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Current Shop Listing

The 2015 run of Ebon Gate Festival was the final run of this shop.
a two-cage wagon, Room #76, Lich #20210, go wagon

[Wild Things, Euphoria]
White sheets of thick canvas hang from sturdy steel rods and cover the massive iron bars along the perimeter. Filled with cattail and milkweed clusters, maoral boxes decorate the room, nearly hiding a small kennel and slatted crate that have been carefully tucked behind the planters. Dangling precariously from a hook in the ceiling is a gilded bird cage, and a glass aquarium has been perched atop a sturdy table. You also see a narrow tear in the canvas.
Obvious exits: out

In the small kennel you see

a stuffed spotted brown cheetah 15000
a stuffed gold-maned lion
a stuffed brown and white fox

In the slatted crate you see

a stuffed white polar bear 15000
a stuffed grey and white badger
a stuffed black-masked raccoon

In the gilded bird cage you see

a stuffed tawny owl 15000
a stuffed golden eagle
a stuffed grey-winged seagull

In the glass aquarium you see

a stuffed striped green turtle 15000
a stuffed iridescent chameleon
a stuffed fiery red salamander
[Wild Things, Despair]
The back section is a near mirror image of the front area except for the ebon canvas sheets that add a darker ambience to the room. Pots filled with black sand surround both a large box and a splintered crate, and a wrought iron hutch has been secured to the metal bars. A large glass aquarium with an open lid rests on the ground. You also see a narrow tear in the canvas and a partially covered rusty iron cage.
Obvious exits: none

In the large box you see

a stuffed sleek black panther 15000
a stuffed amber-eyed warcat
a stuffed long-haired hyena

In the splintered crate you see

a stuffed silver-maned warhorse 15000
a stuffed dark brown chimera
a stuffed ivory-fanged boar

In the wrought iron hutch you see

a stuffed beady-eyed vulture 15000
a stuffed midnight black crow
a stuffed peregrine falcon

In the glass aquarium you see

a stuffed yellow-headed lizard 15000
a stuffed dark green alligator
a stuffed emerald-eyed snake

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