Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-11-28 - The Conspirators' Battle Royale (log)

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Eoantos 28-29, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Reannah seems to be improving, but Dennet has seen her health improve and then fail before, so it's a waiting game to see if it sticks.
  • Dennet warns to be prepared for Octaven's arrival in two or three weeks, saying he would expect spies in the area sooner than that. (I'm leaving this as the bullet point, but quite a bit more discussion surrounds this about whether this is/should be the Landing's business, whether Dennet should leave, what happens if the Hall officially identifies Dennet and/or Octaven as rogue mages since they aren't currently identified as such, etc. and I'd recommend reading it if you have time.)
  • Drandea has been allowed back into the outpost and only she and Naimorai are allowed to see Reannah; both have agreed to keep Cyph's death a secret
  • After Dennet leaves, Quinshon arrives to reiterate that he'll take the Talon and later use it against Grishom Stone.
  • If Dennet's work is finished before Octaven arrives, Quinshon will take the Talon and leave then; if not, he will help defend the Landing against Octaven and take it afterward; he warns against opposing him.
  • After Quinshon leaves, Drandea arrives and says she'll find evidence against Dennet and Quinshon and present it to the militia captains (and specifically not to the mayor).


Updates on Reannah

[Dennet announces on the amunet that he's coming to Moot Hall]

[Moot Hall, Mayor's Office]

At the varnished modwir door, a red bear skin rug stretches across the polished hardwood floor. Twin velnalin hide chairs face the Mayor's pine desk, while behind it sits an incurvated bone armchair. A great stag's head and a dark-framed sketch are mounted above a cobblestone fireplace set into the western wall. Refreshments are offered atop an oak bar beside a tall arched window.

Grand Magister Dennet just came through a varnished modwir door.

Dennet nods.

Dennet weakly says, "Good evening."

Speaking curiously to Dennet, Cruxophim wonders, "Recovering, I hope?"

Speaking concernedly to Dennet, you ask, "Not sounding too well. Are you recovering?"

Dennet weakly says, "I am delighted to see we're not trapped in an endless temporal loop."

Dennet weakly says, "...whew."

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee asks, "Can we actually prove that?"

Dennet weakly says, "I am, recovering, yes."

Dennet weakly says, "With the rate of which your town is set ablaze, I think it's proven to the contrary."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "It does lead to the question of whether or not we would be aware of such a loop without an external perspective on the flow of time..."

Speaking to Raelee, Stormyrain murmurs, "Solhaven burns often?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "Not as often as this town."

Dennet weakly says, "Yes, sorry, this town..."

Dennet nods.

Dennet shifts his weight, leaning on the edge of the mayor's desk.

Dennet weakly says, "I wanted to extend my gratitude, and that of my wife's."

Dennet weakly says, "The pylons are still functioning as intended."

Dennet weakly says, "And her health appears to be getting better. I did not expect it to be a miraculous fix overnight."

Dennet weakly says, "But I am seeing improvements."

Dennet weakly says, "But.."

Dennet weakly says, "I have seen such before."

Dennet weakly says, "Her health rises and falls, rises and falls."

Dennet weakly says, "It will take a bit of time to indeed decide if this is just one of those situations..."

Dennet weakly says, "Or our theory was correct."

Speaking casually to Dennet, Cruxophim wonders, "Beyond that, what remains to be done?"

Speaking to Dennet, Dalabrac asks, "More waiting?"

Dennet weakly says, "I suppose we wait."

Dennet smiles.

Preparations for Octaven

Dennet weakly says, "There is a matter of the Talon and Quinshon..."

Dennet weakly says, "...and Octaven."

Dennet weakly says, "And I..."

Dennet weakly says, "Am once again at your mercy for some aid."

Dennet weakly says, "Octaven is coming, I do not know if she herself will subject herself to potential harm..."

Dennet weakly says, "But her elementalists are coming, and with them...."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "You're weakened by the ordeal, clearly. And you'll have to defend your family and the artifact."

Dennet nods at Ysharra.

Dennet weakly says, "Precisely."

Speaking calmly to Dennet, Cruxophim wonders, "Is it normal for factions of the Hall to assault one another?"

