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Real gems are hidden in plain sight, but that is not always so obvious in a text-based game. When one is found, there is a monsterbold game-wide message that SOMEONE JUST FOUND A REAL GEM! The actual real gem will arrive at the finder's home about 2 months later along with a congratulatory certificate.

Rolfard's player's pear peridot


GEM (verb)

The GEM verb provides information about real gems.

-=*:    REAL ITEMS    :*=-

Hidden in the lands in and around all of the cities are items which you can find and turn in for "REAL" items with the same name.  Participation is easy.  All you have to do is keep a sharp eye out searching everywhere you can.  Real items *will* be found.  Maybe the next one by you.

LOOK ON, UNDER AND BEHIND EVERYTHING.  There are great hiding spots everywhere!

We have also hidden some other REAL items within the game.  One such example would be special mugs that will earn you a REAL DragonRealms/GemStone mug.


You may only find a maximum of one item every six months per account.  When you find a "real" item, you will be given instructions on how to exchange it.  Follow these instructions precisely.  If you have any questions after you find an item, please do an ASSIST and a Gamemaster will help you with the proper information.

Type GEM MORE for more info.

>gem more
If you think you have found a REAL item, you will be given information at that time which will tell you what to do.  It will look something like this...[Note: Sample message only follows]

** This is a REAL {ITEM}!  Simply write
   and inform us you have found a real item.
   We will then verify that you have the item and will send it to you
   by U.S. mail.

   IMPORTANT:  Be sure and specify your real name, Email address,
               mailing address, where and when you found the item,
               and perhaps a phone number where you can be reached.

Please be sure to specify that you found ITEM {a special number} in your feedback.  The special code is important for verification purposes. Once we have your info, you are free to sell your "in game" version of the item at the gemcutters.

Good luck in your search!