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The GLANCE verb is a roleplaying verb with a variety of styles and uses.


General verb help information
>help glance

    GLANCE                                 - Looks at what's in your hands
    GLANCE {self}                          - Glances around the area
    GLANCE {target}                        - Glances at a target
    GLANCE {direction}                     - Glances in a direction
    GLANCE {style}                         - Glances with a style
    GLANCE {style} {target}                - Glances at a target with a style
    GLANCE AWAY [target]                   - Glance away from a target
    GLANCE WARN {target}                   - Glance at target in a warning manner.
    GLANCE {style} RIGHT |LEFT  {target}   - Glance to your or your target's right or left
    GLANCE {style} SHOULDER {target}       - Glance over your shoulder at an optional target
    GLANCE BETWEEN {target} AND {target}   - Glance between two targets.
    GLANCE SET [option]                    - Shows or sets the GLANCE verb options available.

Where {style} can be one of the following:
    MEANINGFUL     NERVOUS        SHARP          SIDELONG       SKEPTICAL      

>verb info glance
Verb information for verb "GLANCE":

People targets:
CATHEDRAL WEDDING  - You glance at (target), an eyebrow quirking slightly in
                     his/her direction.
WAVEDANCER WEDDING - You glance at (target) as you fold your arms expectantly
                     across your chest.
STANDARD           - You glance at (target).
  FIRST PERSON     - You critically eye (target) for a moment, rapidly reaching
                     the conclusion that you are undoubtedly the more knowledgeable,
                     educated party.
  OTHERS           - (Character) thoughtfully studies (target), a satisfied expression
                     quickly reaching his face.

Self target:
  STANDARD         - You glance around the area.
  RIVERS-REST      - You glance over yourself, making sure you are a presentable
                     River Rat.
  FIRST PERSON     - You carefully look yourself over, amazed at the many positive
                     qualities you possess.
  OTHERS           - (Character) confidently straightens his posture, seemingly well
                     pleased with himself.

Object targets:
  STANDARD         - You glance at (object).
  ILLISTIM         - For the briefest of moments, your gaze alights on the (target).

Creature targets:
  STANDARD         - You glance at (target).
  RIVERS-REST      - You glance at (target) and try to determine if it would give a
                     River Rat a good fight.
  ILLISTIM         - You favor (target) with a sharp, pointed look.

No target:
  STANDARD         - You glance down at your empty hands.

 You glance (direction).

  AWAY             - You glance away from (target).
  WARN             - You cast a warning glance at (target).
  BETWEEN          - You glance between (target) and (other target).
  RIGHT|LEFT       - You glance to your (right|left).
  SHOULDER         - You glance over your shoulder.
  ILLISTIM         - You cut your eyes away.
  STYLES           - See VERB INFO STYLES for details on glance styles.

  Angry          - You glance angrily around the area.
  Anxious        - You glance anxiously around the area.
  Askance        - You glance askance around the area.
  Appraising     - You glance appraisingly around the area.
  Appreciative   - You glance appreciatively around the area.
  Apprehensive   - You glance apprehensively around the area.
  Bemused        - You cast a bemused glance around the area.
  Casually       - You casually glance around the area.
  Confused       - You furrow your brow before glancing confusedly
                   around the area.
  Dismay         - You glance with dismay around the area.
  Distracted     - You distractedly glance around the area.
  Doubletake     - You quickly glance up, then down again, not
                   really paying attention.  Wait just a minute!
                   Did you just see what you think you saw?!  You
                   whip your head up and peer around the area.
  Dubious        - You glance dubiously around the area.
  Expectant      - You glance expectantly around the area.
  Fearful        - You fearfully glance around the area.
  Furtive        - You furtively glance around the area.
  Guilty         - You glance guiltily around the area.
  Haughty        - You glance haughtily around the area.
  Incredulous    - You glance incredulously around the area.
  Inquiring      - You glance inquiringly around the area.
  Meaningful     - You glance meaningfully around the area.
  Nervous        - You glance nervously around the area.
  Sharp          - You glance sharply around the area.
  Sidelong       - You give a sidelong glance around the area.
  Skeptical      - You glance skeptically around the area.
  Stern          - You glance sternly around the area.
  Suspicious     - You glance suspiciously around the area.
  Surreptitious  - You surreptitiously glance around the area.
  Uneasy         - You glance uneasily around the area.
  Wary           - You glance warily around the area.
NOTE: Styles can be targetted or untargetted.  Untargetted messaging provided above.

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.
GLANCE verb output examples
You glance down at your empty hands.

>glance ts
You glance around the room.

>glance sign
You glance at an embroidered sign.

>glance away sign
You glance away from an embroidered sign.

>glance surr shoulder vanah
You surreptitiously glance over your shoulder at Vanah.