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Face painting can be done with paintsticks. The face paint shows up in a character's features. It does not replace any of the character's features.


PAINT <player> WITH <style> USING <item>

FLIP may be available for double-sided paintsticks.

The face paint can be removed by special cloths. Otherwise, it will last a few hours.


Red Paintstick

Name Design
Blood wavy rivulets of red paint resembling blood trailing down from his/her eyes.
Scar a ragged scar painted in deep red winding across his/her cheek.
Target a bright red target painted on his/her forehead.
Fangs a pair of long red-tipped fangs painted across both lips.
Gashes raking gashes resembling claw streaks painted in a bloody red across his/her cheek.
Flower a tiny red dew-kissed flower painted on the tip of his/her nose.
Bloom a soft red rose in bloom painted delicately on his/her forehead.
Hearts several bright red hearts painted on his/her face.
Pumpkin a grinning pumpkin shaded in bright reddish-orange painted on his/her cheek.
Eagle the image of a soaring blood eagle painted in a vivid red across his/her cheek
Mistake a bunch of tiny red dots resembling some sort of pox is painted on his/her face.

White Paintstick

Name Design
Daisy a bright daisy painted in soft shades of yellow and white on his/her cheek.
Ghost a pale ghost painted in eerie shades of grey and white on his/her forehead.
Wolf the white and silvery grey markings of a fierce wolf painted on his/her face.
Skull a bright white face painted to resemble a cracked skull.
Jester the pale white makeup of a jester painted on his/her face, accompanied by black diamond patterns.
Clown the colorful makeup of a clown on his/her face, accompanied by comical red-painted diamonds on his/her cheeks.
Feathers crisp white feathers painted on his/her face accompanied by a bright yellow nose.
Skeleton a spooky dancing skeleton rendered in bright white painted on his/her cheek.
Mummy a shambling mummy with dirty white trailing bandages painted on his/her cheek.
Kobold two dirty white kobold horns painted on either side of his/her forehead.
Golem a stony crack-riddled grey face painted to resemble a golem.
Mistake there are a bunch of ugly white splotches resembling a horrid disease all over his/her face.

Blue Paintstick

Name Design
Lightning a large lightning bolt painted in vivid blue on his/her cheek.
Rose a soft blue rose in bloom painted delicately on his/her forehead.
Moon a deep blue crescent moon dotted with tiny grey craters painted on his/her forehead
Butterfly a colorful butterfly painted in vivid iridescent blue on his/her forehead.
Flames a painted image of flickering blue flames rising up upon both cheeks.
Hearts some somber blue hearts painted on his/her face.
Demon the visage of a horned blue-black demon painted on his/her face.
Hummingbird a brilliant tiny hummingbird drinking from a blue orchid rendered in iridescent paint on his/her cheek.
Flower a tiny blue dew-kissed flower painted on the tip of his/her nose.
Wraith , painted on his/her forehead, a ghostly blue wraith juggling jack-o-lanterns.
Wave , painted on his/her cheek, a deep blue wave in mid-crash.
Mistake there are a bunch of ugly blue splotches resembling a horrid disease all over his/her face.

Green Paintstick

Name Design
Scales a pattern of painted dark green scales covering his/her face.
Eye a bestial green eye riddled with tiny red veins painted on his/her forehead.
Warts a painted green face with several large purple warts drawn on his/her nose.
Dragon a dark green dragon rendered as if it were in flight painted on his/her forehead.
Lizard a tiny lizard rendered in shimmering green paint upon his/her face.
Leaves two light green leaves painted delicately across either cheek.
Frog a cute little green frog painted as if it were clinging to his/her cheek.
Clover a small delicate clover painted an iridescent green on the tip of his/her nose.
Dots an intricate pattern of dark green dots painted along both his/her cheekbones.
Mistake a sticky green spot of paint in the middle of his/her forehead.

Black Paintstick

Name Design
Wraith a ghostly black wraith juggling several pumpkins painted on his/her forehead.
Spiders a trail of black spiders painted in a line along his/her cheek.
Ghoul a ghastly black ghoul sticking its tongue out, its visage comically painted on his/her cheek.
Witch a grinning black-clad witch with a long wart-covered nose painted on his/her cheek.
Bat a small black bat perched on a pumpkin painted on his/her forehead.
Cat a pair of thin black cat whiskers painted on both cheeks.
Rose a deep black rose in bloom painted delicately on his/her forehead.
Cloud a roiling black thundercloud painted a dark and stormy hue on his/her cheek.
Beetle a scuttling beetle painted in shiny black on his/her cheek.
Black Widow an ominous black widow spider painted with menacing legs stretching across his/her forehead.
Mistake there are a bunch of messy black streaks dotted with tiny fingerprints painted on his/her face.

