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2015 Inventory

a series of run-down wagons, Room 2, Lich #20347, go wagons

[The Affluent]
Next to an oval archway, several rune-carved shelves are lined with folded shirts and tunics. Shuttered light filters through several foggy windows, illuminating a hazlewood cabinet and a set of hazelwood shelves with a dim glow. Standing in the center of the cobweb-hung room, a rack rests atop the lush spotted owl rug that partially covers a faded crimson carpet. A shoe trunk rests in the corner, surrounded by sticks of incense that emit a sharp, bitter orange aroma.
Obvious exits: out

In the Cabinet you see

some turquoise pants accented with slanted white pockets Yansio leg-worn 20000
a pair of dark grey cendal trousers with golden buckles
some narrow-cuffed carmine burnt velvet trousers
a pair of pleated grey pants side-striped in gold cording

On the Rack you see

a slate grey leather coat edged in red ruby accents Yansio
any number of items
a wide-lapelled scarlet jacket with a gold-embroidered duster
a slim white jacket garnished with leather-patched elbows
a loose cendal coat fashioned with a wash of grey tones
a gold chain-clasped coat of turquoise-lined white byssine

On the Lacquered ebon shelf you see

a turquoise byssine shirt with a pointed collar Yansio chest-worn 20000
an alizarin cendal shirt set with golden blazestar buttons
a crisp white cambric shirt with faint estoile patterning
a white-buttoned pale grey organdy shirt

On the Lacquered maplewood shelf you see

a fitted figury tunic of varying vivid shades of red Yansio chest-worn 20000
a flared ash grey cendal tunic shot with gold along the hem
an intricately embroidered stark white velvet tunic
a slate grey velvet tunic center-banded with gold brocade

On the Shelves you see

a white-embroidered turquoise vest of luxuriant figury Yansio
a couple of items of very small size
a two-button dark gold cendal vest with pale gold panels
a carmine burnt velvet vest with star-cut red garnets
a smooth grey byssine vest lined with golden fabric

In the Trunk you see

a pair of wide dark grey snakeskin shoes Yansio
one item
a pair of low-heeled cerise kidskin shoes with blunted tips
some short square-toed boots with dark leather cording
some white suede shoes with turquoise-hued vamps

Go arch will take you to The Skeptic.

2011 Inventory

Next to an oval archway, several wooden shelves are lined with folded shirts and tunics. A large cabinet displays a selection of pants, and another set of sunken shelves displays a variety of vests. Standing in the center of the room, a selection of jackets and coats hangs from a rack resting atop the lush ebon bearskin rug covering the flooring. A shoe trunk rests in the corner.

You see several wooden shelves. Looking at the shelves, you see a lacquered maplewood shelf and a lacquered ebon shelf.

On the maplewood shelf you see a pale lavender silk tunic, a sideless raven black tunic and a formal eggshell linen tunic.

Item Price Info
pale lavender silk tunic woven with a subtle scrollwork pattern 35000 Chestworn
formal eggshell linen tunic hemmed with sienna cording 35000 Chestworn
sideless tunic of blue-black raven damask with ebonwood toggles 35000 Chestworn

In the large cabinet you see a flawless jade green vest, some loose chocolate suede pants, some crisp ebon linen trousers and some pleated grey twill trousers.

Item Price Info
flawless jade green linen vest with ebon undertones 35000 Frontworn, VSA
loosely pleated chocolate suede pants lined with silk 35000 Legworn
crisp ebon linen trousers with neatly pressed cuffs 35000 Legworn
pleated grey twill trousers woven with charcoal undertones 35000 Legworn

On the sunken shelves you see a dusky blue silk vest and a fine russet silk vest.

Item Price Info
dusky blue silk vest with opal closures 35000 Frontworn, VSA
fine russet silk vest with burnished gold fasteners 35000 Frontworn, VSA

On the coat rack you see a charcoal grey suede coat, a side-slit ebon twill coat and a bronze wool coat.

Item Price Info
charcoal grey suede coat with a silver-clasped collar 40000 Shoulderworn, LA
silver-shot ebon twill coat with side slit from hip to hem 40000 Shoulderworn, LA
bronze wool coat accented with ebonwood toggles 40000 Shoulderworn, LA

In the shoe trunk you see some grey and charcoal shoes, some low-heeled ivory leather shoes, some supple mahogany suede shoes and some polished black leather shoes.

Item Price Info
some storm grey leather shoes with charcoal accents 25000 Footworn, VSA
some low-heeled ivory leather shoes 25000 Footworn, VSA
some supple mahogany suede shoes with silk lining 25000 Footworn, VSA
some polished black leather shoes with thin laces 25000 Footworn, VSA