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Type System
System Character mechanics

The EXPERIENCE verb (commonly abbreviated to 'EXP') is used to display a character's accumulated experience, training points, fame, and other information.


Note: This information populates with EXPERIENCE alone. The "Exp until lvl" label changes to "Exp to next TP" at level 100.

          Level: 72                          Fame: 27,473,062
     Experience: 4,638,062              Field Exp: 0/1,000
  Ascension Exp: 0                  Recent Deaths: 0
      Total Exp: 4,638,062          Death's Sting: None
  Long-Term Exp: 0                          Deeds: 8
  Exp until lvl: 16,731           Exp to next ATP: 12,822
      PTPs/MTPs: 1,005/0                     ATPs: 3

Your mind is as clear as a bell.

You feel a strange sense of serenity and find that you are able to reflect on recent events with uncommon clarity and understanding. 

Your recent adventures echo powerfully in your mind. 

You feel the eyes of Lumnis upon you.