Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-11-25 - The Plinite Hollows Victory (log)

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Eoantos 25-26, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


Grand Magister Dennet leads adventurers to six pylons located in underground tunnels near Melgorehn's Reach. While activating them, they cause temporal rifts and encounter old foes including Jantalarians, krolvin from the time of Talbot Dabbings, kobold bandits, Mularosians, and even demons controlled by Grishom Stone himself, along with bearing witness to a Drake. Though greatly struggling, Dennet completes his work with the pylons, returns everyone to above ground, and is taken back toward the Outpost by Naimorai.


Preparations and Procedures

Grand Magister Dennet just arrived.

Dennet says, "Good evening."

Cryheart asks, "Going to lead the group, Grand Magister?"

Dennet nods at Cryheart.

Cryheart designates Dennet as the new leader of the group.

Dennet says, "If you are here to volunteer and aid, then remain with us."

Dennet says, "I will take us to the shadow of Melgorehn's Reach and explain what we can expect."

Dennet says, "Let us proceed."

Dennet nods.

[travel time]

[Melgorehn's Reach, The Shadow]

You are in a grassy area which is presently darkened by the shadow of a peculiar mountain jutting from the ground. It is unusual in the fact that no other mountains exist in this area, and you can remember a time when there certainly wasn't one here. You also see a broad path.

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet clenches his jaw, and some dirt shifts beneath your feet briefly.

Dennet says, "Please, settle a moment."

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet says, "I shall explain what we may expect."

Dennet says, "If at that time you choose to turn away, then I understand."

Dennet says, "Please, keep all questions until I am finished."

Dennet says, "Tonight I will transport us to the Plinite Hollows."

Dennet says, "The hollows are tunnels of caverns I have created below the Hendoran Outpost, and within a very close proximity to Melgorehn's Reach."

Hapenlok mutters, "The tremors..."

Dennet nods at Hapenlok.

Dennet says, "Correct."

Dennet says, "There is danger with the magic of the Reach, you are all aware. This is not new."

[Winowitch has a script up to cast 1618 when it wears off]

A bolt of lightning streaks down from the sky and strikes Winowitch!

... 1 point of damage!

Light shock to right arm. That stings!

A tremendous crack of thunder follows instantly!

Dennet says, "First, to open a portal, we must sacrifice Winowitch to the Gods of the Reach."

Dennet says, "Now...where was I."

Dennet says, "There are six main tunnels."

Dennet says, "Each ends with a pylon in place."

Dennet says, "We will merge our newly created cerulean plinite, with the pylons, much as Pylasar did when you all fought back the Ithzir."

Dennet says, "I will ask we work together, one pylon at a time."

Dennet says, "Should danger arise..."

Dennet says, "Of course we may need to split up to deal with such threats."

Dennet says, "Activating each pylon, even if we are successful, has the potential to..."

Dennet rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dennet says, "How do I put this delicately..."

Dennet says, "Have some temporal effects."

Dennet says, "They will be temporary, of course. But they could be dangerous."

Dennet says, "If I can put it in more simple terms..."

Dennet says, "Consider time as a stream....and by..."

Dennet rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dennet points at Raelee.

Dennet says, "Please explain."

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "It is perhaps simpler to explain time as a string, and not a stream."

Dennet rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "When laid out properly, it moves in one direction. But when crumpled and tangled... or turned back on itself..."

Dennet says, "The string may tangle at times, before it straightens itself."

Raelee nods at Dennet.

Dennet says, "Once the six pylons are activated..."

Dennet says, "We should see some stability returned."

Dennet says, "I have prepared for...certain outcomes."

Dennet says, "In the dirt here, is an existing ward I have placed."

Dennet says, "Once we begin, it'll transport you to the hollows, every thirty seconds or so. In the event you die below...should things get dangerous of course...then when you are returned to life, you may return to this spot and rejoin us."

Dennet asks, "Does that make sense?"

Rtune says, "So there's a chance of dying."

Dennet says, "There is a chance of us being lost to time forever."

Dennet nods at Rtune.

Rtune says, "O."

Rtune stares off into space.

Speaking to Dennet, Elementz says, "Well I've spent plenty of time in temporal rifts, I'll feel right at home."

Dennet says, "Good, you will be at home in your Elementz."

Dennet snickers at Elementz.

Dennet says, "Furthermore..."

Dennet says, "I will require the assistance of mages."

Dennet says, "To fire magical spells at the pylons to help them absorb more magic."

Dennet says, "To make them capable of accepting the plinite fusion."

Dennet says, "Fire and lightning and acid spells have been tested and work."

Dennet says, "I do not know of any other spells outside of my own knowledge."

Speaking to Dennet, Elementz asks, "Would... tapping the core be beneficial you think?"

Dennet says, "I will ask however, that you...cast with some measure of patience."

