Eyes of the Dawn - 5116-10-15 - Raznel's Blood Marble (log)

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Jastatos 15-16, 5116

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


Amidst continued land and sea attacks from Prelate Chaston Griffin's Blameless forces, as Wehnimer's Landing is set ablaze, the witch Raznel spirits away several half-elves onto one of Chaston's ships. There she uses the power of Noralia, an undead mage formerly of the Hall of Mages, to keep them bound as she siphons their blood with a bug in order to complete a blood marble creation to be used for unknown purposes. Afterward she releases them, also for unknown purposes.


You feel yourself being pulled away...

[A Large Ship]

A trio of masts rises high overhead, their limbs laden with bundles of white sails and their lengths flanked by heavy rope shrouds. Around the perimeter of the deck, solid oak planks form the walkway, while the center space is spanned by wide-barred grates. You also see a huge white banner emblazoned with a golden crown.

Also here: Leafiara who is immobilized, Slivaer who is immobilized, Lord Archales who is immobilized, Shinann who is immobilized, Bekke who is immobilized

Slivaer says, "Ah."

Leafiara says, "Well then."

Bekke asks, "Let him show his face, hmmm?"

Shinann says, "I agree."

Slivaer says, "Yes so we can talk him to death."

Archales says, "Here's hoping."

Leafiara says, "I suppose this could be worse."

Leafiara says, "Not by much."

Archales says, "I'm not sure how this could really be worse."

Slivaer says, "I'd nod, but."

Bekke mildly says, "I've been known to talk so much someone wished to stab themselves in the eye."

Shinann says, "So have I."

Archales says, "Luckily we can't move so we'll be safe."


You can't do that right now.

Shinann says, "Maybe we can work on that."

You concentrate on projecting your thoughts but something seems to be blocking them.

Gavrien mutters, "Great."

Shinann says, "Numbers are piling up here."

Rowmi nonchalantly remarks, "Well, how odd."

Leafiara says, "I'd been asked if the witch was taking the afflicted, just before I was taken as well..."

Leafiara says, "Are any of you unafflicted? I can hardly turn my head."

Rowmi inquires, "I suppose none of us can move?"

Shinann says, "We might just find out."

Leafiara say, "Indeed not..."

Bekke mildly says, "Welcome, Kippe."

Rowmi pleasantly introduces, "My name is Rowmi. Because I cannot see many faces, what say we all introduce ourselves?"

Footsteps can be heard approaching from the deck of the ship.

Shinann says, "I am Shinann."

Leafiara wryly says, "Leafiara, as we met earlier today."

Shinann says, "Oh me."

Archales says, "Quiet."

Archales says, "I hear something coming."

Kippe drolly says, "I hate ships."

Gavrien quietly mutters, "What a damn mess."

Bekke softly says, "Don't give him any satisfaction. Say as little as possible."

Coming around the corner behind the mainmast, Prelate Chaston steps into view, his golden eyes glowing bright.

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

>peer chas

You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Rowmi politely greets, "Chaston, good evening to you."

Chaston says, "Koar's Blessing, to you all."

>sym mana

The power from your symbol dissipates into the air.

Slivaer says, "Oh good! glad to see you finally made it."

Archales says, "I should have known, these blessings feel like being bound."

Speaking dryly to Chaston, Kippe says, "Time will tell."

Leafiara says, "I could call one of Koar's blessings right now if you'd dispel the antimagic. It's called the Symbol of Mana."

Slivaer says, "Now, I know you're wondering why we brought you here."

Gavrien skeptically says, "Blessings. Right."


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Chaston grins wide, and a faint warmth flows across the deck of the ship.

In the distance, fires still burn in the town of Wehnimer's Landing, just far enough away.

Shinann asks, "Why are we here?"

Bekke says, "Indeed, do tell."

Chaston says, "To fulfill the will of the God-King."

Rowmi curiously inquires, "And what is His will, if you do not mind sharing?"

Shinann asks, "How so?"

Slivaer says, "Yes, please fill us in on the details."

Speaking to Chaston, Kippe says, "We don't recognize you as His spokesperson."

Slivaer says, "I seem to have the old version of his will, not this newer one."

Shinann says, "Bring Koar here and we will talk to him."

Bekke says, "I should very much like to speak with Koar. Wonderful suggestion."

