INFUSE (Weapon) (verb)

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Paladins can use the INFUSE verb to place a single charge of the currently prepared spell into the weapon they have previously bonded with using Sanctify (1625). When the paladin makes a successful melee attack the infused spell will randomly trigger, expending the charge and costing the paladin mana equal to casting the spell normally. This is not subject to armor hindrance.

Infusing a spell


Any spell that can be prepared either from the paladins known spell list can be infused provided that:

  1. The paladin has achieved the 3rd level of bonding
  2. The spell is offensive in nature, single target and a non-bolt/ball spell
  3. The spell is at or below the max iNFUSE level for the paladin.
Max infusion spell level

To calculate the maximium spell level that can be infused take:

(WeaponBondingLevel - 2) * 4

Add to that the number of bonus levels from Spiritual Lore, Summoning (+1 level at 2,5,9,14,...+18 at 189).

Spell levels -- spiritual vs non-spiritual
  1. (Minor Spiritual and Paladin Base) use their normal spell level.
  2. Fully spirit based spells from an unavailable circle (Cleric Base and Major Spiritual) use their spell base level times 1.25
  3. Partially spiritual spells (Sorcerer Base) use their normal base times 1.5
  4. Non-spiritual spells (Wizard Base, Bard Base, etc) use their spell base level times 2

Infusing a spell

Once a spell is selected the paladin simply PREPAREs the spell and INFUSEs it into their sanctified weapon using the {weapon} argument. Infusing induces no round time and is not subject to spell hindrance.