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Face painting can be done with paintsticks. Some alternate names for a paintstick are: branch, brush, stick, or twig. The face paint shows up in a character's features, but it does not replace any of the character's features. A face painting can be worn even when a person is wearing blush on the cheeks, warpaint on the face, and a temporary henna tattoo on the face, all at the same time.


PAINT <player> WITH <style> USING <item>

FLIP may be available for double-sided paintsticks.

The face paint can be removed by special cloths. Otherwise, it will last a few hours. To remove the face paint, RUB <cloth> while holding the cloth in one hand.

Cloths that DO remove face paint:
  • a soft white cloth with a subtle grey border (face paint only)
Cloths that DO NOT remove face paint:
  • a quilted ivory cotton square (cosmetics and warpaint only)
  • a soft periwinkle cotton cleansing cloth (cosmetics and warpaint only)
  • a folded black linen cloth (stationery ink only)
  • a white cotton face cloth (stationery ink only)
  • a lace-edged lilac cotton facecloth (purpose unknown)
  • a thin-striped red and ivory facecloth (purpose unknown)


Here, in bold text, is the location of a face painting in a character's description:

You see Lady XXXX YYYYY the Bard.
She appears to be a Human.
She is tall and appears to be young.  She has a shimmer of <EYESHADOW-COLOR> on her eyelids, beautifully <EYELINER-COLOR>-outlined blue eyes , <BLUSH-COLOR> cheeks, glossy <LIPSTICK-COLOR> full lips, bold <WARPAINT-COLOR> stripes on her face, and <POWDERED>, <SOFT>, tanned skin.  She has long, straight blonde hair pinned back on one side with a <HAIR ADORNMENT>.  She is inked with a <TEMPORARY HENNA TATTOO>.
She has a <FACE PAINTING>.
She has <WOUNDS>.
She is wearing <CLOTHING>.


>inspect my stick
The yellow stick appears to have 23 uses remaining.

The stick can not be worn.


>analyze my stick
You analyze your yellow stick and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

You get the sense that any talented merchant can do some alteration work on a twisted yellow stick, but no merchants can change the base color unless they are providing a special service to do just that.

You can try to FLIP and PAINT with the stick, and INSPECT might give you some usful information.

Currently the designs you can use on the yellow stick are:

You get no sense of whether or not the stick may be further lightened.

Verb Traps


FLIPping the paintstick will change its color. Not all colors will work with all designs.

1st Person Messaging:

:>flip my stick
:You flip your stick around, going from red to yellow paint!

:>flip my stick
:You flip your stick around, going from yellow to red paint!

3rd Person Messaging:

:Soliere flips her stick around from the red paint to the yellow colored paint on the other end!

:Soliere flips her stick around from the yellow paint to the red colored paint on the other end!


Successfully applying a face paint design to another character requires two attempts.

First Attempt:

>paint Prettikin with goldfish using paintstick
You step up to Prettikin and look her over carefully, deciding where the best place for a painting might be.
(Type this line over again to paint them.)
Roundtime: 20 secs.

The target sees:
Soliere steps up and looks over you carefully while holding a paintbrush in hand, apparently deciding where she might place a design on your face.
[If you do not want a face painting, remove yourself from Soliere's group (DISBAND OR LEAVE).]

Others in the room do not see this first attempt.

Second Attempt:

>paint Prettikin with goldfish using paintstick
You step up to Prettikin and paint quickly, dabbing at them with your yellow stick.  Soon, the design you've chosen quickly comes out on their face.

The target sees:
Soliere steps up to you and begins to dab at you with a twisted yellow stick.  After a few minutes of intense concentration, Soliere steps back to proudly to display her work on your face.

Others in the room see:
Soliere steps up to Prettikin and begins to dab at her with a twisted yellow stick.  After a while, a pattern begins to emerge on Prettikin's face.  After a few minutes of intense concentration, Soliere steps away to proudly display her work.


Paint Fading

Over the course of a few hours of in-game time, the face painting will fade and flake off:

1st person: The ink upon your skin tightens a bit, getting drier as time slowly works its wear upon it.

1st person: The ink upon your skin tightens significantly, and you can feel the little fades and flaws begin to form upon the design.

1st person: The ink upon your skin feels as if it's nearly about to fade away, and a few tiny flecks begin to drift into the air.  Looks like it's only got a couple hours left.

1st person: A small bit of paint from your face cracks off and falls to the ground at your feet.
3rd person: A small bit of paint from Prettikin's face cracks off and falls to the ground.

1st person: You feel the paint on your face begin to crack.
3rd person: Tiny cracks begin to appear on the design painted on Prettikin's face.

1st person: You feel the painted design on your face rapidly crack and rapidly fall away.
3rd person: A painted design on Prettikin's face begins to rapidly crack, and within a few seconds it completely falls away.

