful for remembering what my stuff does!

The quill and stylus are fancy and can be worn behind your ear.  They will also work to write on the labels!

I'll be around at some point to make my labels more interesting.

On the Counter you see

a small stiff leather attache Label holders 50000
a rectangular pale leather valise
a stiff parchment folder
a burnished gold caddy
an embossed thick vellum folio
a pocket-sized pearwood box
a compact ebonwood box
a slim rectangular oak case
a small etched silver case
a thick antique paper envelope
a slim blue parchment portfolio

Under the Counter you see

a jar of electric blue solvent Label remover 10000
a thin blood red stylus Quill
a yellowed bone stylus
a speckled seagull feather quill
a sleek black feather quill
a fuzzy purple feather quill

On the Pedestal you see

a thin strip of blue paper Label 5000
a misty grey vellum label
a strip of ancient vellum
a thin strip of pale eggshell paper
an antique parchment tag
a plain white paper tag
a small strip of vellum
an antique vellum label
a tiny strip of niveous parchment
a small grey paper label
a small rectangular label
a tiny strip of parchment
a yellowed parchment label
a small vellum label
a white parchment label


Behind the Tent

[Behind the Tent] RNUM: 22554
This small clearing behind the tent is bordered on one side by the tent wall and on the other three by tall reeds and grasses. Several gum trees tower over the area, and strands of moss drape down from their branches like living curtains. The ground is hard, with exposed sand and limestone peeking through the peat. The scent of decay is heavy in the air, and the moonlight does little to brighten the area.
Obvious paths: none