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This is just a quick page to save past news items and crier messages for events held by the Faendryl Enclave. Some events happen repeatedly and it seemed prudent to save criers and news items that had already been approved.

Crier Messages

A pair of Faendryl shuffle past, each carrying a brightly painted miniature. One holds up a vathor miniature and ponders, "I wonder if my mini can win the Siegery Games tonight?" The other holds up a dark elven warrior miniature and exclaims, "We won't be winning if we don't get over there! It's in Begetting Besiegers!" Increasing their pace, the pair moves off quickly.

A clarion call of resounding horns can be heard off in the distance. Two small children turn toward the direction of the loud blasts and begin cheering. One child yells, "The Siegery Championship Battles are beginning! We have to get to Begetting Besiegers' Sky Arena quickly!" The second child nods to the first and both run off in the direction of Valeria Street.

A pair of orphans run past, playfully fighting over a chipped, old siegery miniature. One exclaims to the other, "We have to hurry, the Annual World Wide Siegery Championship Battle begins soon!" The other responds, "Quick, it's at the Sky Arena in Begetting Besiegers! I hope we are in time to watch!" before both children laugh and run off.

A sharply dressed Faendryl crier walks up. Unrolling a scroll the crier announces, "The Faendryl Enclave invites one and all to a lecture and discussion on the Arkati and the roles they play within Faendryl society. Look for the charcoal grey tent along North Ring road. Furling the scroll once more the Faendryl crier continues on his rounds.

A group of Faendryl women in brilliant finery stride past, carrying on an animated discussion. "Can you believe the Faendryl Enclave is celebrating seven years?" says one. With a sigh, her companion replies, "A 'Precious Metals' theme for the anniversary gala, and I have nothing to wear!" The others offer suggestions and baubles as they move toward the Faendryl Enclave.

A sharply dressed Faendryl crier strides into the area and unrolls an extraordinarily long scroll before clearing his throat extensively. "Hear ye, hear ye! The Faendryl Enclave will be holding a discussion on Faendryl politics shortly inside the Moot Hall assembly room. Your attendance is not required, though you shall be wiser for it!" He quickly rolls up the scroll, turns sharply on his heels, and marches out of the area with a flourish.

News Messages