Gavrien sourly mutters, "Pretty sure this is your will and not anyone else's."

Shinann says, "Surely that is easy for one of your... talents."

Chaston turns, facing back to the direction he came.

Rowmi honestly remarks, "I would love to speak to Koar personally."

Leafiara says, "I have the newest version since I call his blessings upon me every day--"

Leafiara asks, "Leaving already?"

Shinann says, "Eww... cannot decide which side is worse."

Emerging from the shadows of the ship, an old, gnarled woman approaches, the hem of her tattered grey robe rubbing across the deck of the ship.

Raznel grins a crooked, yellow smile.

Leafiara says, "That side."

Slivaer says, "Agreed."

Bekke warily says, "Raznel."

Bekke says, "Or is it Mother? Chaston, do tell."

Speaking to Raznel, Shinann says, "So, you are the Raznel I have heard of... sorry if I do not stand."

Raznel walks past Chaston, who grins wide at her. Chaston bows, taking the old woman's hand in his, and kisses her hand. For a brief moment, Raznel's form shimmers, and she appears to be a middle-aged woman with golden-brown hair and soft chestnut eyes. An old string of prayerbeads hang from her neck. Chaston smiles at her.

>raise eye

You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Shinann says, "You have him bedazzled."

Slivaer says softly, "I wonder if she weighs as much as a duck."

Archales says, "I wish I could close my eyes."

Bekke asks, "So it is Mother. How .. lovely?"

Rowmi interestedly says, "Fascinating."

Leafiara says, "How... something."

Chaston says, "It is through your sacrifice, that you will bring forth a new, golden dawn for the Empire."

Bekke says, "Our sacrifice? Do elaborate."

Slivaer says, "Our sacrifice of you perhaps."

Archales asks, "Why would I want to help the Empire?"

Raznel walks in front of Chaston, her back to him. Her wicked, wicked form stands gnarled before you. Chaston's golden eyes glimmer behind her.

Gavrien blandly says, "Yeah, no thanks. Just throw me off the ship, rather be eaten by sea thraks."

>squint leafi You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Archales says, "Go sacrifice some of your Blameless."

Archales asks, "Don't you want a spotless sacrifice?"

Archales says, "We're all marked up."

Raznel says, "I haven't seen some of you in..."

Raznel rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Bekke says, "And tainted."

Raznel says, "Quite awhile..."

Raznel cackles!

Kippe flatly says, "Many in town would say it hasn't been long enough."

Speaking ruefully to himself, Archales says, "Not long enough."

Bekke mildly says, "Surely you'd rather be harassing Hapenlok."

Leafiara quietly says, "Though I'm new in town... I agree. I wish the Landing would more proactively pursue you."

Leafiara says, "Based on what I've heard."

Raznel looks up at the crow's nest, where a dark robed woman stands, her green hair curled out from the cowl of her cloak. Her cold eyes stare at Wehnimer's Landing, and bits of flesh dangle from her cheeks and neck.

Raznel says, "You'll forgive me...my little pet, has kept you quite...secure..."

Raznel says, "This won't take long."

Shinann says, "You made her into something she was not."

Bekke loudly says, "Noralia. Free us."

Raznel cackles at Bekke!

Shinann asks, "What will not take long?"

Raznel removes a black bulbous bug from the folds of her tattered robe.

Raznel says, "This."

Speaking to Shinann, Leafiara says, "The sacrifice."

Speaking to Chaston, Archales asks, "Why have you been ordering your Blameless to catch half-elves trying to leave the Empire?"

Bekke says, "I'm sorry. I'm not feeling ripe for harvest today, Raznel."

Chaston says, "You are impure. An abomination to the Empire, to the God-King."

Shinann says, "Nor I... had no dinner."

Slivaer says, "I'm not either, believe it or not."

Slivaer says, "What a coincidence."

Raznel leans in and whispers, "...isn't it so darling, that he believe such?"

Raznel cackles!

Raznel moves to stand in front of Kippe.

Slivaer says, "Get away from him."

Speaking awkwardly to Raznel, Kippe says, "Lovely pet you have."

Archales says, "I'm not willing to sacrifice myself for some zealot's fever dreams."

Raznel places the bug on Kippe's neck, who is unable to resist. Tiny pincers latch onto the flesh, and the bug begins to brighten to a sanguine hue.

