Landing Events - 5119-01-11 - OOC Meeting (log)

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Lormesta 11-12, 5119

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • 2019 plans include:
    • Witchful Thinking as possibly a 2.5 to 3 month storyline involving Raznel
    • Ithzir: Genesis document
    • Release of shady tavern, the Rusty Cutlass
    • Shanty Town updates
    • New siegery miniatures: probably a Thadston, Kestrels, Chaston, Larsya, maybe Prax
    • Mayoral election in February/March
  • Taking questions:
    • Directive to all GMs for more focus on storylines this year across all towns; Kenstrom has reached out to other towns' GMs; room for Witchful Thinking to have crossovers
    • Big plans for 2020, 10 years since the coming of Grishom Stone
    • Mayor portraits in 2019
    • Moot Hall orchard being citizen-only was fixed (apparently at some point in the past it was broken, but had been fixed since)
    • Militia reorg and updates in 2019
    • Putting together script proposals for new Landing defense mechanics, including pylons, for lower levels or those not wanting to be in the massive death ball
    • Kenstrom can use the minibosses/packs mechanic now; needs testing
    • Putting together a post asking for people's favorite memories/events from past stories to get an idea for what people liked
    • Putting together a post to submit character backgrounds
    • Buy deeds; Kenstrom "shall not be kind" for 2019 through 2020
    • Non-closing door in the mayor's office has been fixed (done on the spot)
    • GMs can alter characters for important things in storylines (like Evician's feature alter); Kenstrom believes in leaving a mark
    • Will look into storyline specific bounties, not sure how plausible it is, but had something similar not using the bounty system in the past, creating "specific critters, with specific items, with specific spawns"
    • Regarding time, Kenstrom tries to get online as soon as he can, and big events will always be Friday and Saturday so it's easier to get less sleep
    • Loves responding to what player characters do and making consequences
    • Kenstrom has nothing to do with mechanical things like the properties of veil iron but could potentially explore its lore in stories
    • No current plans for contests but would love to do one
    • Will look into Icemule's town defense systems, but the Landing does have rooftops, towers, trees, traps, and tunnels
    • Still needs to bring back the CHE towers Octaven destroyed
    • Would love rolling log traps in town and closing gates, but at the mercy of coders
    • Siegery miniatures can be leveled up in power
    • The airship with items to make spirit beast talismans is Auchand's, take questions about it to him
    • Would love to do some smaller quick stuff and could see it happening
    • No plans for a smoke shop, but maybe worth considering
    • Will have to see if the weapon wagon can re-open
    • Burrow Way is usually safe to avoid invasions except during certain stories like going to shake down Rooks
    • Will send a request to make water buckets for putting out fires disappear when empty
    • Wants to add new shops; Talisker had an idea a while back for a shop bazaar
    • Wants to one day add horses to the town stables
    • Wants to make new wandering NPCs and town mood messaging, but near the bottom of his list



[Wehnimer's, Penna St.]

The distant sounds of the merchants and tradesmen around the shops to the west are muted here. The cracked pavement, scattered cobblestones, and dirt drainage ditches along the side of the road form a not-so-gradual transition between the busier avenues of the main bazaar and the less frequented, humbler, and more unsavory sections of the town. You also see a low stone gate.

Kenstrom drops a swirling red portal.

Land Pirate Maylan just went through a swirling red portal.

GameMaster Kenstrom just went through a swirling red portal.

Sir Bristenn's group just went through a swirling red portal.

Sir Cryheart's group just went through a swirling red portal.

[The Eyes of Old]

Pristine stone walls support the large chamber and hold a comfortable warmth that is in contrast to the harsh weather outside. A number of old wooden desks lie unused along one whole wall, broken up by empty bookshelves. Dominating most of the room are rows of obsidian-lined scrying pools set into the floor. You also see a rune-carved stone chair.

Maylan says, "FIRST."

Evia says, "Ha."

Draccor darkly says, "Oooh."

Pukk quietly says, "Took you long enough."

Kenstrom walks over to the chair and settles down.

Raelee remarks, "Charming!"

