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ALCHEMY EXAMINE is a verb which allows a character to inspect an ingredient, detailing whether or not it is suited for alchemy, as well as if it can be used as a substitute in any recipes for another ingredient. It is taught during the first rank of General Alchemy.


It is what it is:

>alchem exam my spine
You examine the cactacae spine, but note nothing odd about it. It appears to be cactacae spine.

There is nothing odd about this ingredient. It is exactly what the name implies. Since this was apparently confusing, the "It appears to be cactacae spine." was added for clarification. If you notice nothing odd about something, there is nothing odd about it. It is what it is.

It is something else:

You tap some spicy acantha leaf, which is in your right hand.
>alchem exam my leaf
You examine the acantha leaf, noting its unique characteristics and features.
You determine that it is similar to acantha leaf in alchemical properties and application, and would likely make a suitable replacement in a recipe.

You can use this ingredient the same way you'd use what the verb says you could use it for.

It is nothing at all:

>alchem exam my ale
You examine a barrel of Mad Mutt Frothy ale, but it doesn't look like anything that could be useful for alchemy.

This is nothing useful for alchemy. It is not an ingredient.


Sometimes herbs will pop up as not useful for alchemy. This occurs when the herb is old, or was SUMMONed using Herb Production (1118) before a bug was fixed that prevented those herbs from being used in alchemy.

Also, some creatures have identical skins. Currently, ALCHEMY EXAMINE does not differentiate between, say, an ogre nose and an ogre nose, or an ogre tusk and an ogre tusk. Maybe someday, but not today. Consider the possibility that you have the right-looking skin from the wrong creature, making it the wrong skin.