Dennet weakly says, "I am not..."

Dennet weakly says, "At full potential, if you will."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "Against your former rogue Mage brethren. Speaking of burning down the town often."

Dennet weakly says, "The Hall does not openly assault their own members, much, no."

Dennet weakly says, "Political arguments, conflicts, yes."

Dennet weakly says, "Open warfare? Only when the Hall is hunting rogue mages."

Speaking plainly to Dennet, Cruxophim implores, "And are you a rogue mage, Grand Magister?"

Stormyrain inquires, "Which of you is the rogue Mage?"

Dennet weakly says, "I am, and so is Octaven."

Speaking curiously to Dennet, Kayse asks, "Why don't you want Quinshon to have the Talon?"

Subarashi adds, "What matters more is are either of you officially a rogue mage, in the eyes of the Hall?"

Dennet weakly says, "I do not trust him with the power."

Dennet weakly asks, "Do you?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Kayse.

Dennet weakly says, "Neither of us are officially seen as rogue mages."

Speaking measuredly to Dennet, Kayse says, "He claimed of stopping Stone. Perhaps we pick the lesser of two evils."

Dennet weakly says, "So did Elithain Cross."

Dennet nods at Kayse.

Speaking wryly to Dennet, Cruxophim suggests, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but perhaps it would behoove you to call for a Watcher or some such... as a neutral party."

Dennet weakly asks, "A Watcher?"

Dennet weakly asks, "Or the Church?"

Dennet chuckles.

Dennet weakly says, "I am not involving the Church."

Dennet chuckles.

Speaking pointedly to Dennet, Kayse says, "You want us to help against Octaven. The town wants something in return. We continue to assist without anything in return."

Dennet weakly says, "I have expressed my intention of working with you in regards to the Talon."

Dennet weakly says, "It has brought only tragedy to myself and my family."

Dergoatean whispers to the group, "Didn't Teuriz also say we'd need Quinshon to confront Stone?"

Dennet weakly says, "The safest hands, is with the Hall of Mages, surely you must realize this."

Dennet weakly says, "But not with Octaven."

(OOC) Cruxophim's player whispers to the group, "If he did, I don't recall it. He was pretty anti-Quinshon."

Dergoatean whispers to the group, "I haven't worked with Teuriz much but as I understand it, he's never been anything be honest with us."

Cryheart asks, "Could ye be more specific regarding Octaven?"

(OOC) Cruxophim's player whispers to the group, "Teuriz is the one that totes warned us what a bad gai Quinshon was, so that wouldn't make sense.."

Cryheart asks, "Why is she such a threat?"

Dennet weakly asks, "How specific?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Cryheart.

Cryheart asks, "Meaning why is she a threat?"

(OOC) Dergoatean's player whispers to the group, "I thought it was something about "I'm gonna weaken Quinshon but not kill him cause we need him"."

(OOC) Xorus's player whispers to the group, "He said something about having foreseen standing with Quinshon against Stone in the future."

Speaking frankly to Dennet, Kayse asks, "Why trust you over Octaven? If you're both rogue mages?"

(OOC) Kenstrom's player whispers to the group, "Correct. Teuriz said I will help save Acorn from Quinshon, but I will not kill Quinshon as I will stand beside him against the Blood God."

Dennet weakly says, "Well...I am being transparent..."

Dennet weakly says, "Octaven is coming to likely lay waste to everything."

Dennet weakly says, "So she can control the narrative and the Talon."

Dennet shrugs.

Stormyrain says, "Her business is not with the Landing."

Stormyrain says, "Her quarrel is also not with the Landing."

Stormyrain says, "This sounds like an issue between two Hall of Mages Magisters, and not our problem, honestly."

Dennet nods at Stormyrain.

Dennet weakly says, "Captain Stormyrain is precisely right."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "So why are we being dragged into it?"

Dennet weakly says, "But her forces will come here, and we will fight."

Dennet weakly says, "And if you believe your walls and people will not be in danger...."

Dennet weakly says, "Then you're fools."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "Why don't you take your Talon and leave?"

Dennet weakly says, "I can't leave."