Dennet says, "It is not about how fast and how many times you can hurl a fireball."

Dennet asks, "Shall we begin then?"

(OOC) Hapenlok's player whispers to the group, "AKA no rapid fire from every wizard or we'll crash the server, yes?"

(OOC) Elementz's player whispers to the group, "Yeah I asked about core tap... basically took that as a hell no don't core tap lol."

(OOC) Dennet's player whispers to the group, "Right. No need to go nuts with the bolt spells over and over. :)."

The ground slowly opens and swallows Earthdiver and he vanishes below!

[several dozen others]

The ground slowly opens beneath you, and the very earth shifts as it lowers you into darkness. Moments later you find yourself elsewhere.

[Plinite Hollows, Core]

The cavern is wide and spherical, with large tunnels branching off in multiple directions. Dim lavender light glows faintly from each passageway, and the indistinct crackling of energy can be heard in the distance.

Dennet nods.

Dennet points up.

Dennet says, "To return."

Dennet asks, "Magister, which tunnel shall we begin with?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "Northeast."

[travel time]

The First Pylon: The Drake and the Voices

[Plinite Hollows, Pylon]

The earthen walls are smooth and the stone ground covered in an elaborate series of archaic runes, twisting along the cavern like grooves in the floor. The area glows with a faint bluish-white light and the air is alive with crackling energy. You also see a glowing blue-white pylon.

[people throw hundreds of spells at the pylon]

Dennet smiles.

The pylon begins to pulse with a bright blue-white light.

Dennet nods.

Dennet says, "Excellent."

Dennet says, "It's holding well."

A small tremor runs through the ground.

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok asks, "....was that tremor you?"

Dennet says, "No. The pylon."

Hapenlok nods at Dennet.

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "I thought so, just checking."

The pylon begins to glow steadily, pulsating with a bright light like the beating of a heart.

Dennet says, "Cease."

Dennet says, "It is ready..."

Dennet stands in front of a glowing blue-white pylon.

Dennet says, "I will need a moment..."

Dennet reaches into the folds of his robes and reveals a cluster of cerulean blue plinite that seems to glow with a radiant blue light, casting an azure reflection along his face.

You hear a faint tapping sound that seems to be coming from somewhere nearby!

Dennet places the plinite against the glowing pylon, and there is a loud crackle of energy in the air, followed by a deep rumbling of the earth. Pebbles cascade down the walls of the cavern as the tunnel shakes. The pylon and plinite continue to glow and crackle, motes of light and ribbons of energy dancing around as Dennet holds the gem-like shards against the pylon.

A multitude of colors and lights begin to dance along the cavern walls.

A huge roar echoes through the caverns!

You hear the loud flapping of wings and a cold wind brushes through the area.

Dennet says, " is not here. It is beyond the stream."

Dennet continues to hold the plinite to the pylon, chanting in an archaic tongue as light glows brightly between himself and the pylon.

The walls of the cavern brighten and give way to a vast pale blue sky, painted with scattered clouds and dense forests and vast grasslands. The cold waters of Darkstone Bay lap lazily against some black sands, and only grass and trees dot the landscape where Wehnimer's Landing now stands. You hear a loud roar that echoes through the caverns.

The flapping of wings grows louder and louder, and soon visible within the pale blue sky is the garguantuan form of a bronze drake, its scales glistening like polished metal, its winding neck craned outward as it soars effortlessly above. Its eyes are like golden blazestars, burning with an intense power and heat as it regards the fields below. A loud roar erupts from its throat and it lifts up into the sky, out of sight.

Dennet steps closer now to the pylon, the light between the plinite and pillar shrinking.

Dennet says, "It is almost complete."

Dennet says, "That pylon is almost finished..."

Shadows move along the walls, and you see black-streaked, unnaturally lean and strangely humanoid figures. Each one has long hands with seven thin spider-like fingers that end in spiny claws.

A high-pitched sound surrounds you and fills your senses as quickly as it came, the sound recedes into the recesses of your mind. Your ears tingle somewhat, and you seem to have a slight headache.

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "...Where can you go...what can you do? Something out there and it's after you...Nowhere to hide, nowhere to flee, something out there...just wait and see..."

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "...Don't help to pray..don't help to cry...something out there...we all gonna die..."

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "What's wrong with baby? She looks so still."

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "The white one comes and eats its fill."

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "What's wrong with grandad? Screams and moans."

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "The white one comes and cracks his bones."

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "What's wrong with momma, what's wrong with son?"

Sounding faint and distant, some reciting can be heard, "The black one comes, eats everyone!"

Dennet steps away from the pylon, the plinite gone from his hand, and the pylon now glowing a brilliant cerulean hue.

Dennet says, "Good. It's done."

Rtune asks, "We are wanting bright blue yes?"

Dennet says, "The next ones will take less time."

Dennet nods at Rtune.

