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Fancy Sheaths - What Are They!?

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival
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Author: GS4-SINDIN
Date: 09/27/2018 04:29 PM CDT
Subject: Fancy Sheaths - What Are They!? on

With EG almost upon us, I figured it was time to explain what Fancy Sheaths are and what you can look forward to if you purchase one!

Fancy Sheaths are a fancy new home for your weapons, with different abilities depending on their tier!

TIER 1 Your Fancy Sheath delivers fun STOW / DRAW messaging based on one of four personality flavors: CUNNING, GALLANT, BRUTAL, CLUMSY.

For example, CUNNING:

You slide your rolaren dagger in your leather thigh-sheath without a sound. You slowly draw your rolaren dagger from your leather thigh-sheath and hold it close, wary of the dangers before you.

That can't be all... and that isn't all! The messaging is stance dependent.

>stance neutral You smoothly and silently slide your rolaren dagger into your leather thigh-sheath.

>stance offensive Quick as the wind, you draw your rolaren dagger and brandish it.

Each flavor has different stow / draw messaging for offensive, neutral, and defensive stances.

TIER 2 This unlocks some fun fluff verbs which reference customizable features in your Fancy Sheath. These features include: - The material for the throat of the sheath. - The material for the inset gem. (Note, this doesn't have to be a gem, it just needs to be something plausibly gem-like, small, decorative, and nice, that you would polish.) Please note that Fancy Sheaths are... fancy! They can't be made of rotten leather, splintering wood, etc. A crack in the gem or something on that level is fine, but they have to be overall nice. Keep em fancy!

A taste: You polish your eahnor scabbard's gold throat to a gleaming shine. You admire the way the crimson blazestar inset in your eahnor scabbard catches the reflected light.

TIER 3 You say you wanted functionality?

- You can switch the wear-slot of your Fancy Sheath between two presets; either thigh and belt, belt and shoulder, or shoulder and back. - You can switch whether the place you are wearing your Fancy Sheath shows up in your visible inventory or not - You can switch your Fancy Sheath between two flavors! Cunning/Clumsy or Galant/Brutal.

TIER 4 This allows for up to three custom verbs for your Fancy Sheath (requires QC).

I will be unlocking Fancy Sheaths to T2 as much as I can. A limited number of T3 unlocks will be released, and a very small number of T4 unlocks will go out as well. More details when I announce my special services schedule.

See you soon!