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The house verb is a command used by officers of houses in the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia (CHE) system.


This allows Officers to create a crier to announce events.

HOUSE EVENT CREATE <title>                         - Create a new message
HOUSE EVENT MESSAGE <title> <message>  - No <message> entry will return the current message
HOUSE EVENT AREA <title> <town>                 - Set the towns to receive the message
HOUSE EVENT SETTING <title> <setting>        - Controls whether message is sent to inside, outside or all rooms
HOUSE EVENT REVIEW <title>                         - Display message, settings, and review notes for <title>
HOUSE EVENT MEMBER <title>                         - Toggles the message displaying to members of your org. only
HOUSE EVENT STATUS <title>                          - GM QC approval for message
HOUSE EVENT LIST                                           - List messages for your organization
HOUSE EVENT SUBMIT <title>                         - Submit message for QC
HOUSE EVENT UNSUBMIT <title> CONFIRM   - Clear the message to change it and must be re-submitted
HOUSE EVENT EXECUTE <title>                        - Let the message fly
HOUSE EVENT DELETE <title>                           - Delete an existing message
HOUSE EVENT EXAMPLES                                - Provides examples of proper message setup

HOUSE EJECT {player};{reason}

Eject a player from your House or annex areas for a period of 48 hours.  This should be used with extreme discretion. Typically, if someone is being extremely unruly, blatantly OOC, violent, or disturbing a House event and refuses to stop, he/she can be ejected from the event.  You must add a valid reason when ejecting them.

HOUSE EJECT LIST - List all players ejected from your grounds within the last year. - This displays the expiration dates and reasons.


This system allows for simple event tracking between the Officers and the Controller.  Officers can review past notes recorded and whether they were e-mailed to the Controller.

HOUSE NOTE READ [number] - Read the last [number] messages between your House and the House Controller (default 10).
HOUSE NOTE SEND; {message} - Records a message to the House Note list. It does not e-mail the Controller. HOUSE NOTE SEND EMAIL; {message} - Records a message to the House Note list that is sent to the House Controller in-game and via e-mail.


This allows Officers and CHE Controller to view recent Initiations and Investments into and out of the House.  View the last [number] messages in the House's event log (default 20).


Allows Officers to review their expenditures, income, and current balance.  View the last [number] messages in the House's accounting log (default 20).


List members recorded on House roster, optionally only displaying those who have been seen in the last [days] days.

NOTE:  This function is no longer available to officers as running it can cause excessive lag.  If you require an updated roster, please email a request to the CHE Controller, and include the number of days (e.g., 30, 60, 180, 365).

HOUSE NEWS [command]

This allows Officers to create a NEWS item.

HOUSE NEWS LIST                                                   - List all headlines w/ status
HOUSE NEWS NEW [headline]                                 - Add a new item
HOUSE NEWS READ [item #]                                    - Reads a news item
HOUSE NEWS HEADLINE [item #] [headline text]    - Edits the headline
HOUSE NEWS ADD [item #] [paragraph text]            - Add a paragraph
HOUSE NEWS EDIT [item #] [paragraph #] [text]       - Adds on to a paragraph
HOUSE NEWS TARGET [item #] [target]                   - Target of the news item
HOUSE NEWS DELETE [item #] {paragraph #}        - Deletes an item or paragraph
HOUSE NEWS INSERT [item #] [paragraph #] [text] - Inserts a paragraph
HOUSE NEWS SUBMIT [item #]                                - Submits a news item for approval
HOUSE NEWS RELEASE [item #]                             - Submits approved news items for release
HOUSE NEWS NOTE [item #] READ|[text]                - Reads or adds notes for/from the GM

For HOUSE NEWS INSERT       - Be sure to add leading spaces to your message for proper spacing.
For HOUSE NEWS HEADLINE  - Your new headline replaces any old headline.
For HOUSE NEWS INSERT       - The paragraph you insert will become the number you specify.

HOUSE TENT [command]

HOUSE TENT DEPLOY  - Unveils your tent.
HOUSE TENT REMOVE  - Packs up your tent and kicks everyone out.

