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HELP is a verb with mechanical functionality. It provides information on a number of topics.


    HELP {topic}     - View help on a topic, or on a verb, if available
    HELP VERB {verb} - View usage information for a verb, if available

Where {topic} is one of the following:
    ARMOR             ASSIST             COMBAT             CREATURES          DEATH
    DEBT               DIRECTIONS         ENCUMBRANCE        ESP                EXPERIENCE
    FAME               FEEDBACK           GAMEACCESS         GAMEMASTERS        HURL
    I-NEED-HELP        INDEX              INVENTORY          JUSTICE/JAIL       LOCKER
    MERCHANTS          MOVEMENT           MSTRIKE            NPC                RANGED
    READY/STORE        REROLLING          SHIELDS            SILVERS            SPRITES
    STOW               TRAININGPOINTS     VALUABLES          WANDS              WEAPONS
    WOUNDS             REPORT         

If you are new to GemStone IV, don't forget to try the ADVICE command for hints on getting started.