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HELPME is a mechanical verb. If the user is of low enough experience, it will teleport them to the local Silverwood Manor where they can ring for a mentor.



Your surroundings grow misty and indistinct.  A cool breeze touches your cheek as you travel soundlessly to Silverwood Manor in Ta'Vaalor.  In a moment, the mist clears and you feel your feet on solid ground again.

[Silverwood Manor, Courtyard - 14659]
A short wall of rough grey-blue stone lines the entire expanse of the courtyard.  Leading towards the carved haon door of the manor, some short boxwood hedges line the flagstone path.  Affixed to the wall of the rather imposing structure is a gilded plaque, and flowerbeds at the manor's base boast colorful batches of delphinium, dragonstalk, and bluebells.  Partially hidden by a large fern is a donation bin.  You also see a framed chalkboard and a silver bell with a long silken rope.
Obvious paths: out
If you would like to speak with a mentor, please RING the BELL.

When used by characters above level 2:

You look a little too experienced to use this method of finding a mentor.  Try using DIR to find Silverwood Manor and then ring the door bell you'll find there.