Evician exclaims, "The eyes have it!"

Sweetsin offers Kenstrom an ale-stained calling card.

Lyrna exclaims, "Perfect!"

Kenstrom says, "I have too many items on me."

Kenstrom nods at Sweetsin.

Speaking quietly to Evician, Jahadeem asks, "The left or the right eyes?"

Goldstr exclaims, "Eyes of Old Nice!"

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor asks, "Why are you covered in blood?"

Speaking quietly to Evician, Pukk says, "I wish I thought of that."

Cryheart says, "Oh look...a scrying pool."

Kenstrom asks, "I am?"

Speaking to Draccor, Puptilian says, "My bad."

Balley softly says, "Fun."

Kenstrom cackles at Sweetsin!

Sweetsin winks at Kenstrom.

Draccor shakes his dual-bladed handaxe at Kenstrom, splattering him with blood.

Kenstrom put an ale-stained calling card in his large sack.

Lauranathalasa says, "How many fannies can we fit in this chair."

Dethnyain says, "Nice reading room."

Pukk quietly says, "He wants to keep a eye on this meeting."

Speaking quietly to Lauranathalasa, Jahadeem asks, "How many you got?"

Balley softly says, "My kind of place."

Lylia helpfully notes, "The term 'fanny' has different meanings in different English-speaking nations."

Lyrna says, "It's a big chair."

Sairai softly says, "I wonder if Kenstrom there can find a place without a tatt."

Sairai softly says, "Just saying."

Evia says, "I think it means, his Eyes are OLD."

Shinann says, "Ahh.. the room of contractions and hugs and breaking the law..."

Lylia says, "So if you're talking about how many fit in a chair, you should probably...wait. I'm overthinking this."

Jahadeem quietly says, "Oh no! Is it "The Comfy Chair?"."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "Its late, its allowed."

Speaking quietly to Evia, Pukk says, "I don't know. I like his eyes. They have that come-hither look to em."

Lylia says, "Yes! I can hug people, and I can speak in contractions."

Kenstrom steeples his fingers in his lap, quietly observing his surroundings.

Shinann exclaims, "Me too!"

Zosopage says, "Nice number tattoos."

Jahadeem quietly says, "I called this meeting ... oh wait Kenstrom called us all here."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "It's a little unsettling, still."

Evia asks, "Hold on, were we not promised CAKE?"

Raelee snuggles up to Lylia.

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Dwi says, "Is pernounced contradictions."

Falvicar quietly says, "No orbs here so we may live."

Lyrna says, "She and I look nothing alike."

Ysharra says, "That's even weirder." [to Raelee]

Puptilian jokingly asks, "So I can cast Nature's fury since I secretly hate you all in RL?"

Speaking to Evia, Dethnyain says, "Nope just donuts."

Speaking to Puptilian, Chaoswynd says, "Go for it."

Evician says, "Yay I can be myse....nevermind, already there."

Speaking to Chaoswynd, Puptilian says, "Still sounds like fun."

Speaking to Puptilian, Chaoswynd says, "Mm, you go first."

Pukk recites quietly:

"Everybody snuggle Kenstrom"

Evician says, "True story."

Speaking quietly to Pukk, Falvicar asks, "Do you have a death wish?"

Evia says, "Aaaaw."

Evician says, "Please do not snuggle the Kenstrom, for you do know not where he has been..."

Speaking quietly to Falvicar, Pukk says, "It's all good here."

Speaking to Chaoswynd, Puptilian says, "By the way, my great dane is now 50lbs."

Dwi heartily says, "Der's a bee in here."

Speaking to Pukk, Zosopage says, "You are just asking to be struck by lightning, aren't ya."

Speaking to Puptilian, Chaoswynd says, "Still just a tiny puppy."

Kenstrom says, "Alright."

Jahadeem quietly asks, "So is there a moderator or MC for this shindig?"

Cryheart says, "That pup is growing fast."

Speaking to Dwi, Evician says, "Der's leben of em."

Puptilian says, "Only 17 weeks old so yeah we got a while."

