Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-12-11 - A Gift of Weapons (log)

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Eorgaen 11, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


Stephos DeArchon delivers wagons full of weapons for the coming conflict. He will not be here to help in battle directly, though, as he'll be down south.


[The Wellington Home, Courtyard]

Several tall, graceful willow trees grow around the airy courtyard, their draping branches hanging low over the fence. Off to one side, a stack of old books sits next to a large circle of paving stones. Bright cherry red double doors lead into the two-story gabled building, and set into a thick metal post near the orphanage is a scroll-worked brass plaque. You also see a series of rope swings hanging from the trees.

[Maylan hosts a fundraiser to build bunkers; Dennet was spotted in the room briefly, but I arrived toward the very end and don't know if he did or said anything]

Several grey covered wagons emerge out of the cover of night, flakes of snow clinging to their cloth coverings. The wagons wind along the grasslands, moving towards the North Gate.

Cruxophim recites:

"Join up if you're headed to the North Gate! Join Maylan if you're staying"

[travel time]

[Wehnimer's, Outside Gate]

Citizens, merchants and assorted dregs of society jostle against you before the great wooden gates of Wehnimer's Landing. Harried guards and militiamen try to keep the chaos to a minimum, but it is hard to keep track of those entering, let alone leaving, this large trading post. A dirt path encircling the wooden palisade of the town leads east and southwest. Nailed prominently to the wooden wall beside the gate is a sign you really should read. You also see the Wayside inn.

Some grey covered wagons slowly wheel in and come to a stop. Some armored men can be seen on some of them, dark suits of armor.

Stepping out from behind one of the wagons, and into the light of Archales' lantern, comes a stout human with narrow grey eyes and short dark brown hair peppered with grey and white. A ring of smoke rises from the plump cigar wedged between his lips.

Stephos grins.

Stephos says, "Hello."

Stephos knocks his hand on the side of one of the wagons.

The back hatches of the wagons slowly open, each one with a creak, and armored men begin to march into view, carrying wooden crates and slowly carting them off into town.

Stephos says, "I've brought some weapons."

Speaking to Stephos, Minniemae asks, "Why are you wearing two pairs of boots?"

J>look steph

You see Lord Stephos DeArchon.

He appears to be a Human.

He is short but stout of frame. He appears to be past his prime. He has narrow grey eyes and weathered skin. He has short, short dark brown hair peppered with grey and white. He has a thin face, a broad nose and a trimmed greyish-brown beard.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black leather cloak, some slouched black leather boots, a woven silver-hued cloak, a silver-buckled black leather pack, a silver and black leather doublet, a pair of black leather gloves, an engraved platinum wedding band, a blackworked grey leather pouch, some black silver-trimmed breeches, and a pair of polished black boots.

Stephos peers quizzically at Minniemae.

Stephos says, "There is no charge for the weapons."

Stephos says, "They're of good quality too, up from Jantalar."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, Cruxophim inquires, "Making amends?"

Stephos says, "It occurs from time to time."

Stephos nods at Cruxophim.

Stephos says, "They will be used to arm your militia, your citizens, and Tykel has already been in contact to use some of them."

Cruxophim nods appreciatively at Stephos.

Stephos says, "Whatever is not needed....keep it."

Speaking pleasantly to Stephos, Cruxophim agrees, "This is the time for us to set aside our differences and -all- come together to defend our homes."

Stephos says, "I'm sure your town will need it eventually."

Stephos chuckles.

Speaking calmly to Stephos, Cruxophim agrees, "I accept these with gratitude, Lord DeArchon."

Speaking to Stephos, Dirra says, "And you should be shackled and delivered for justice for war crimes. Not all forget."

Speaking gently to Dirra, Cruxophim states, "Well, not here at least. If we held to that, a good portion of our town would likely be shackled. Equality only exists in even measure."

Dirra says, "You well know my opinion on that dog."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, Cruxophim muses, "I would not advise visiting the ports of Solhaven, however."

Dirra nods at Cruxophim.

Dirra points at Stephos.

Speaking gently to Dirra, Cruxophim agrees, "Of course."

Stephos says, "I visit them frequently."

Stephos says, "Dirra is here too often to catch me down there."

Stephos smirks.

Dirra glares at Stephos.

Stephos watches the wagons, as the soldiers unload crate after crate. Soon, there is no more activity, and the soldiers load back up into the wagons.

Speaking to Stephos, Madmountan asks, "How's Alendrial ?"

Stephos says, "She is well."

Speaking simply to Stephos, Kayse asks, "So there is no reason for these--gifts?"

Stephos says, "This town is my home, and that of my wife's."

Stephos nods at Kayse.

Speaking measuredly to Stephos, Kayse asks, "Will you be helping to defend it as well?"

Stephos says, "Best of luck in your battle."

Stephos says, "I will be south, unfortunately."

Speaking to Stephos, Shinann asks, "You have been able to travel by ship?"

Stephos says, "No. Wagons."

Stephos says, "There are reports of inaccessibility on the Bay."

Cruxophim whispers something to Stephos.

Stephos nods at Cruxophim.

Stephos ruffles Dirra's copper red hair.

Stephos barks wildly at Dirra!

Cruxophim whispers something to Stephos.

Stephos steps up into one of the wagons.

(Dirra mutters about deals with worms through clenched teeth.)

The wagons begin to turn, heading back south the way they came.

A quiet curtain of snow descends from the sky, ushering in a long, silent night.