Speaking sadly to Kippe, Gavrien says, "Nice knowing you, pal."

Leafiara says, "There it is again... the color-changing bug."

Speaking indifferently to Gavrien, Kippe says, "I don't plan on leaving, friend."

Raznel pulls a polished sphere of blood marble from the folks of her robe.

Gavrien dryly says, "We don't really -plan- these things, y'know, sometimes."

Speaking to Kippe, Archales says, "Save your strength."

Speaking tensely to Kippe, Rowmi says, "Think on things happy and calm, Kippe."

Speaking in Elven to himself, Kippe murmurs, "Focus, ranger."

Speaking in Elven to Kippe, Rowmi echoes, "Focus."

Raznel places the bug on the sphere, and then squeezes it with her fingers, bursting the insect and spilling drops of blood on the marble. The blood forms whorls around the marble, darker, almost black, replacing some of the red specks.

Speaking to Raznel, Bekke says, "I knew it. All along, I knew."

Speaking in Elven, Shinann says, "You did."

Raznel grins wickedly.

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer asks, "Do you not see this? Do you not see that your "god-king" is nothing but a fraud?"

Chaston turns, eyes to the town of Wehnimer's Landing, watching the city ablaze and at war.

Speaking softly to Raznel, Kippe growls, "I'd like that marble."

Raznel moves to stand in front of Bekke.

Speaking to Chaston, Shinann exclaims, "Snap out of it!"

Speaking mildly to Raznel, Bekke says, "We are not so different, you and I."

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer exclaims, "You can stop this. You can stop all of the madness!"

Archales says, "He doesn't want to see."

Raznel removes another black bug from what appears to be the folds of her robe, but in fact, is from a festering wound along the skin of her forearm. The bug is peeled from her flesh.

Speaking in Elven, Shinann says, "I am certain he cannot."

Speaking simply to Slivaer, Kippe says, "He can't."

Archales says, "He just wants power and is prepared to ignore the unpleasant necessities of gaining it."


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Rowmi neutrally says, "We could stop this."

Raznel says, "Oh, he could, if he believed it."

Speaking in Elven, Rowmi says, "Break the bonds."

Leafiara says, "Then do it, if you're not lying."

Slivaer says, "Yes. please do tell."

Raznel says, "He can do much, if you make him believe it."

Raznel cackles!

Leafiara says, "I'm already resigned..."

Speaking in Elven, Rowmi agrees, "It is about belief."

Speaking to Raznel, Shinann says, "Keep me to bleed as much as you want. Let the others go."

Speaking forcefully to Shinann, Rowmi says, "No."

Speaking in Elven, Kippe slowly says, "I've tried. I cannot move a muscle."

Raznel says, "Oh, but I need you all."

Raznel moves to stand in front of Bekke.

Speaking in Elven, Rowmi firmly says, "No, her power is mental, not physical. We are only bound because we believe it to be true."

Speaking loudly to Bekke, Rowmi exclaims, "Struggle, Bekke!"

Raznel places the bug on Bekke's neck, and it fills with her blood. The witch utters some archaic words, squishing the insect again on the blood marble sphere, darkening the red specks.

Raznel says, "On the contrary, Rowmi...collared pet of the Hall..."

Speaking raspily to Raznel, Bekke says, "You'll pay, woman."

Raznel says, "It's Noralia who binds you."

Raznel cackles!

Raznel says, "Well, it's Noralia AND the Hall that binds you."

Raznel laughs at Rowmi!

Shinann asks, "The Hall?"

Bekke exclaims, "Noralia! Break the bonds!"

Rowmi tensely says, "Yes, they collared me, but you will not."

Raznel burrows a finger into her arm, pulling out another bug as he approaches Gavrien.

Raznel says, "Noralia is dead."


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Shinann asks, "She is your puppet?"


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Speaking clearly to Gavrien, Rowmi urges, "Struggle. Her powers are in our own minds. Fight it!"

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "Help us."

Raznel says, "Aren't they all."

Speaking to Raznel, Gavrien growls, "Keep your damn bloodsucking nasties away from me, witch."

Raznel moves to stand in front of Gavrien.

Archales asks, "Did you use a bug to kill her too?"

Speaking quietly to Gavrien, Rowmi growls, "Fight it."

Raznel places the bug on Gavrien's neck, draining blood, before spilling it once more over the blood marble sphere, blackening more corners of it.

