IMBED (verb)

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The IMBED verb is used to imbed spells into magical items that are imbeddable in nature using spells such as Magic Item Creation (420).



Syntax: IMBED {spell#} IN {item} USING {activator} FOR {#charges} CHARGES
     {spell#}    must be a known spell.
     {item}      must have been prepared with Imbed Spell.
     {activator} may be 'wave', 'raise', 'tap', or 'rub'.
     {#charges}  may be as many charges as you could cast the spell
                 using the Mana Points you have available.

     You have five minutes from the time Imbed Spell is initially cast on an item to actually imbed a spell in that item.  You must hold the item that a spell is being imbedded into in your hand.

For example, if a character wanted to imbed celerity in a rod using the raise activator (which increases the duration of the spell by 50%), after casting imbed on the rod, they would enter the command "imbed 506 in rod using raise for 13 charges" to imbed the spell.

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