Dennet weakly says, "I will not leave."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "If it's not our problem, and YOUR proximity is putting both us and your wife in danger....let her stay...and you and that stupid Talon go elsewhere."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "Do the unselfish thing."

Dennet weakly says, "She will still come for Reannah, if need be."

Speaking seriously to Dennet, Cruxophim inquires, "Do you have a timeframe in which you expect Octaven's arrival?"

Speaking to Dennet, Arnylon asks, "So if through some unforeseen accident or happenstance of fate, Reannah were to, as we might say, shuffle off the mortal coil, there'd be no reason for you to stay, correct?"

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "I can maybe see us standing up for Reannah and fighting to keep her it seems she's as much your victim as we are."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "But either should leave."

Dennet glances at Arnylon.

Dennet weakly says, "I cannot say for certain when she will arrive."

Dennet weakly says, "Two weeks? The most three. I would suspect less than that for certain."

Dennet weakly says, "I would not be surprised if you begin to see some..."

Dennet weakly says, "Movement within town."

Dennet weakly says, "Her agents spying, surveying the area, defenses, etc."

Dennet weakly says, "She will realize her plinite is gone."

Dennet weakly says, "But in truth, she probably cares little for the plinite she helped steal originally."

Dennet weakly says, "She has learned of the Talon."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "Dennet, how did Carenos know about it?"

Dennet shrugs at Ysharra.

Dennet weakly says, "Carenos may have been stalking my family for awhile. I cannot say how he learned of it."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "Longer than you know, apparently."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok asks, "Did your daughter know of the Talon? Prior to its use?"

Dennet weakly asks, "Which time of use?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "Either."

Dennet weakly says, "My daughter knew of the Talon for some time, yes."

Speaking noncommittally to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "I see."

Dennet weakly says, "If you wish only to defend your walls and town and people..."

Dennet weakly says, "I will not fault you, and I can respect that."

Dennet weakly says, "So merely consider this a warning."

Dennet weakly says, "To be prepared."

Speaking sincerely to Dennet, Cruxophim agrees, "That will come first, of course. You understand."

Dennet nods at Cruxophim.

Dennet weakly says, "I have wards, pylons, golems and soldiers in place to fight against Octaven."

Dennet weakly says, "We could perhaps..."

Dennet rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dennet weakly says, "With some risk..."

Dennet weakly says, "Even use the Talon against her. One last time."

Dennet weakly says, "Merely thinking aloud."

Speaking to Dennet, Kayse repeats, "One last time?"

Dennet weakly says, "Like I would use it once last time."

Dennet nods at Kayse.

Dennet weakly says, "I do not wish to keep using it."

Dennet weakly says, "It is taxing."

Speaking to Dennet, Kayse says, "But it could still be used after that, is what I was wanting clarification of."

Dennet weakly says, "I need to return...but I merely came to thank you...and warn you to be on the lookout for her agents and spies...and ultimately, be prepared to defend your town."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "Let us say that you both were declared rogue factions of the Hall. Who would you answer to or who would be coming after you? Or, Do they even care?"

Dennet weakly asks, "If we were both declared rogues?"

Dennet weakly says, "Witchhunters would come for us."

Shinann nods at Dennet.

Dennet weakly says, "Malvernus, there are many others."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "You are selfish,selfish man to put us all and your wife through this."

Dennet nods at Kiske.

Dennet weakly says, "I agree."

Dennet weakly says, "Regardless, it will take more than the pen of a pioneer Captain to change Octaven's status in the Hall, or mine."

Dennet nods at Shinann.

Dennet weakly says, "The Hall would, and in time, due to all of this, will likely no doubt learn of what has transpired and investigate."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "I see. So no one there would mind what you are doing?"

Dennet weakly says, "But the conflict will come long before then."

Dennet weakly says, "Oh they would..."

Dennet nods at Shinann.

Dennet weakly says, "You misunderstand me."

Shinann says, "Ahh..."

Dennet weakly says, "Things do not move so quickly."

Dennet weakly says, "Especially, and no offense intended, from sources within this town."

Dennet shrugs.

Dennet weakly says, "It is part of why I chose this location."

Dennet shrugs.