Multi-Colored Paintstick

Name Design
Puppy a splotchy white and brown face painted to resemble a puppy.
Rolton a face painted with swirls of brown resembling a rolton.
Tiger a bright orange-painted face streaked with the black marks of a tiger.
Raccoon a painted grey face accompanied by the deep black mask of a raccoon across his/her eyes.
Unicorn a spiraling horn of a unicorn painted in shimmering golden colors across his/her forehead.
Mouse a pair of round grey mouse ears painted on both sides of his/her forehead, accompanied by a pair of white buckteeth drawn on his/her lower lip.
Rainbow a vibrantly colored rainbow painted in a perfect arc across his/her cheek.
Bee a little bee with rainbow wings painted on his/her cheek.
Note a quarter note rendered in shimmering rainbow paint on his/her forehead.
Sun a brilliant flaring sun rendered in sparkling golden paint on his/her forehead.
Veins several enlarged purple veins painted as if they were bulging on his/her face.
Kobold a cavorting kobold gnawing on a tiny bone painted on his/her forehead.
Mistake a messy conglomeration of multi-colored streaks painted all over his/her face.

Vine-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Vines dark trails of green-hued ivy painted around his/her eyes.
Design a swirling painted abstract design flowing across his/her cheeks and chin.
Pyramid a deep blue pyramid rendered in shimmering paint in the middle of his/her forehead.
Flower a delicate white flower rendered in softly mute hues painted on his/her cheek.
Lightning twin cobalt blue flashes of lightning rendered in bold blue paint across both his/her cheeks.
Ivy delicate vines of verdant-hued ivy painted across his/her forehead and trailing down his/her cheek.

Swirl-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Stars a scattered pattern of stars and crescents painted on his/her face.
Sunburst a brilliant yellow sunburst painted on his/her forehead.
Dragon a shimmering green dragon painted across his/her face.
Cat a glossy black cat with shiny green eyes painted on one cheek.
Rainbow a glittering multicolored rainbow painted across one cheek.
Drops several small raindrops rendered in bright blue paint across his/her face.

Bird-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Fish a small fish painted in glistening gold on each cheek.
Unicorn a rearing unicorn painted with a twisted gold horn on his/her cheek.
Bird a fiery-winged scarlet bird in flight painted across his/her cheek.
Cloud a serene skyline of lustrous white clouds painted across his/her forehead.
Sadfrown a broad red frown and a single blue tear painted on his/her face.
Rose a delicate red rosebud with a glistening drop of dew painted on his/her cheek.

Yellow Paintstick

Name Design
Banana a bright yellow banana painted on one cheek.
Canary a mustard-colored flying canary painted on one cheek.
Bolt a luminous gold lightning bolt painted across his/her face.
Tart a golden brown tart filled with cherries painted on one cheek.
Lion a roaring lion with a beige-colored mane painted on one cheek.
Goldfish an orange and yellow goldfish painted on his/her forehead.
Coin shimmering gold coins painted all over his/her face.
Wings a glimmering pair of golden wings painted on both of his/her cheeks.

Moon-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Cholen a crimson lute outlined in gold painted on his/her cheek.
Lumnis a golden scroll with five multi-colored circles painted on his/her cheek.
Ronan a black sword with a silver edge painted on his/her cheek.
Kai clenched fists painted in silver on both cheeks.
Lorminstra a golden key painted across his/her forehead.
Eonak a golden anvil outlined in dark brown painted on his/her cheek
Oleani a red heart with a budding flower growing from it painted on his/her cheek.
Fash'lo'nae a yellow, slit-pupiled eye painted on his/her forehead.
Imaera a stylized sheaf of grain twined with viridian bindings painted along his/her jawline.
Phoen a spiral of azure-edged golden sunburts painted down the center of his/her right cheek.
Jastev a silver crystal ball filled with grey smoke painted on his/her forehead.
Zelia an opalescent crescent moon in a spray of silver stars painted over his/her entire face.
Tonis a tiny golden pegasus in flight painted just under his/her right eye.
Koar a golden crown atop a craggy mountain painted on his/her left cheek.

Moon-Carved Paintstick

Name Design
Mularos a tiny red heart pierced with a silver dagger painted on his/her cheek.
Eorgina red, stylized flames painted over his/her cheeks and stretching across both ears.
Ivas a red-painted face with a swirling green wisp that trails from his/her forehead to his/her chin.
Luukos a coiled green serpent on a brown background painted on his/her forehead.
The Huntress a silver eight-pointed star painted on his/her forehead.
Charl an emerald trident painted on his/her cheek.
Sheru a crouched, inky black jackal painted on his/her right cheek.
V'Tull a midnight black scimitar with a crimson-stained blade painted on one cheek.
Marlu a star of six black tentacles over a splash of grey painted down the middle of his/her face.
Andelas a black cat mask painted over his/her face.
Gosaena a grey-winged figure of misty shadows painted along the right edge of his/her face.
Arachne a variety of small arachnids painted in a haphazard line that wanders from his/her left eyebrow to his/her right ear.
Amasalen a two-headed purple serpent, which is wrapped around a crimson hand, painted on one cheek.
Onar the faint outline of a broken white skull set within a wash of blank ink painted atop the bridge of his/her nose.