Dennet asks, "See?"

Dennet says, "No danger."

Dennet says, "But let us be prepared regardless."

The Second Pylon: Young Walkar

[travel to the next pylon]

Dennet nods.

[people begin casting at the pylon]

The pylon begins to pulse with light.

The pylon begins to glow with a brilliant light, pulsating like a throbbing heart.

Dennet says, "Cease."

Dennet says, "It has enough."

Dennet says, "Thank you."

Dennet produces another cluster of plinite in his hands, sweat dripping down his forehead. He begins to chant, as he steps closer to the pylon, light erupting in a colorful display between him and the pillar as he begins to press the plinite to its glowing surface.

The walls of the cavern begin to come to life, dancing with colorful lights.

The smell of smoke drifts through the cavern.

The crackling sound of fires can be heard in the distance.

The sound of a warhorn blares in the distance.

The light of a torch appears on the cavern wall, then another, then another until dozens of torches glow and the sound of marching feet can be heard admist the clanking of metal. The light of the torches casts shadows along the ripple banners that flap, each one bearing a black triskelion on a field of gold and red.

Dennet leans in closer to the pylon, the light of both pillar and plinite almost confusing his entire form in a radiant aura, with his chanting overheard faintly.

Along the wall, the wooden palisades of Wehnimer's Landing appear as the sea of torches weave throughout the forest. A platoon of Jantalarian soldiers march towards the northern gates, and one young soldier stands among them, his clover green eyes glowing from the light of his torch and sweat beading along his shaven head of strawberry blonde hair. He clutches an axe in his hands, and appears slightly nervous as he marches on.

Dennet steps even closer to the pylon, chanting, and the light beginning to shrink.

As the young soldier with clover green eyes disappears with his platoon beyond the gates of town, the air begins to shimmer near some of the Jantalarian soldiers in the woods.

The soldiers' voices begin to grow loud as they shout!

Sudenly, from the glow of colors and light along the wall, a Jantalarian knight steps into view. A Jantalarian knight clanks in while voicing a challenge!

[more Jantalarians show up; cue combat]

Speaking to Dennet, Stormyrain snaps, "I hope you're hurrying."

Dennet says, "I am...I am..."

[more knights, more combat]

Dennet steps away, looking exhausted, as the pylon appears to glow with a brilliant cerulean hue.

Dennet breaks out in a sweat.

Rtune asks, "Yew sure yew got 6 of these in yews?"

Dennet says, "Yes...I am fine..."

The Third Pylon: Talbot Dabbings and the Krolvin

[travel to the third pylon]

Dennet says, "Each pylon should make the next more quick...."

Dennet breaks out in a sweat.

Dennet nods to a glowing blue-white pylon.

[people start casting at the pylon]

Dennet removes a cluster of plinite from his robes, watching as the pylon pulses with a brilliant light.

Dennet says, "It is ready."

Dennet steps forward, chanting, while holding the plinite to the pylon.

Dennet says, "The pylons are beginning to feed on the others activated."

The cavern walls begin to darken and turn a deep bluish hue. The sound of lapping water can be heard and the flapping of masts pulled back and forth by the wind.

The walls of Wehnimer's Landing appear again, and, again, flames lick the sky as coils of fire spiral upward admist the screams of people and the clashing of swords.

The waters of Darkstone Bay appear along the cavern walls, as black-masted ships dot the sea's horizon. Fires rage within Wehnimer's Landing, as a sea of krolvin cut through bodies along the town's streets and docks.

Dennet steps closer, the plinite in his hands slowly merging with the pylon.

Barking commands echo through the chamber, and a small halfling in studded armor crouches behind a water barrel, sword angled at his side, his eyes peeking over the edge as he waits.

Hapenlok yells, "Talbot!"

Suddenly, Talbot snaps his head, looking back in your direction.

Hapenlok blinks.

Speaking to Hapenlok, Maylan says, "I think he heard you."

Hapenlok says, "OOPS."

The barking commands of krolvin grow louder and dozens of them flood the streets as townspeople scurry away. The small halfling retrains his focus and he leaps up from his hiding spot, driving his sword into the back of a huge krolvin's neck. The krolvin warleader barks and howls and immediately the halfling is thrown to the ground, the warleader's blade piercing his chest as he himself collapses.

The air begins to shimmer admist the sea of krolvin in the streets and suddenly a snarling krolvin pirate comes running into view, looking startled at first.

A snarling krolvin pirate leaps into the area!

[krolvin show up; cue combat]

Dennet says, "Almost...finished..."

Dennet steps back, the pylon glowing a brilliant cerulean hue.

Dennet says, "We....we need to keep moving..."

The Fourth Pylon: Kobold Thieves

[travel to the fourth pylon]

Dennet nods to a glowing blue-white pylon.

