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Gnerp owns the Bawdy Bard Inn in Zul Logoth. The tavern was once owned by his brother, but Gnerp took over as owner after his brother was eaten by a slime monster.


Gnerp is an old, grim dwarf with a receding hairline and full, white beard that looks as though he's seen many a hard time. His gruff exterior belies not a shred of mirth or frivolity, though he tolerates all the cheer around him without annoyance. He wears a simple, long-sleeved, blue canvas shirt, grey canvas dungarees and a rather grimy, off-white apron. His leather boots clomp loudly as he walks across the stone floor to serve a patron or collect a meager tip.

Idle Scripts

  • Gnerp takes a rather grimy rag and wipes out a couple of stone mugs before setting them in a pile behind the bar
  • Gnerp slowly wipes down the bar, never taking his gaze off the patrons seated at the tables.
  • A patron beckons from one of the tables, indicating an empty glass. Stoically, Gnerp brings the patron a fresh drink, collects the silvers, and returns to his place behind the bar.
  • A mug clatters to the floor, causing the tavern to go quiet momentarily. The silence is broken by a patron shouting, "Looks like you sold another drink, Gnerp!" Gnerp carries a drink slowly to the offending patron, wipes up the spill with his dishrag and collects his payment before returning to his place at the bar.
  • Gnerp mumbles to himself, "Ahh, my poor brother. He managed this tavern for years. Too bad he got eaten by that slime monster while scraping soot off of a cave wall for some ale." He sighs slowly and adds, "I will never be able to make drinks the way he did."
  • A young dwarven woman enters, hands Gnerp a tray full of food items, and exits through the stone arch. Gnerp subjects the items to a careful scrutiny before placing the tray behind the bar.
  • Gnerp removes the lute from the back wall, cradling it gently in his weathered hands. He strums the strings for a moment, eliciting a sweet harmony from the instrument. Then he sighs and returns the instrument to its place.
  • Gnerp counts his coins, then scowls and returns to keeping an eye on the patrons.