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Initial Teaser

Category: Briarmoon Cove
Message #: 129
Date: 01/12/2016 10:04 PM EST
Subject: Beware the grues...

Okay, so maybe not grues!

Deep within Kotwynn Forest lies a shop by the name of Backwoods. It was recently discovered by Briarmoon Cove residents who happened upon a mist-enshrouded trail that had mysteriously appeared within Tilaok Terrace. A few brave adventurers ventured down the trail, and it was weeks before they returned. However, details of the shop sparked interest within the coastal town. They hope to return once the festival is underway.

Forest Armor is a new armor script making its debut at Briarmoon Cove. It's (currently) only available from Backwoods. This is a tiered armor script, and all armor types are available in the shop.

What does it do? That's a good question! I'll try to summarize for you.

The armor has been touched by Imaera, herself, and will call upon the powers of the forest for the wearer! There are 4 tiers; each tier carries both an enhancive benefit (ranks), as well as a special combat ability; Subsequent tiers add that respective tier's benefits to the armor.

The benefits are as follows:

Tier 1 (off-the-shelf)
+1 perception
Wind Gust - lowers creature DS

Tier 2
+1 Stalking and Hiding
Leaf Swirl - increases player DS

Tier 3
+1 Survival
Mud Sling - decreases creature AS

Tier 4
+1 Climbing
Woodland Empathy - increases player AS/CS

The values for the special abilities is random, between 3 and 5, and its duration is random. Firing chances on the special abilities increases with each tier, as well. Limited unlocks for the armor will be offered at the festival. It's quite zesty, and it doesn't work in water.

The best part? Forest gnomes (!!) will get +1 to any of the above values.

Edit: I will be raffling off 2 T4 versions of this armor.

~ Haliste ~

Initial Q&A and Updates

Category: Briarmoon Cove
Message #: 134
Date: 01/13/2016 08:11 PM EST
Subject: Beware the grues...

>Does the windy gust mitigate his stench, or does it help spread his.... flavor?

Maybe a little of both?

>What causes the chance for the special abilities to fire?


>Will this script be added to existing armor?

Perhaps at some point in the future -- but for right now, it's a new release, so I won't be adding this to existing armor. I will look into this for later, though!

For some additional forest goodness, here's some messaging for you:

Armor is activated by RUB -- it must be active in order to fire (or have a chance to fire) in combat. If you go inside, it's going to deactivate. You must be outside, and not in water, for it to work.

>rub my mail
You take a cursory appraisal of the ground at your feet and pick out a few random leaves and twigs. Along with a handful of mud smeared across your mithril chain mail, you paste the bits and pieces in place.

Wind Gust
- A spiraling funnel of air bursts from your mithril chain mail toward a forest troll, knocking it off-balance!
- The air spiraling around a forest troll dies down.

Leaf Swirl
- Diamond-shaped leaves sprout from your mithril chain mail and begin to swirl, obscuring your form!
- The leaves swirling around your form are blown away by an errant breeze.

Mud Sling
- A thick clump of mud catapults from your mithril chain mail and lands on a forest troll!
- The clumps of mud clinging to a forest troll dry up and fall to the ground.

Woodland Empathy
- Your mithril chain mail glows a bright viridian hue, and you suddenly have a clearer understanding of nature!
- The bright viridian hue surrounding your mail fades.

~ Haliste ~

Category: Briarmoon Cove
Message #: 136
Date: 01/13/2016 09:54 PM EST
Subject: Beware the grues...

>Will it proc on misses?

There's a chance for it to flare during combat - hits or misses.

~ Haliste ~

Category: Briarmoon Cove
Message #: 138
Date: 01/13/2016 10:33 PM EST
Subject: Beware the grues...

Tier 1: 10% Tier 2: 15% Tier 3: 20% Tier 4: 25%

~ Haliste ~