Dennet weakly says, "Transparency."

Drandea's Accommodations

Dennet weakly says, "I also..."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "I am not sure we backwards frontier people can even help with this. But, you do keep asking us."

Dennet weakly says, "Have made accommodations for Drandea in the Outpost."

Dennet weakly says, "She is the only one able to see Reannah at this time, well, that and our daughter."

Dennet weakly says, "They have all agreed to keep the truth of Cyph from her."

Dennet weakly says, "Until we know she is...better."

You surprisedly say, "Interesting that Drandea agreed... but it's for the best, probably."

Dennet weakly says, "She was reluctant at first."

Dennet weakly says, "But she does understand."

Dennet nods to you.

Dennet weakly says, "She did not agree for me."

You nod once.

You amusedly say, "Well, naturally."

Dennet peers quizzically at Shinann.

Dennet weakly asks, "Backwards frontier?"

Dennet weakly says, "You've taken offense, it seems."

Dennet weakly asks, "I even said no offense...does that not work anymore?"

Dennet weakly says, "I am merely pointing out that, in the eyes of the Empire..."

Dennet weakly says, "Word from Wehnimer's Landing carries a reputation, if you will."

Dennet weakly says, "I was not commenting on my own opinion."

Speaking amusedly to Dennet, Stormyrain says, "You keep saying that, yet the Empire is always so concerned with our position as a "protectorate"...odd the way that works."

Dennet weakly says, "It's not odd, really."

Stormyrain dryly says, "My sarcasm escapes you."

Dennet weakly says, "When you are quiet, they do not care. When there is trouble, they rear up, when there is benefit, they rear up."

Speaking evenly to Dennet, Stormyrain says, "Indeed. When there is benefit, you seem to grow like weeds outside our gates."

Dennet weakly says, "The Talon is the least of your worries in this region."

Dennet weakly says, "The Reach will bring them, more and more."

Dennet leans against a pine desk.

Dennet weakly says, "I should return. Goodnight everyone."

Grand Magister Dennet just went through a varnished modwir door.

Quinshon's Reminder and Warning

Shadows creep along the floor.

Quinshon rises out of the shadows.

Quinshon quietly asks, "The Hall are troublesome individuals, are they not?"

Speaking dryly to Quinshon, Raelee asks, "Is this to be justification as to why you should take custody of the talon?"

Quinshon peers quizzically at Raelee.

Quinshon quietly says, "I am not here to seek permission."

Quinshon quietly says, "I have told you before, I will take the Talon."

Speaking to Quinshon, Dergoatean asks, "Enlighten us. What do you plan to do with it?"

Speaking to Quinshon, Raelee says, "It is not their permission to give, regardless."

Quinshon quietly says, "I intend to use the Talon to protect your town if you desire, and then I shall depart with it."

Speaking to Quinshon, Dergoatean asks, "And then?"

Quinshon quietly says, "Then? My seeds will gather and we will prepare for the Blood God."

Quinshon's greyish-green veil ripples slightly as he exhales a breath.

Speaking to Quinshon, Ysharra says, "From what little I know so far it does sound like he's brought great misery upon the Sea."

Speaking to Quinshon, Ysharra says, "I know that I and many here would want to help the Tehir, many of this town have kin or are desert folk themselves."

Quinshon nods at Ysharra.

Quinshon nods at Shinann. [appears to be a whispered exchange (or even possibly a thought exchange since Quinshon is a mentalist)]

Speaking to Quinshon, Ysharra asks, "But we need to know some things. Can you find this woman's agents that Dennet mentioned?"

Quinshon quietly says, "Unlikely, but I will try."

Quinshon quietly says, "The Hall will come prepared."

Quinshon quietly says, "They know I am here."

Quinshon quietly says, "They fear me."

Quinshon quietly says, "They know what I am capable of, because it was not long ago, they employed me for such."

Speaking to Quinshon, Ysharra asks, "Was that when you met Dennet?"

Quinshon grins at Ysharra.

Lylia says, "Was it this Octaven who employed you? Or another within the Hall? If you would forgive the prying question."

Quinshon quietly says, "I have worked for many."