Speaking quietly to Puptilian, Pukk says, "I had a dog that was 50lbs. Biggest chihuahua ever."

Dethnyain says, "I got a cold already don't need to add death to that."

Evician asks, "Where is Luxie?"

Speaking heartily to her drake-winged insignia, Dwi asks, "Gits my swatter?"

Speaking darkly to Pukk, Draccor asks, "A what?"

Cryheart says, "Probably still in town square."

Pukk quietly says, "Sadly, one day he just rolled away."

Speaking quietly to Evician, Jahadeem asks, "Wow did we lose her?"

Kenstrom asks, "Is this better?" [He switched his speech to monsterbold]

Dergoatean asks, "Monsters! Where??"

Dwi heartily says, "Ew."

Bernadette softly says, "A mite better aye."

Dwi heartily says, "He talks funny."

Puptilian says, "Monster, kill it."

Maylan says, "Yeppers."

Lyrna says, "Slightly easier to detect from the rest of us."

Kenstrom says, "Sorry I was late. But we'll begin."

Kenstrom says, "Who needs sleep anyway."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem asks, "Does it come in Purple?"

Evician says, "Happy new year."

Bernadette softly says, "Sleep was invented fer the weak."

Stormyrain says, "After the day today me."

Lyrna exclaims, "Sleep is a crutch!"

Pukk quietly says, "Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee anyways."

Kenstrom Plots

Kenstrom says, "I'm pretty much back. It's been a bit of time, I feel a little rusty, but thank you all for your love and patience while I was out."

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "I demand free whiskey for everyone."

Kenstrom says, "Been a rough bit of time, but things are better day by day."

Cryheart says, "We do support ye."

Kenstrom says, "In the meantime, I've had lots of plotting time."

Kenstrom asks, "So good for me, bad for you?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Xorus says, "Doom."

Zosopage says, "Better is good."

Balley softly says, "The best kind then."

Cryheart says, "To our demise."

Dergoatean says, "Eeexcellent."

Lyrna says, "Naw, good for everyone."

Evician exclaims, "Sweet im gonna grow a tail next!"

Lylia says, "We're delighted you're back, and we all hope for a bright 2019 for you. Even if it costs us all hundreds of deeds."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem says, "Just happy you are back."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "Nothing like killing us all to get your mind off your problems."

Sweetsin says, "I thought all boys came with tails."

Pukk quietly says, "Well not hundreds....."

Kenstrom says, "So first I'll rattle off some things I intend to get done this year, then we'll do Q and A."

Speaking heartily to Xorus, Dwi says, "I call the bank's door da door o' doom... cause it makes me goway."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "We're wearing the same perfume."

Kenstrom says, "So very soon I intend to submit my final proposal for my next storyline..."

Kenstrom says, "Witchful Thinking."

Kenstrom says, "Which, shocker, has to do with Raznel."

Balley softly says, "Sounds fun."

Evician says, "I am shocked."

Bernadette softly says, "I be likin that idear."

Dergoatean exclaims, "She's a witch! Burn her!"

Kenstrom says, "You say that now."

Kenstrom nods at Balley.

Kenstrom snickers.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian asks, "Do I finally get a chance to maybe possibly save a goblin?"

Kenstrom grins at Puptilian.

Kenstrom says, "Yes."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "Depends on your perpsective. But I agree, sounds fun."

Kenstrom says, "OR DIE FROM ONE."

Speaking quietly to Puptilian, Pukk says, "Maybe Raz will let you snuggle her."

Evician asks, "Goblin or Goblyn?"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Probably both."

Cryheart says, "Let's throw Raznel in the Bay and see if she can swim."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem asks, "Are an army of goblin?"

Xorus says, "I prefer killing Goblyn over saving."

Jahadeem quietly says, "Or even."

Speaking to Evician, Puptilian says, "Goblin. A very old promise. Not Goblyn."

Speaking darkly to Cryheart, Draccor says, "Gotta give her stone boots first."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "Goblyn probably prefers it too."

Speaking to Cryheart, Zosopage says, "With a rock tied to her."