Syntax Error

In this case, the correct syntax would have been "paint Prettikin with goldfish using stick":

>paint Prettikin using goldfish
Syntax:  paint <player> with <design> using <item>
Currently the designs you can use on the red stick are:

Invalid Color

In this case, the stick was FLIPped to the "red paint" setting, but the GOLDFISH design can only be painted using the "yellow paint" setting, so to fix it, you must FLIP the stick to the "yellow paint" setting:

>paint Prettikin with goldfish using stick
You study the designs on the stick a bit harder.


Red Paintstick

Name Design
Blood wavy rivulets of red paint resembling blood trailing down from his/her eyes.
Scar a ragged scar painted in deep red winding across his/her cheek.
Target a bright red target painted on his/her forehead.
Fangs a pair of long red-tipped fangs painted across both lips.
Gashes raking gashes resembling claw streaks painted in a bloody red across his/her cheek.
Flower a tiny red dew-kissed flower painted on the tip of his/her nose.
Bloom a soft red rose in bloom painted delicately on his/her forehead.
Hearts several bright red hearts painted on his/her face.
Pumpkin a grinning pumpkin shaded in bright reddish-orange painted on his/her cheek.
Eagle the image of a soaring blood eagle painted in a vivid red across his/her cheek
Mistake a bunch of tiny red dots resembling some sort of pox is painted on his/her face.

White Paintstick

Name Design
Daisy a bright daisy painted in soft shades of yellow and white on his/her cheek.
Ghost a pale ghost painted in eerie shades of grey and white on his/her forehead.
Wolf the white and silvery grey markings of a fierce wolf painted on his/her face.
Skull a bright white face painted to resemble a cracked skull.
Jester the pale white makeup of a jester painted on his/her face, accompanied by black diamond patterns.
Clown the colorful makeup of a clown on his/her face, accompanied by comical red-painted diamonds on his/her cheeks.
Feathers crisp white feathers painted on his/her face accompanied by a bright yellow nose.
Skeleton a spooky dancing skeleton rendered in bright white painted on his/her cheek.
Mummy a shambling mummy with dirty white trailing bandages painted on his/her cheek.
Kobold two dirty white kobold horns painted on either side of his/her forehead.
Golem a stony crack-riddled grey face painted to resemble a golem.
Mistake there are a bunch of ugly white splotches resembling a horrid disease all over his/her face.

Blue Paintstick

Name Design
Lightning a large lightning bolt painted in vivid blue on his/her cheek.
Rose a soft blue rose in bloom painted delicately on his/her forehead.
Moon a deep blue crescent moon dotted with tiny grey craters painted on his/her forehead
Butterfly a colorful butterfly painted in vivid iridescent blue on his/her forehead.
Flames a painted image of flickering blue flames rising up upon both cheeks.
Hearts some somber blue hearts painted on his/her face.
Demon the visage of a horned blue-black demon painted on his/her face.
Hummingbird a brilliant tiny hummingbird drinking from a blue orchid rendered in iridescent paint on his/her cheek.
Flower a tiny blue dew-kissed flower painted on the tip of his/her nose.
Wraith , painted on his/her forehead, a ghostly blue wraith juggling jack-o-lanterns.
Wave , painted on his/her cheek, a deep blue wave in mid-crash.
Mistake there are a bunch of ugly blue splotches resembling a horrid disease all over his/her face.

Green Paintstick

Name Design
Scales a pattern of painted dark green scales covering his/her face.
Eye a bestial green eye riddled with tiny red veins painted on his/her forehead.
Warts a painted green face with several large purple warts drawn on his/her nose.
Dragon a dark green dragon rendered as if it were in flight painted on his/her forehead.
Lizard a tiny lizard rendered in shimmering green paint upon his/her face.
Leaves two light green leaves painted delicately across either cheek.
Frog a cute little green frog painted as if it were clinging to his/her cheek.
Clover a small delicate clover painted an iridescent green on the tip of his/her nose.
Dots an intricate pattern of dark green dots painted along both his/her cheekbones.
Mistake a sticky green spot of paint in the middle of his/her forehead.

Black Paintstick

Name Design
Wraith a ghostly black wraith juggling several pumpkins painted on his/her forehead.
Spiders a trail of black spiders painted in a line along his/her cheek.
Ghoul a ghastly black ghoul sticking its tongue out, its visage comically painted on his/her cheek.
Witch a grinning black-clad witch with a long wart-covered nose painted on his/her cheek.
Bat a small black bat perched on a pumpkin painted on his/her forehead.
Cat a pair of thin black cat whiskers painted on both cheeks.
Rose a deep black rose in bloom painted delicately on his/her forehead.
Cloud a roiling black thundercloud painted a dark and stormy hue on his/her cheek.
Beetle a scuttling beetle painted in shiny black on his/her cheek.
Black Widow an ominous black widow spider painted with menacing legs stretching across his/her forehead.
Mistake there are a bunch of messy black streaks dotted with tiny fingerprints painted on his/her face.

