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The GemStone Wiki derives its content through the contribution of many members. Unless otherwise indicated on particular articles, content at is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 or later version.

If any submitted content is covered by an alternate license, the article(s) must contain proper indication of the correct license information at the bottom of the page.

What does this mean for contributors?

By contributing to the GemStone Wiki, you are agreeing that all of your submitted information will be made available under the Attribution-Sharealike license as mentioned above.

The GemStone Wiki's mission is to index and archive as much information about GemStone IV as possible, but while doing this we must respect the copyrights of others.

Please do not submit content in violation of the Terms of Use or the spirit of respecting the property of others. If another website has valuable content then link to the content and/or give attribution for that work here. Do NOT submit any copyrighted work without explicit permission or attribution as covered in the original owner's copyright license.

Copyrighted Images

Please do not upload copyrighted images to the GemStone Wiki without explicit copyright permission from the copyright holder. In general, if you didn't create the image, and it wasn't created for you, you need to get permission from the owner before posting it. Please include the original source (artist and/or copyright holder) when posting images. Like most other wikis, GemStone IV does not allow images of unknown or unverifiable origin.

Note: Manipulating or modifying an image that someone else created does not make it solely your own for the purpose of the GemStone Wiki's copyright policy. You must still get permission from the original content creator, and the file page must link to the original source.


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