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2015 & 2016 Inventory

a tiny wooden cart detailed with fanciful carvings, Room 33, go2 20107, go cart

[Swamp Carvings] RNUM: 24172
The bottom half of an old wine cask rests in the bed of this tiny cart, surrounded by some painted clay pots. Each holds a collection of whimisically carved figures, nestled in cushioning sawdust. Suspended by copper wires from the front of the cart is a carved wooden placard.
Obvious exits: out
Each of the individually carved collectibles here can be imbedded with magical weavings.

Sadly, they will crumble to dust once the magic dissipates, so stock up!

In the Cask you see

a blue-winged dragonfly miniature Crumbly blank imbeddable 2000
a glossy brown tadpole miniature
a wide-eyed tufted owl figurine
a glossy black leech figurine
a snarling black panther statue
a brown baby muskrat statue
a lopsided crabber's shack carving
a pale grey opposum carving
a buxom tavern maid effigy
a shackled highwayman effigy

In the Pots you see

a bumpy brown toad statue Crumbly blank imbeddable 2000
a sleeping spotted hound statue
an ancient cypress tree carving
a brown and tan striped snail carving
a one-clawed crayfish miniature
a gaped-mouthed alligator miniature
a red and black banded snake figurine
a whimsical swamp sprite figurine
a dwarven gravedigger effigy
a burly swamplogger effigy