[people begin casting at the pylon amidst combat with Jantalarians and krolvin]

The pylon begins to pulse with a steady, beating light.

Dennet says, "Cease."

Dennet steps forward, removing some plinite and pressing it to the pylon, his legs wobbling slightly.

(Raelee makes a gesture in the air near Dennet, then holds her hand up in place for several moments.)

You hear the rustling of leaves.

Along the cavern walls, the streets of Wehnimer's Landing appear, partially bathed in the silver light of the moon. Some townspeople move about as the day begins to end. Some small shadows move near the side of the First Elanith Bank.

Walking down the street, unaware of the approaching shadows, you see a young, vibrant Rtune who disappears shortly after.

Dennet leans in closer, the glow of the pylon and plinite engulfing him.

A scrawny kobold bandit stumbles in, slips and falls on her face. She jumps up and mutters something about roltons! A scrawny kobold bandit swaggers in, trying to appear imposing!

[more kobolds show up; cue combat]

Dennet steps away, leaning briefly against a cavern wall. The pylon glows with a bright blue light.

Dennet says, "Two...two remain..."

The Fifth Pylon: Mularosians

[travel to the fifth pylon]

Dennet nods to a glowing blue-white pylon.

[people cast at the pylon]

Dennet says, "It is ready."

The pylon begins to pulse with light.

Dennet says, "Cease."

Dennet leans in, removing some more plinite and pressing it to the glowing crystalline surface of the pylon.

The walls come alive with colors and sounds and you hear the crack of a whip.

The sound of barking dogs echoes through the cavern.

The street of Erebor Square opens up along the cavern wall, the walls of Lorminstra's Temple stretching up.

Dennet breaks out in a sweat.

A whip-marked decaying warhound pads into the area, slavering hungrily!

[more warhounds, more combat, then Mularosian punishers and dark tormented souls and more combat]

Dennet stumbles back, barely catching himself on a wall.

Dennet says, " one."

Speaking seriously to Dennet, Raelee says, "If you require me to take over, say so. Do not leave this to chance."

Dennet says, "No Magister."

Dennet says, "I must do this."

Raelee mutters under her breath.

The Final Pylon: Grishom Stone

Dennet nods to a glowing blue-white pylon.

Dennet says, "The..the one."

(Raelee makes several gestures behind Dennet, tracing symbols in the air again.)

[people cast at the pylon]

Dennet says, "Cease..."

Dennet says, "It is ready.."

The walls begin to dance with a myriad of colorful lights, twisting and spinning and shifting about.

The palisade walls of Wehnimer's Landing form along the cavern walls. In the distance, standing half in the shadow of the forest and half in the light of the moon, a red-robed man watches the city, his sea blue eyes almost bright with glee. In the sky above Wehnimer's Landing, a dozen blood red cocoons float in the air, the forms of children barely visible within the opaque vessels.

Along the colors and lights of the wall, the red robed figure turns his eyes to the sky, where huge dark winged forms soar overhead.

Dennet steps near the pylon, essentially leaning on it, as he holds the plinite shards up to its surface. He begins to chant, his words stuttering slightly, and more than a few times he has to start over.

Within the shifting lights along the wall, the blue-eyed man in the red robe turns his attention away from the city walls. Instead, he seems to be looking straight in your direction.

With a gesture of his hand, the red-robed man sends a host of winged creatures descending onto the town of Wehnimer's Landing. He seems to bend his other arm, pointing in your direction with his other hand. A group of demons overhead split off, speeding towards your direction.

A black-winged blood red vathor arrives, shaking the area slightly with its massive footsteps.

[cue combat and death to dozens, as this last one doesn't go nearly as smoothly as the ones before]

Dennet suddenly stumbles for no apparent reason.

Dennet kneels down.

[oculoths and granite constructs show up, more combat]

Dennet says, "almost...finished..."

Dennet presses the plinite further into the pylon, the light beginning to fade.

Dennet says, "Almost...."

Dennet exclaims, "DONE!"

Dennet falls back against a wall.

Dennet stands up.

Dennet says, "T....t---thank yo-yyou..."

Dennet leans against the wall and touches the earth. He begins to chant and silver wards along the ground begin to appear and glow.

The ground slowly opens and swallows Rolfard and he vanishes below!

[dozens of others]

The ground slowly opens beneath you, and the very earth shifts as it lowers you into darkness. Moments later you find yourself elsewhere.

[Melgorehn's Reach, The Shadow]

You are in a grassy area which is presently darkened by the shadow of a peculiar mountain jutting from the ground. It is unusual in the fact that no other mountains exist in this area, and you can remember a time when there certainly wasn't one here.

Dennet wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Walking into view, as if appearing out of the very shadows of night itself, Naimorai comes walking up. With no words, she slips in next to Dennet, and he leans heavily on her. She helps lead him back towards the Outpost, tiny ribbons of shadows coiling around her feet.