Elanthian Vogue: Lumnea 5119 (Rumor Woods Supplement)

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Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Similar to the Duskruin Supplements last year, the Elanthian Vogue team have ventured into the Rumor Woods to bring you an early, first-hand glimpse at some of the wares available in the tents set up around the Jousting Fields and, with so much on offer for the equestrian, we thought it would also be a good opportunity to give you some hints and tips on etiquette and attire.

Rumor Woods Supplement

Riding, and hunting etiquette in particular, comes under three main headings: common sense, good manners, and apparel. We'll start with apparel. The business of getting all dressed up in order to get covered in mud or dust the minute you leave the stable may seem wildly eccentric, but by looking smart, you are honoring tradition.

Aim to look tidy and inconspicuous but rest assured that practicality does not necessarily come at the cost of style. Opt for a wool, leather, velvet or linen jacket or cloak in an earth tone such as shades of brown or green. Subtle plaids, checks, and herringbone patterns are acceptable. There are some stylish choices available in The Mount'N'Cloak on Hammer Way with cloaks that are designed to make you feel fancier whether riding or simply walking around the stable yard. They are available for 350 raikhen, with the option of additional flair for 1000 raikhen.

Breeches, pants, and skirts should be tailored and in neutral tones such as beige, buff, fawn, rust or grey. Shirts and blouses should be modest and in a pale or pastel color; muted striping or subtle patterns are also acceptable. Ladies should avoid corsets with stays if they wish to ride in comfort. If a cravat or scarf is worn, a pin should be added to ensure the fabric is secure and does not encumber you when you ride.

Boots are, of course, the most appropriate footwear and are usually fashioned from dark-toned leather. The range of boots available in The Galloping Gait is quite extensive and no doubt there is something there to suit every discerning equestrian’s taste. They can all be purchased for the bargain price of 75 raikhen.

The addition of a hat and gloves is generally expected and both should be worn in muted or dark shades. Long hair should be restrained, preferably by a caul or braid. Ponytails, hairclips, ribbons and other embellishments are not appropriate. It is worth noting that the esteemed Poiret & Co. have set up a makeshift boutique near the entrance to the grounds for this year's tourney. As well as their high-quality perfumes, they are also selling a fine selection of gloves and handkerchiefs that are capable of retaining and flaunting their fragrances (as well as others). Yours for the initial outlay of only 50 raikhen with the ability to add flair for an additional 250 raikhen.

Try not to be tempted by unwise expressions of individuality: makeup and perfume is fine, dangling earrings and high heeled shoes are not. Whilst you won’t be reproached by your peers for sporting pink satin ballgowns or fur wraps while mounted, you will be noticed and likely the source of "loud" thoughts.

Your horse should be clean and well-groomed; their coats brushed regularly with manes and tails combed. Manes can also be braided or woven should you wish to do so.

Rumor Woods has a good selection of tack, accessories, and grooming tools with a range of saddles available in Saddle Me Up for anything between 1500 and 2000 raikhen depending on your style choice. Visit The Gift Horse for the remaining tack and The Gallant Groom for your grooming tools. All at very reasonable prices.

Now that both you and your horse are looking respectable, think about safety and the object of the occasion. The more flustered you are, the more likely you are to have a silly accident when out riding or on a "hunt". Before you set off, check your equipment. Make sure you are wearing suitable armoured protection. Check that your saddle is fitted correctly and keep the reins in your hand at all times. If you encounter other creatures out in the wild, do not engage or initiate an attack as you may find yourself unceremoniously unseated. Use common sense and do not attempt to take your mount into unsuitable areas: horses do not belong inside taverns, shops or similar establishments - as much as you might like their company. If your budget allows, find them a suitable stall in the local stable or simply let them roam; they won't go far and, if you've taken good care of them, they can be easily summoned again.

Last, but by no means least, we turn to the subject of manners. It is not uncommon for horse owners to meet for a group ride or "hunt". As a social gathering, it is likely that you will find others with similar tastes and will soon make new friends. Unlike a court engagement, it is perfectly acceptable to speak to people you do not know without a formal introduction. Remember to say "good morning" to everyone, including those not dressed appropriately. Chat politely, smile, and feel free to share from your drink flask. If this is your first "hunt", try to keep your excitement under control and do not shout. If you are a veteran hunter, embrace newcomers with enthusiasm and share any hints and tips to ensure their safety and enjoyment of the event.

With all that said, don’t be feel too constrained by any of the above. Enjoy your MOUNT, ride safely, have fun and ... Tally-Ho!