Puptilian says, "A promise Kenstrom knows about."

Kenstrom says, "So for 2019..."

Draccor darkly says, "I heard witches can swim, or float."

Kenstrom says, "In no particular order..."

Zosopage says, "We all die."

Kenstrom says, "Storyline: Witchful Thinking."

Sairai softly says, "Why can't us witches fly."

Sweetsin says, "Catchy."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem says, "Start an hour earlier on occasion? (I wish)"

Cryheart says, "Cause ye flying with a cauldron."

Speaking to Draccor, Lylia says, "I have 50 ranks in swimming. Witches can swim."

Kenstrom says, "A document I'm working on titled Ithzir: Genesis."

Speaking to Tivvy, Stormyrain whispers aloud, "All I can say is that my life is pretty plain..I like watching the puddles gather rain."

Evia says, "Ooo."

In a botched imitation, Pukk quietly says, "Pukk will become a deity."

In a skilled imitation of Kenstrom, Pukk quietly says, "Pukk will become a deity."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Berkana says, "How nice, named for me."

Lyrna remarks, "Deeds are always good."

Sairai softly says, "I think we should learn to fly on a broom."

Dergoatean says, "Oh now there's a colon: fancy."

Speaking heartily to Kenstrom, Dwi asks, "Sumpthin bout how ye shoulnt let the drummer sing?"

Speaking to Sairai, Puptilian says, "You can't fly inside so that means more time outside your workshop."

Cryheart says, "I would prefer flying on a griffin."

Zosopage says, "And then there were three singing home by the sea."

Sairai softly asks, "Is that a bad thing?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Evician asks, "A SILVER...griffin?"

Kenstrom says, "I also plan to release a new tavern/hangout in Landing, called the Rusty Cutlass."

Evician says, "Happy new years to those who love me, hate me, hate to love to hate me, and those who are indifferent."

Pukk quietly exclaims, "Nice!"

Kenstrom says, "I plan to roll out some Shanty Town updates, FINALLY! It only took 7 years and 900 million in donations."

Berkana says, "So close."

Bernadette softly says, "Nice idea."

Kenstrom snickers.

Draccor darkly asks, "No law in said tavern?"

Evia says, "Free tetanus every week."

Lyrna asks, "That all?"

Dwi heartily says, "Evic I one dem."

Maylan exclaims, "Wooooooo!"

Evician says, "Geez...900 million...."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem asks, "Will that cause a problem for our favorite sleeping guard and his jaunts to Helga's?"

Puptilian says, "Not sure who got the most donations....Shantytown or the orphange."

Speaking to Draccor, Albanus says, "Don't worry, you still have the boulder and the lack of GM care."

Evia says, "I keep telling people the orphans are filthy rich, but no one believes."

Lylia says, "Really happy to see Shantytown improvements happen, especially after the Glaoveln story arc."

The voice of Gryzzlbok says, "Them orphans sound like a rogus guild."

Speaking quietly to Evia, Jahadeem says, "The orphans are rich... with love for ome another."

Kenstrom says, "I will also be rolling out new NPC siege miniatures."

Kenstrom says, "A bigger selection this time, of storyline NPC's."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Chaoswynd asks, "Do we get a teaser of which ones?"

Evician says, "I cant believe anyone cared about Shantytown after 30 years."

Dergoatean says, "Oh fun."

Kenstrom says, "From the last few years of storylines."

Kenstrom asks, "Teaser of which ones what?"

Kenstrom asks, "Of the minis?"

Chaoswynd nods at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "Sure."

Kenstrom says, "I haven't made any yet."

Pukk quietly asks, "A Dennet miniature?"

Maylan says, "Gotta have my Thaddy Daddy siegery dude."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Zosopage says, "This may be hard to do but perhaps could have minis of players."

Kenstrom says, "Probably a Thadston, the whole Kestrel bunch..."

Kenstrom says, "Chaston."

Speaking to Pukk, Chaoswynd says, "Everyone would stomp on the Dennet miniature."

Evician says, "Should make a miniature of me."

Jahadeem quietly asks, "New Kenstrom mini than can just change the rules in the middle of the game?"

