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2017 Inventory

a small blackthorn-planked wagon, [Map Room 31], Lich #26519, go blackthorn wagon (Northern Passage)

SR Winery

[The Subtle Rose, Winery] RNUM: 26621
Heavy curtains of jet-on-burgundy jacquard are gathered with silken rope, the long gilded tassels trailing down along the mahogany-planked floor. A glass-topped bar displays a few rectangular decanters, the tall containers flanking a matte alum tray etched with a tangle of wild roses.
Obvious exits: out

On the glass-topped bar:

a gilt-foiled burgundy glass bottle 10000
a copper-foiled claret glass bottle
a bronze-foiled plum glass bottle
a silver-foiled violet glass bottle
a brass-foiled amber glass bottle

On the alum tray:

a glass of burgundy-tinted wine The full-bodied burgundy evokes notes of ripe raspberries beneath a subtle hint of smooth vanilla.
A complex aroma of lavender and vanilla heightens the flavor of the rich burgundy wine.
4 quaffs
a glass of claret-tinted wine Notes of cherry, cedar, and tobacco dominate the claret's flavor.
Fruit forward and smooth, the pleasant balance offers instant delight.
a glass of plum-tinted wine Dry, smoky plum flavors roll over your palate, accompanied by a lingering tannin aftertaste.
A pleasurable elegance imbues the fine wine's flavor, including just a hint of bitterness from the new oak in which it was stored.
a glass of violet-tinted wine Aromas of forest floors and pipe tobacco hover over floral notes of roses and violets.
Hints of violets lift the spicy scent of black fruit and cherries.
a glass of amber-tinted wine There is a strong statement of cassis ringed by dried cranberry, raspberry and plum, all woven through with a ribbon of rich caramel.
A bold note of anise is followed by a long finish perfumed with sandalwood and spice.

SR Apothecary

[The Subtle Rose, Apothecary]
A haze of rose-scented smoke rises from a trio of empty wine bottles, the sheer wisps wending upwards along the black velvet draped over a tall display dominating the room. Nestled within the center of the display is a square ebonwood chest, the container entangled in strands of decayed vines.
Obvious exits: out
The jewelry within this display will allow you to conceal a tiny item...or perhaps something more useful.

I will be visiting often to display and unlock the secrets of my jewelry, if you so desire.

The vial can be POURed into the jewelry, although I will not be responsible for any damages caused by said vial.

Poison Jewelry [1]

In the square ebonwood chest you see:

a tiny cloudy glass vial 2000

On the tall display you see:

a horn-framed square obsidian ring
The square obsidian ring is currently LOCKED.
You can DROP or POUR special poisons or antidotes into the ring.
TURNing the ring while it is open will empty any poisons or antidotes inside.
You could also RUB the ring.
The ring can have a long or a show.
The "faceted garnet" lid on your square obsidian ring can also be customized to a different gem or decoration.
Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
a faenor-leafed onyx rose ring "despanal droplet" lid
a heavy dark silver shield ring "carved sapphire" lid
a gilt-veined pale jade ring "gilded rivet" lid
an iolite-set ivory cameo ring "oval chalcedony" lid
a rectangular blush cloisonne locket "pale moonstone" button neck-worn, Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
a velvet-backed floral alum locket "faceted onyx" button
a copper-netted labradorite necklace "cracked jet" button
a thin-rayed gold sunburst necklace "pale moonstone" button
a crescent-set circular silver necklace "dark moonstone" button