Goldtree (prime)

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You see Goldtree Everbranch the Member of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia.

He looks like he's been around for a WHILE.

He appears to be a Sylvankind of the Tyesteron D'ahranal.

He appears to be very young. He has watchful lurid golden eyes and tanned skin. He has layered, coarse pale silver hair with ebon tips. He has slightly upswept pointed ears.

He has a faded brown symbol of a doe tattooed on his forehead, a series of inked intricate grey sylvan glyphs radiating from below each eye, a grey brushwood wolf inking on his neck, an intricate tattoo of woven nature designs on his arm, a Ranger Guild tattoo on his arm, a map of Elanthia tattoo on his arm, a chain of intricate runes tattoo on his wrist, a wolf paw tattoo on his arm, a soaring argent aspis tattoo on his wrist, an oak leaf tattoo on his wrist, a golden leaf tattoo on his finger, a poison ivy tattoo on his finger, and a tattooed symbol of the Huntress on his ankle.

He is wearing a filigreed azure blazestar amulet, an oak and amber doe totem, a tree bark amulet, an earth-toned quilted wool hunting jacket, a heart-cut beryl pin, a silky round golden poppy, an obsidian-bound maoral badge, an etched militia badge, an Argent Aspis pin, a leaf-shaped Imaera pin, a kelyn-framed mosaic map brooch, a pure silver Aspis pin, a rugged elven-crafted harness with a straight ebon-bladed wakizashi and a perfect steel handaxe strapped to it, some sleek sylvan-styled grey brigandine crisscrossed with faenor-buckled leather straps, a moonstone inset mithril bracer, some somber grey leather gauntlets secured by a series of buckled faenor straps, a dark mottled kelyn wedding band cradled in leaf-shaped golvern, a somber grey leather belt secured with multiple faenor buckles, a vine-covered leather feed bag, a blackworked bull minotaur horn with a silver mouthpiece, a mud-caked leather herb satchel, a bulging merchant loot pack, a rounded copper flask, some mud-caked forest green pants, some vaalorn leg greaves, and some elven tracking boots.