Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-12-09 - Preparations, Pylons, and Politics (log)

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Eorgaen 9-10, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Octaven's group should arrive in the Landing by next Feastday and they will likely attack with golems and elementals, at least initially.
  • Reannah is getting healthier and has not been informed of Drandea's death; access to her remains cut off until at least after the ordeal of battling Octaven is over.
  • Shinann requests two of the Outpost's pylons be given to the Landing to help with defense; a lengthy debate between everyone gathered ensues, as Dennet would rather invite Landing defenders to come man them in the Outpost itself, but before the night is over he does agree to provide two pylons so long as the Landing.
  • Dennet inquires about Drandea's body and Cruxophim offers to make arrangements to get it to him.
  • After Dennet leaves, a hooded figure arrives and tells Stormyrain of a contact in hiding who will reach out to her in the coming week and says that Andrew has what she needs.


Warnings And Planning

[Moot Hall, Mayor's Office]

At the varnished modwir door, a red bear skin rug stretches across the polished hardwood floor. Twin velnalin hide chairs face the Mayor's pine desk, while behind it sits an incurvated bone armchair. A great stag's head and a dark-framed sketch are mounted above a cobblestone fireplace set into the western wall. Refreshments are offered atop an oak bar beside a tall arched window.

Grand Magister Dennet just limped through a varnished modwir door.

Dennet weakly says, "Grand Evening."

Osloe asks, "Your leg?"

Osloe peers quizzically at Dennet.

Dennet clears his throat.

Dennet peers quizzically at Osloe.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee says, "... Dennet."

Dennet weakly says, "Magister."

Dennet grins at Raelee.

Dennet says, "I shall not take much of your time tonight, as time is what we're running out of."

Dennet says, "I am not without my resources and spies in the Empire."

Dennet says, "Octaven and her group are en route."

Dennet says, "I would expect them by next Feastday."

Dennet says, "I will be spending much of the next few days strengthening the wards I've established within the Outpost."

[baby break]

Dennet twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Dennet says, "Where were we....."

Speaking to Dennet, Dirra asks, "And I suppose you will not be remaining to aid defenses?"

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "You're having to hide two deaths from her, now, aren't you?"

Dennet frowns at Ysharra.

Dennet nods at Ysharra.

Ysharra nods at Dennet.

Dennet says, "I have not, nor will, inform her yet of Drandea's death."

Speaking curiously to Dennet, Chaoswynd queries, "Do you know if they travel over land, or are they going to be applying more magical means?"

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "Can we have the use of two of the four pylons you have at the Outpost for use in the town?"

Deckits whispers something to Dennet.

Speaking to Dennet, Dirra asks, "Staying to help?"

Dennet says, "Yes, I will be here to help. I must defend the Outpost, and protect Reannah."

Speaking to Dennet, Dirra says, "Good."

Dennet says, "The mages will come via land, but also magical means I am sure."

Dennet says, "They will not be close, at first."

Dennet says, "They'll send their creations."

Dennet says, "Golems, elementals, I suspect many elementals."

Raitsu asks, "Can't we put up an anti-magic shield?"

Speaking wryly to Raitsu, Cruxophim informs, "Working on it."

Dennet says, "An anti-magic shield would neutralize half of your defenders."

Raitsu says, "But would eliminate all of our attackers."

Cruxophim whispers to the group, "I'm hoping to have those wards completed by Feastday, but it will be close... if at all. And the Town Council would still need to approve them."

Speaking carefully to Dennet, Cruxophim corrects, "An anti-magic zone, yes."

Dennet glances at Shinann.

Dennet says, "I will consider the request for pylons."

Shinann says, "Well, time is growing short."

Shinann nods at Dennet.

Dennet says, "It may be best that access to the pylons be granted, within the Outpost."

Dennet says, "You can utilize them as easily there."

Shinann says, "That does not help our defenses from within the town."

Dennet says, "Your town is more vulnerable than the Outpost."

Speaking darkly to Dennet, Wolfloner asks, "Do you know where Quinshon is this evening?"

Dennet says, "Putting citizens at the pylons in town puts them at a higher risk than inside the Outpost."

Dennet says, "I do not know precisely where Quinshon is this evening, no."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "I do not agree."

Dennet says, "But he should be here to assist when the mages come. He will do what he can, the best he can, to try to locate the mages."

Dennet says, "Their minions could be endless."

Dennet says, "We'll need to eventually neutralize the mages themselves."

Raelee frowns at Dennet.

Dennet peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "You sound like you want to stay in the Outpost with all the defenses, while our town has been disabled, yet you ask for our help."

Dennet whispers something to Deckits.

Deckits nods slowly.