Multi-Colored Paintstick

Name Design
Puppy a splotchy white and brown face painted to resemble a puppy.
Rolton a face painted with swirls of brown resembling a rolton.
Tiger a bright orange-painted face streaked with the black marks of a tiger.
Raccoon a painted grey face accompanied by the deep black mask of a raccoon across his/her eyes.
Unicorn a spiraling horn of a unicorn painted in shimmering golden colors across his/her forehead.
Mouse a pair of round grey mouse ears painted on both sides of his/her forehead, accompanied by a pair of white buckteeth drawn on his/her lower lip.
Rainbow a vibrantly colored rainbow painted in a perfect arc across his/her cheek.
Bee a little bee with rainbow wings painted on his/her cheek.
Note a quarter note rendered in shimmering rainbow paint on his/her forehead.
Sun a brilliant flaring sun rendered in sparkling golden paint on his/her forehead.
Veins several enlarged purple veins painted as if they were bulging on his/her face.
Kobold a cavorting kobold gnawing on a tiny bone painted on his/her forehead.
Mistake a messy conglomeration of multi-colored streaks painted all over his/her face.

Vine-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Vines dark trails of green-hued ivy painted around his/her eyes.
Design a swirling painted abstract design flowing across his/her cheeks and chin.
Pyramid a deep blue pyramid rendered in shimmering paint in the middle of his/her forehead.
Flower a delicate white flower rendered in softly mute hues painted on his/her cheek.
Lightning twin cobalt blue flashes of lightning rendered in bold blue paint across both his/her cheeks.
Ivy delicate vines of verdant-hued ivy painted across his/her forehead and trailing down his/her cheek.

Swirl-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Stars a scattered pattern of stars and crescents painted on his/her face.
Sunburst a brilliant yellow sunburst painted on his/her forehead.
Dragon a shimmering green dragon painted across his/her face.
Cat a glossy black cat with shiny green eyes painted on one cheek.
Rainbow a glittering multicolored rainbow painted across one cheek.
Drops several small raindrops rendered in bright blue paint across his/her face.

Bird-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Fish a small fish painted in glistening gold on each cheek.
Unicorn a rearing unicorn painted with a twisted gold horn on his/her cheek.
Bird a fiery-winged scarlet bird in flight painted across his/her cheek.
Cloud a serene skyline of lustrous white clouds painted across his/her forehead.
Sadfrown a broad red frown and a single blue tear painted on his/her face.
Rose a delicate red rosebud with a glistening drop of dew painted on his/her cheek.

Yellow Paintstick

Name Design
Banana a bright yellow banana painted on one cheek.
Canary a mustard-colored flying canary painted on one cheek.
Bolt a luminous gold lightning bolt painted across his/her face.
Tart a golden brown tart filled with cherries painted on one cheek.
Lion a roaring lion with a beige-colored mane painted on one cheek.
Goldfish an orange and yellow goldfish painted on his/her forehead.
Coin shimmering gold coins painted all over his/her face.
Wings a glimmering pair of golden wings painted on both of his/her cheeks.

Moon-Etched Paintstick

Name Design
Cholen a crimson lute outlined in gold painted on his/her cheek.
Lumnis a golden scroll with five multi-colored circles painted on his/her cheek.
Ronan a black sword with a silver edge painted on his/her cheek.
Kai clenched fists painted in silver on both cheeks.
Lorminstra a golden key painted across his/her forehead.
Eonak a golden anvil outlined in dark brown painted on his/her cheek
Oleani a red heart with a budding flower growing from it painted on his/her cheek.
Fash'lo'nae a yellow, slit-pupiled eye painted on his/her forehead.
Imaera a stylized sheaf of grain twined with viridian bindings painted along his/her jawline.
Phoen a spiral of azure-edged golden sunburts painted down the center of his/her right cheek.
Jastev a silver crystal ball filled with grey smoke painted on his/her forehead.
Zelia an opalescent crescent moon in a spray of silver stars painted over his/her entire face.
Tonis a tiny golden pegasus in flight painted just under his/her right eye.
Koar a golden crown atop a craggy mountain painted on his/her left cheek.

Moon-Carved Paintstick

Name Design
Mularos a tiny red heart pierced with a silver dagger painted on his/her cheek.
Eorgina red, stylized flames painted over his/her cheeks and stretching across both ears.
Ivas a red-painted face with a swirling green wisp that trails from his/her forehead to his/her chin.
Luukos a coiled green serpent on a brown background painted on his/her forehead.
The Huntress a silver eight-pointed star painted on his/her forehead.
Charl an emerald trident painted on his/her cheek.
Sheru a crouched, inky black jackal painted on his/her right cheek.
V'Tull a midnight black scimitar with a crimson-stained blade painted on one cheek.
Marlu a star of six black tentacles over a splash of grey painted down the middle of his/her face.
Andelas a black cat mask painted over his/her face.
Gosaena a grey-winged figure of misty shadows painted along the right edge of his/her face.
Arachne a variety of small arachnids painted in a haphazard line that wanders from his/her left eyebrow to his/her right ear.
Amasalen a two-headed purple serpent, which is wrapped around a crimson hand, painted on one cheek.
Onar the faint outline of a broken white skull set within a wash of blank ink painted atop the bridge of his/her nose.