Lylia says, "I can imagine many would find it advantageous to work with you, yes."

Ysharra says, "I assume this was back before he had his family to worry about."

Ysharra says, "You know. Naimorai."

Ysharra says, "Cyph."

Ysharra says, "And so on."

Ysharra folds her arms over her chest.

Dergoatean stares unwaveringly at Quinshon.

Quinshon nods at Dergoatean.

Quinshon quietly says, "I did not come here for a discussion. Simply to state what is to transpire."

Quinshon quietly says, "I will take the Talon, and leave the Hall's agents here dead in its wake, if need be."

Speaking to Quinshon, Raelee asks, "... why are you willing to help protect this town? Why not simply take it and leave?"

Quinshon quietly says, "There is one last...."

Quinshon squints.

Quinshon quietly says, "In time, yes, I will take it."

Quinshon quietly says, "When the Grand Magister has finished his work, I will take the Talon."

Quinshon quietly says, "Should it occur before Octaven arrives, so be it. Should she come sooner, I will stop them."

Quinshon quietly says, "The protection of your town is a side effect."

Speaking to Quinshon, Kiske asks, "What was the "one last thing..."?"

Quinshon glances at Kiske.

Quinshon quietly says, "I will take the Talon, and stop the Hall's agents if needed. Do not find yourselves allied with them."

Speaking dryly to Quinshon, Raelee asks, "Which category of 'them'?"

Quinshon quietly says, "Any category which opposes me."

Quinshon cocks his head.

Quinshon quietly says, "Lady Drandea approaches."

Quinshon quietly says, "Good evening."

Quinshon melts into the shadows.

Drandea's Determination

Lady Drandea just came through a varnished modwir door.

Drandea waves a wooden cane around.

Xorus dryly remarks, "You scared off the sand pisser."

Drandea exclaims, "Good!"

Drandea says, "Because I'll cut him too."

Speaking to Drandea, Ysharra asks, "...too?"

Drandea says, "Right after I cut Dennet."

Drandea says, "When my daughter is better...if his crap plan works..."

Drandea squints.

Drandea says, "Dennet is weak."

Drandea says, "I seen it. I heard some people talk of it."

Drandea says, "He can't even move the earth right now."

Drandea says, "When my daughter is doing better."

Drandea says, "If you don't kill him, I will."

Speaking to Drandea, Ysharra says, "I don't think I'd bet on his survival right now."

Drandea says, "If he survives...if..."

Drandea trembles.

Drandea says, "Cyph..."

Drandea shakes her head.

Drandea says, "I want your word."

Drandea says, "Justice."

Drandea nods at Cruxophim.

Speaking thoughtfully to Drandea, Cruxophim asks, "I am sorry for your loss as well. But how do you mean, 'justice'?"

Drandea says, "Against Dennet and the sandpisser."

Drandea says, "If I could get you...evidence..."

Drandea says, "No..."

Speaking thoughtfully to Drandea, Cruxophim inquires, "What do you have?"

Drandea says, "You're probably just as corrupt..."

Drandea says, "I'll talk to the Captains."

Speaking patiently to Drandea, Cruxophim repeats, "You actually have evidence now?"

Drandea says, "I'll get what you need."

Drandea says, "But it won't go to you, blood mayor."

Speaking sweetly to Drandea, Cruxophim remarks, "Your outpouring is touching."

Speaking affably to Drandea, Cruxophim suggests, "Do what you must, the Captains will help you, I'm sure."

Speaking to Drandea, Hapenlok says, "I have one question. At the risk of getting skewered."

Drandea glances at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Drandea, Hapenlok asks, "If it turns out that someone in your immediate family, was responsible for mentally attacking myself, what ...then. So you still feel highly about justice, then?"

Drandea says, "I'll get you what you need."

Drandea says, "Then I will get justice."

Drandea says, "I don't care if I have to do it myself."

Speaking patiently to Drandea, Cruxophim repeats, "What manner of evidence is this? Thrice you have evaded the question."

Cruxophim looks thoughtfully at Drandea.

Drandea exclaims, "You'll see!"

Drandea waves a wooden cane at Cruxophim.

Lady Drandea just went through a varnished modwir door.