Speaking thoughtfully to Dennet, Cruxophim inquires, "Judging by her forces, would you estimate this to be a prolonged assault?"

Speaking quietly to Dennet, Raelee says, "... later."

Madmountan says, "That's not what I'm hearing at all. If he brought one of the pylons here, it would probably just get blown up two seconds later anyway."

Madmountan says, "Using the pylons there makes good sense."

Dennet asks, "Prolonged, as in days?"

Dennet says, "Madmountan is correct."

Dennet says, "I would gladly offer your townspeople access to the pylons within the Outpost."

Dennet says, "They will be more secure there, than in your town walls."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "I only asked for two."

Ysharra says, "I would imagine the Hall will be happy to officially endorse whoever winds up with the plinite and the artifact." [I cut out the context of why she said this because it broke up a lot of the back and forth with Dennet, but basically Arnylon and Stormyrain were discussing whether aiding the Outpost could be viewed as siding with the Empire, given that Dennet and Octaven are rogues (but not necessarily recognized as such right now, depending who you believe)]

Dennet says, "The plinite is no more."

Dennet says, "We used it on the pylons."

Speaking to Dennet, Maylan says, "How very stupid of us."

Speaking neutrally to Maylan, Cruxophim remarks, "I'm sure Reannah doesn't agree, but it wasn't our call."

Dennet says, "Reannah is getting healthier, by the day."

Speaking to Dennet, Dirra asks, "As a healer might you permit me to sit with her a time before this onslaught?"

Dennet says, "No Dirra."

Dirra says, "Understood."

Dennet says, "Perhaps when the ordeal has passed."

Dirra curtsies to Dennet.

Speaking to Dennet, Dirra says, "As you say."

Dennet says, "At this time, I cannot allow anyone access to her until we're finished."

The Pointing of Pylons and Fingers

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "That is your final word on the pylons?"

Dennet says, "Indeed."

Dennet glances at Shinann.

Dennet says, "I will consider it."

Shinann says, "Just want to be clear."

Shinann says, "Not much time to consider."

Dennet says, "But you would need adequate defenses to protect the pylons."

Shinann says, "If we lose our magic, they will become invaluable."

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee adds, "... and the pylons are at their most effective at range. That is what they are designed for."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Shinann rolls her eyes.

Dennet agrees with Thrassus. [couldn't figure out the context; might have been a whispered exchange]

Dennet says, "You will have as much control and access to the pylons within the Outpost, as you would within town."

Dennet nods at Shinann.

Dennet says, "Just more defense."

Shinann says, "I want to protect the town and not the Outpost."

Shinann says, "My point."

Dennet says, "Eliminating the mages and their minions that come."

Dennet says, "Will accomplish both."

Dennet nods at Shinann.

Speaking to Dennet, Raelee offers, "... and given that the pylons are best utilized against aerial onslaught, their position at the Outpost versus at the town will not make much difference."

Shinann says, "Please let that happen."

Dennet says, "They'll use elementals for sure, and the elements."

Dennet says, "In their attack."

Dennet says, "Be mindful of attacks launched in the sky as well."

Speaking to Dennet, Regwen asks, "Air ship? Or flying creations?"

Dennet says, "No, not airships."

Dennet says, "Magic attacks launched from long range."

Pukk quietly says, "Balista."

Dennet says, "Expect fire from the sky for sure."

Dennet says, "Their attacks should not come in the form of ballistae or catapults."

Dennet says, "It is the Hall."

Dennet says, "They will use magic and the power around you as a weapon."

Speaking to Dennet, Bekke says, "If this is such a threat to you, as it is to us, perhaps you could share a bit of your Hall knowledge as a potential counter to what is coming."

Dennet nods at Bekke.

Dennet says, "The wards will help provide sufficient defenses from time to time at the Outpost, which is why it will be safer there."

Dennet says, "We intend to fight back, the Hendoran soldiers, my golems, pylons at the Outpost..."

Speaking to Dennet, Maylan asks, "Why cannot these wards be used over our town instead?"

Bekke says, "Outpost."

Dennet says, "We've a few tactics."

Dennet grins.

Bekke says, "But, not the town."

Shinann says, "Exactly."

Dennet says, "The wards were painstakingly established in the Outpost for months when I first arrived."

Dennet nods at Maylan.

Speaking curiously to Dennet, Chaoswynd queries, "Surely you aren't suggesting we all withdraw into the safety of the outpost, and your wards?"

Maylan snorts derisively at Dennet!

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "Haven't you had this planned since before you got here....and you intended to leave us defenseless?"

Dennet looks over at Chaoswynd and shakes his head.

Dennet says, "Octaven will want the Talon and Rodnay."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "And so do you."

Dennet says, "No, I do not."

Dennet says, "I already released Rodnay."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "Then hand over the Talon."