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "If you don't want to listen to us, you can at least watch like a man, not turn your back like a coward."

Raznel places a finger on the small wound on Gavrien's neck, then licks her finger.

Speaking to Rowmi, Leafiara says, "Sareyna too once said something like you're saying, even as I flared up in front of her--that the black blood is only an illusion... I'll try to believe what you're saying."

Gavrien mutters, "Yeah, choke on it."


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "Come see what destruction you've wrought upon us. And what is the beginning of your undoing."


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Speaking to Leafiara, Rowmi says, "The blood is not an illusion. Her control is."

Speaking to Raznel, Kippe warns, "Do you know where that neck has been?"

Speaking to Rowmi, Leafiara says, "Understood..."

A thick fog-hued mist rolls through the area.

Rowmi frustratedly murmurs, "We just need to fight past it..."

Raznel moves to stand in front of Rowmi.

Archales says, "Quickly then."

Speaking to Raznel, Bekke says, "Power is in all things, woman. Yet in nothing lies even greater power. I WILL strip that marble of its power and you will cease to be."

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "Don't be her puppet. She's using you. And when she is done, she will turn her back on you. Don't let the Witch deceive you like this."

Raznel peels a bug from beneath the skin of her arm, placing it on Rowmi's neck, filling it with blood. Again, she sprinkles its drops over the blood marble sphere, which is turning a darker shade.

Speaking to Raznel, Archales says, "I'm sure that's plenty."

Chaston says, "The God-King's will be done."

Speaking to Chaston, Bekke says, "This is not the God-King's will you idiot."

Gavrien corrects, "The witch's, you mean."

Archales says, "So you can let the rest of us go."

Chaston says, "He has chosen me."

Raznel says, "Yes...yes he has."

Speaking thunderously to Chaston, Slivaer says, "ARE YOU BLIND. TURN AROUND AND SEE YOUR 'KING' IN ACTION."

Chaston nods.

Chaston says, "Yes...yes he has."

Speaking to Raznel, Rowmi growls, "Death is not to be taken lightly, but I will throttle you and bury you myself. It will be a respectful ceremony lauding all your good deeds in the world, and there will be flowers. And cake."

Kippe softly murmurs, "A very short ceremony."

Speaking to Chaston, Shinann says, "You are a puppet. You need to see that."

Raznel places a bug on Slivaer's neck, then Leafiara's, the bugs turning red and bulging. Again, she breaks them over the sphere, which is more black than white now.

You feel drained!

Leafiara says, "Ugh..."

Raznel moves to stand in front of Archales.

Leafiara says, "Worse than before."

Leafiara says, "Why does she need all of us? Think... so if even one of us somehow survives this we can explain..."

Something moves under the skin of Raznel's arm. She digs into her flesh with a crooked fingernail, pulling out a black bug. She places it to Archales' neck, draining life, draining blood, and coating the blood marble sphere with the crimson fluid.

Speaking to Raznel, Archales asks, "Has it come to this? Sacrificing for hire?"

Leafiara asks, "The number of us? The variety of our lineages?"

Speaking to Raznel, Archales asks, "Or do you think this will really help him?"

Raznel cackles!

Raznel says, "Your sacrifice is almost over..."

Rowmi angrily spits, "Finish it, then."

Gavrien mutters, "She's using him for something. For this... whatever the hell she's making."

Speaking to Raznel, Archales says, "You and I both know we won't be the only ones to sacrifice something for this madness."

Raznel moves to stand in front of Shinann.

Bekke asks, "Why half-elves, Raznel?"

Slivaer asks, "Maybe this is all a giant misunderstanding. Are you making blood sausage perhaps Raznel?"

Raznel cackles at Bekke!

Raznel asks, "Interesting...isn't it?"

Bekke says, "It is. I am curious as to why, and believe we at least deserve an explanation."

Shinann says, "I agree."

Kippe agrees, "Indeed."

Archales says, "Messy is how I'd describe it."

Raznel reaches up under her jawline, her fingernail scratching away skin to pull forth a bulbous black bug. She approaches Shinann, placing the insect at Shinann's neck, draining her blood.

Slivaer says, "Please, you can see we're all curious as to why."

Raznel says, "You're not cursed..."

Raznel cackles!

Raznel says, "You are fortunate."

