Greystorm Society Of Enlightenment

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Mission Statement

To inspire curiosity and expand the boundaries of collective knowledge toward a more enlightened Elanthian society.


The Greystorm Society of Enlightenment (GSE) is a Meeting Hall Organization dedicated to knowledge, wisdom, and lifelong scholarship. We aim to accomplish our mission through continued research, investigation, and learning from the shared knowledge and experiences of others. The society was formed in 5118 by the founding members Syphaer Greystorm and Sirona Kelaethe. The organization was officially registered with the town of Wehnimer's Landing on Leyan, the 20th day of Charlatos, in the year 5119.


An open tome set on a silver sunburst.


Seek knowledge in all.


GSE was founded and is located in the town of Wehnimer’s Landing. Society meetings will most often be held at Greystorm Manor, the private residence of Founding Luminary and Society Chancellor, Syphaer Greystorm.


  • Chancellor: Syphaer Greystorm
  • Provost: Sirona Kelaethe


GSE has no restrictions on who may join other than a desire to obtain, preserve, or disseminate knowledge. Assuming an officer or senior member is available to act as a mentor most applicants will be accepted immediately.

Membership ranks are obtained by performing lectures. Ranks include:

  • Scholars - General Membership
  • Lecturer - Attributed after first lecture
  • Professor - Attributed after third lecture


For any questions please reach out to