Dennet says, "And I intend to part with the Talon."

Bekke says, "Again, for all the assistance we have given you in your ridiculous endeavors, I think it may be your duty to provide the mages of the Landing with something other than the suggestion of buckets." [I cut this out, but there was a side discussion about the feasibility of mass-producing water buckets in the remaining week]

Dennet says, "I cannot hand it over until our work is finished."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "You brought your problems here."

Kiske points at Dennet.

Speaking curiously to Dennet, Cruxophim notes, "So your work is not finished, then?"

Kiske points down.

Dennet says, "Our work is never finished."

Dennet asks, "Is yours?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Cruxophim.

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "Then took our pylons, aimed your Octaven person at us."

Speaking pointedly to Dennet, Cruxophim clarifies, "Then you need to Talon still to cure Reannah? I'm hearing mixed reports of this."

Cruxophim chuckles.

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, " picked us, brought your problems here, took away our defenses and plopped us right in the way of the person who is after the article of power that YOU want to keep."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske asks, "And tell us to get buckets?"

Kiske stares at Dennet.

Dennet says, "I did not take away your defenses."

Dennet says, "Nor did I tell you to get buckets."

Dennet says, "You were unable to defend your pylons, and have the audacity to ask me for more."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "And you have the audacity to want us to help you."

Shinann says, "When you brought this here."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske exclaims, "You brought the attack on us and have the audacity to tell us it's our fault!"

Dennet says, "I never said the attack is your fault."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "She is only coming here because of you."

Dennet says, "If I recall the timeline of events..."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "The only reason she is coming you."

Dennet says, "I would believe your Mayor refusing to hand over Rodnay, as a precursor to the attack."

Speaking to Dennet, Maylan says, "Perhaps we could avoid this conflict by presenting your head on a pike."

Dennet leans against a varnished modwir door.

Dennet says, "Dead or alive, I do not matter anymore."

Speaking to Dennet, Kiske says, "This wouldn't be happening right now, if you hadn't come here. And you admitted that you came here on purpose, you picked it."

Dennet says, "She is aware of Rodnay, and she will come for him regardless."

Speaking quietly to Dennet, Falvicar says, "I'd remind you, if you weren't here, then likely you'd not have done whatever you did to the demon boy. He's still a citizen of this town. You're not. You came here and the Hall came chasing after you. Not this town. You."

Dennet frowns.

Dennet says, "I would..."

Dennet says, "Like to offer a counter argument."

Dennet says, "It had come to my attention, that Octaven learned of my whereabouts due to someone from this area informing the Hall."

Dennet says, "So in theory..."

Dennet says, "Octaven had no idea where I was."

Dennet says, "Until she got a letter."

Dennet says, " are right Captain."

Dennet nods at Shinann.

Shinann raises an eyebrow.

Dennet says, "I have unfairly placed this town in jeopardy, time and agian."

Dennet says, "I shall allow two pylons to be sent to the town."

Dennet says, "Please send me word when you have decided where their locations will be."

Shinann nods at Dennet.

Final Questions

Dennet asks, "The Lady Drandea....she is...her body...within custody?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim nods reassuringly at Dennet.

Dennet nods.

Dennet says, "As much as I did dislike her...."

Dennet says, "I had not wished such finality."

Speaking calmly to Dennet, Cruxophim offers, "Well cared for. Shall I make arrangements?"

Cruxophim nods sympathetically at Dennet.

Dennet nods at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim regretfully laments, "None of us did."

Dennet says, "I've work to finish. We haven't much time."

Speaking darkly to Dennet, Wolfloner asks, "Have you anything you know of Octaven such as family, alliances or things she cares about?"

Dennet looks over at Wolfloner and shakes his head.

Speaking to Dennet, Zosozpage asks, "So you are helping defend this town then?"

Dennet says, "I am going to defend my wife, and that means defeating the mages who are coming, which means protecting the outpost and the town."

Dennet says, "Goodnight."

Grand Magister Dennet just limped through a varnished modwir door.

A Contact for Stormy

[some discussion]

A dark hooded figure slips in through the door, admist the crowd.

A dark hooded figure moves to stand near Stormyrain.

Speaking to a dark hooded figure, Stormyrain says, "Evening."

The hooded figure says, "Captain Stormyrain."

Speaking to a dark hooded figure, Stormyrain says, "At your service."

The hooded figure says, "Good."

The hooded figure says, "My contact will reach out to you, in the coming week."

The hooded figure says, "He is afraid, and in hiding, but has something for you."

Stormyrain says, "He has nothing to fear from me. I look forward to the conversation."

The hooded figure says, "Good. Andrew has what you need. We'll be in contact." The figure slips off.

Stormyrain nods gratefully.