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The following format should be used for Storyline NPC pages:

Page name: The name can be the full name of the non-player character, please create a redirect to the page with the first name only if the full name is used. Insert #REDIRECT [[Name]] on the new page.


Use the Storynpcbox template to insert an info box on the right. Blank fields will not appear in the box. The template will also place the page in the corresponding category for the storyline, so this template should only be used for GM NPCs in officially named storylines (e.g. Cross Into Shadows).

Copy/paste code:

|storyline = <!-- add storyline2, storyline3, storyline4, and up to storyline9 fields on a new line, as appropriate -->
|gender = 
|race = <!-- add race using established wiki article name so that it properly links -->
|culture = <!-- add culture using established wiki article name so that it properly links -->
|life = <!-- Is the NPC dead or alive? -->
|hometown = <!-- where does this NPC call home? -->
|relationships = 
|alias = 
|affiliation = }}

If the NPC is part of multiple storylines, add storyline2, storyline3, storyline4, and on up to storyline9 fields, as appropriate. If there are more than nine storylines, this template will need to be revised to add more fields. Inserting |include=no will remove the NPC from storyline categories. This is helpful when a category does not exist.


This should go immediately below the Storynpcbox template and should not have any headers. Introduce the character, storyline s/he was active in, and other basic information.

Below the introduction, either header 2 or header 3 can be used, but header 3 looks better on shorter pages.


Use the <pre{{log3}}> tag to easily add the appearance of the character.


You see Aralyte Halanori Faendryl the Palestra Blade.
She appears to be a Faendryl.
She is average height and appears to be of full age. She has narrow feystone-hued eyes and dark skin. She has a bald head. She has a slender face, an aquiline nose and sharply pointed ears. Blood red sigils are tattooed just above her eyes.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a brilliant red soulstone suspended by a thick leather cord, a cracked yellow bone necklace, a long flowing grey gossamer cloak fastened by a small scarlet triskelion, an oiled grey leather scabbard, a suit of fitted black body-leather, a pair of slim eahnor-set bracers, a series of fiery orange rings, a wide eahnor-studded leather belt, a skull-beaded black alchemy bag, a tooled black leather pouch, some sleek grey silk pants, a thin black leather ankle-sheath, and some crisp black leather boots.

Other Sections

Other sections may be added freely as deemed appropriate.