HOUSE DUES [command]             

Modifies house dues.

HOUSE DUES ON|OFF                              - Turn the dues system on or off.
HOUSE DUES SET MONTHLY [amount]    - Set the monthly dues amount.
HOUSE DUES SET LIFETIME [amount]   - Set the lifetime dues amount.
HOUSE DUES ACCOUNTING {person}     - List the last 50 transactions with optional person.
HOUSE DUES CHECK                               - List dues information.
HOUSE DUES DELINQUENT                      - List of all delinquent members.
HOUSE DUES LIFETIME                            - List of all lifetime members.

HOUSE MOD [command]

Message of the Day commands.

HOUSE MOD ON|OFF                          - Turns the message of the day on or off.
HOUSE MOD MESSAGE [text]             - Replaces current text to message.  Automatically turns MOD OFF!
HOUSE MOD REVIEW                         - Displays the text of the message of the day.
HOUSE MOD CLEAR                           - Clears the current text of the message of the day.


Shows last|current|all month officer hours.


House votes are used to allow members of a House to vote on anything of interest to the House as a whole.  Once the vote has been STARTed, no further changes to the vote setup may be made without starting over via HOUSE VOTE CLEAR.  Results may only be viewed once a vote has been ended.

HOUSE VOTE CLEAR                                 - Clear current voting information, start a new vote
HOUSE VOTE TITLE; {title}                         - Title of the current vote (what is being voted on)
HOUSE VOTE OPTION; {option}                 - Add new voting option
HOUSE VOTE START {SECRET|OPEN}    - Start current vote (secret ballot or open ballot)
HOUSE VOTE END                                     - End the current vote
HOUSE VOTE RESULTS                            - View the vote results
HOUSE VOTE RESULTS DETAILED          - View the list of members voting for each option                                        (only available for open votes)

Once the vote has been started, members may go to the House or an Annex and VOTE HOUSE to see the vote options.  Please keep the options in character/in game.  If additional outside information is necessary, consider posting on the forums or using the MOD (Message of the Day) to elaborate.


CHE officers with Chairman powers may use this command to initiate members into the House.  The ceremony may be performed in a House Clerk's office or in the House's designated initiation room.

The player in question must be at least level 5, may not be a member of any other House, and must kneel while holding the House's initiation fee in silvers or a note.

The Chairman must hold a weapon in the right hand and have the left hand empty. Another Officer of the House must be present to witness the ceremony.

Houses also have the option for custom messaging for PRESPEECH, CUSTOM, and POSTSPEECH.

INITIATE {player} PRESPEECH          - Completes your given pre-initiation ceremony.
INITIATE {player} CUSTOM                - Completes your given initiation ceremony.
INITIATE {player] DEFAULT                - Completes the default initiation ceremony.
INITIATE {player} POSTSPEECH       - Completes your given post-initiation ceremony.


This command is used to invest a House member as an Officer or to remove an Officer.
INVEST {player} PRESPEECH {office title}           - Completes your given pre-investiture ceremony.
INVEST {player} CUSTOM {office title}                 - Completes your given investiture ceremony.
INVEST {player|NONE] DEFAULT {office title}      - Completes the default investiture ceremony.
INVEST {player} POSTSPEECH {office title}        - Completes your given post-investiture ceremony.
To learn more about CUSTOM SPEECHES, please visit:
CHE officers with Chairman powers may use this command to expel members from their House.
EXPEL {player}
     CHE officers and members may use this command while in front of a House Clerk to inquire as to the status of the House.  The Clerk will recite the current officers and their positions, the House's influence points, general funds, number of members and the initiation fee.
    CHE officers and members may use this command while in front of a House Clerk to deposit funds to the House's general fund.

DEPOSIT {amount}
    Members may resign from their current House in the presence of a House clerk using this command.  Once resigned, you may not rejoin without being initiated as a new member.  Note that locker size will be reduced immediately to either Standard or Premium size.  There is currently no longer a 30-day waiting period to join another House.