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OOC Notes: The content below is not common knowledge. It is provided here for entertainment value and should not be taken as in-character knowledge unless shared in-game and in-character.

I spent a fair bit of time thinking about what sudden, untrained mentalism would do to Evrali and its longer term effects. This takes place over a year after the Wihliam of Oire / Echoes storyline.

Evrali, Imaerasta 5119


She stumbled over to a sun-warmed boulder and collapsed next to it, pressing her face to one of its rough sides as she closed her eyes. Exhaustion left inky smudges under her dark eyes, and still-damp earth and leaves clung to her boots. Trying to push herself to her feet again, she gave in after a brief struggle and lay on the ground beside the rock.

Early evening:

The deliberately loud crunch of nearby dried leaves and snapping of twigs jolted her awake. She sat up and shivered in the cooling night air, scanning her surroundings with a troubled expression. A black-haired man stepped into view, a small, dark shape darting from behind him and bolting toward her. She sighed and sank her hands into Kit’s rough fur as she looked up.
He crouched down in front of her, his blue-grey eyes studying her face. “You can’t keep doing this.”
Evrali looked down at the fox trying to sink his teeth into her grubby pant leg and shook her head slowly. “This is the only thing I can do some days.”
Without another word, he slid his arms under her back and knees; she flinched at first and turned her face away to avoid seeing his expression. When he stood, carrying her slight form without a complaint, she rested her head against his shoulder and went limp in sleep.