Bekke mildly says, "We'd agree. Continue."

Shinann says, "Haint."

Raznel pops the last bug with a loud squish, and it's blood spills out over the blood marble in her hand.

Rowmi curiously asks, "Fortunate?"

Leafiara says, "My dad always told me I was blessed for many reasons, yes... one being that I'll live so much longer than him."

Leafiara wryly says, "Or would if not for the likes of you."

The marble in Raznel's hand no longer appears as blood marble. Instead it is now polished sphere of reddish-black hues, whorled about.

Kippe offers, "Of course! We have the best of both worlds."

Raznel put a sphere of reddish-black marble in her bloodstained pack.

Shinann says, "Must be painful to only be human."

Raznel turns towards Chaston, her visage changing and shimmering briefly to appear to be a middle-aged woman of golden-brown hair and taller height.

Chaston turns around.

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Speaking to Chaston, Rowmi urges, "It is a lie, you fool."

Chaston asks, "The last piece has been completed?"

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "Don't listen to her. she's lying."

Speaking to Slivaer, Leafiara says, "Clearly wasn't listening when she called us fortunate. He hears what she wants him to hear."

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "No, no it hasn't. she forgot it needed to be brought to the bottom of the ocean first."

Speaking clearly to Chaston, Rowmi says, "Look at her, she is a hag, a being manipulating you with glamours of your past."

Raznel says, "Indeed Prelate, the fire of the God-King awaits to cast final judgment."


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Chaston seems oblivious, as if not even hearing half of what is being said.

Speaking to Chaston, Shinann says, "She is a soulless creature."

Bekke says, "She's going to kill him."

Bekke says, "Isn't she."

Speaking clearly to Chaston, Rowmi exclaims, "She is -not- your wife!"

Speaking to Chaston, Slivaer says, "Is it blindness that guides you? Or just pure stupidity."

Leafiara says, "Even in the sylvan forests we don't fear the fires. The lives lost may not come back, but life itself will return--stronger than ever."

Leafiara says, "Send your fires. Our people will overcome."

Speaking to Bekke, Shinann says, "Eventually."

Bekke mildly asks, "Fire?"

Speaking to Bekke, Shinann asks, "You feeling overheated?"

Speaking to Bekke, Leafiara says, "Yes, she's speaking of fire... and called it down this very night on the town, if you've forgotten."

Chaston says, "Home then, to where it all began, to prepare for it all to end."

Speaking to Shinann, Bekke says, "I'm not, no."

Speaking wryly to Bekke, Leafiara says, "And I expect we're about to be burned alive."

Slivaer says, "I knew when I stepped on the scale this morning and it said "Duck" I was going to be burned alive."

Chaston looks up at the crow's nest, and the green-haired woman turns to regard him. Her face is pale, rotting, and caked with old blood. Her eyes are empty. Raznel smiles, and the green-haired woman shimmers for a moment, looking very much alive and healthy.

Rowmi angrily grumbles, "Lies, lies, all lies."

Archales says, "Quite a convincing animation."

Chaston says, "Home, Lady Noralia, our faithful have landed, and will remain here."

Chaston says, "Send us home, and depart for the south. Take Vornavis at last."

Bekke says, "You've clearly got what you wanted, Witch. Now let us go."

The green-haired woman gestures and a swirl of green and gold light surround Chaston and Raznel and they vanish.

Kippe quietly says, "And we die here."

Shinann says, "She has him under her spell."

Bekke asks, "So, last piece of what?"

Speaking to Kippe, Slivaer says, "It won't be so bad."

The green-haired woman gestures, and gold and emerald light slowly swirl about you....

Leafiara says, "It doesn't matter. We won't survive to report this."

Archales says, "Whatever that blood marble sphere was she was making."

Bekke just disappeared.

Slivaer says, "Oh boy."

Leafiara says, "Pray in your last moments."

Shinann just disappeared.

Slivaer just disappeared.

You feel yourself being pulled away...

[Wehnimer's, Exterior]

The shore extends into a small, sandy promontory that juts into Darkstone Bay. The Landing's great river gate lies southeast of here, guarded on either side by tall twin towers. To the west, this path continues on between Wehnimer's wooden palisade and the sandy beaches along the bay. You also see a small rabbit skeleton, a long wooden dock, a sleek crimson-hulled airship and a braided spidersilk ladder.