Kenstrom says, "Larsya."

Kenstrom says, "I have like 12 or so written down somewhere."

Xorus says, "The Dennet miniature should be impaled on a stalagmite."

Goldstr says, "I got Spike, alls I need."

Speaking darkly to Evician, Draccor says, "Yer already small enough."

Dergoatean says, "You need multiples of Larsya. Old, young, sleepy."

Lylia says, "I hope we never have minis of player characters, as much as I love some of you. And some of me."

Chaoswynd says, "Ooo, Larsya miniature."

Dergoatean says, "Pirate."

Kenstrom asks, "Maybe a Prax mini on wheels?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "Hoisted upon it."

Maylan says, "Praxy Puss, yes please."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian asks, "Need an updated Walkar in the grave version to keep with the progress...or too soon?"

Targetina says, "I want a Lylia mini."

Kenstrom snickers at Puptilian.

Pukk quietly says, "We will call him wheels."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem asks, "To have Prax on wheels dont you need his servent too?"

Evician says, "Yarr."

Zosopage says, "Wheelie."

Evician says, "What the..."

Lylia says, "I prefer the full-sized Lylia to the fun-sized version, but I'm just spoiled like that."

Kenstrom says, "So, few things planned."

Maylan says, "Thaddy mini has a special maneuver where he rips off his opponent's arms and wields them as weapons."

Kenstrom says, "More to come, but, I never want to plan too much or too far ahead."

Speaking to Lylia, Dergoatean says, "Maybe full-sized is already fun-sized."

Xorus says, "When drugged up the Prax mini can leap out of the wheelchair and go berserk."

Evia says, "The Elanthian version of action figures."

Lyrna says, "That's fair."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Dwi says, "More bites."

Lylia bites Dwi!

Speaking to Dwi, Lylia says, "You're right. More bites."

Speaking quietly to Evia, Jahadeem says, "Each figure should be individually numbered."

Kenstrom says, "Alright so..."

Kenstrom just opened the jumbo list for 39 signups.

Puptilian adds his name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom asks, "Join the list if you have any questions?"

Nazarr adds his name to the jumbo list.

Dergoatean adds his name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom says, "And we'll go through."

Tolida adds her name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom grins.

Draccor makes a writing motion at the jumbo list.

Lylia adds her name to the jumbo list.

Evician adds his name to the jumbo list.

Jahadeem adds his name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom says, "Oh."

Dwi adds her name to the jumbo list.

Draccor adds his name to the jumbo list.

Dwi heartily asks, "Dis a good thing?"

Kenstrom says, "And another mayoral election is likely planned for Feb/March."

Lylia asks, "March? So soon?"

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian asks, "Going for year 2?"

Berkana says, "Too soon."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Hard to believe."

Evia says, "Wow folks really came ready for questions."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "And yes it goes too fast."

Nazarr asks, "That's not even a full year, is it?"

Jahadeem quietly exclaims, "Re-elect Lylia!"

Zosopage says, "Year goes by so fast."

Sairai softly asks, "Has it been that long already since we elected the last?"

Kenstrom says, "Feb is when campaign season always kicks off."

Draccor darkly exclaims, "Vote Draccor for town constable!"

Ysharra says, "It is. March was the month last year and the year before that, for the election itself."

Lylia says, "I...haven't really decided. On the one hand, I have really enjoyed it. On the other hand, I'm a firm believer in letting others have a shot at the fun and feel I should clear out my desk."

Jahadeem quietly asks, "Can we vote for the new Rook leader?"

Evician says, "Vote Grishom....nevermind."

Draccor darkly says, "I could double as constable and Rook leader."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Pukk says, "Plus it saves a lot of headaches."

Kenstrom removes his blue pennon with a flourish.

Kenstrom wears a bright blue pennon that reads, "Grishom for Mayor.", securing it to show over his shoulder.

Lyrna quietly says, "You make a good mayor, Lylia."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Jahadeem says, "That's ok I will just write your name in."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "It goes by so fast, go for 2. If the people decide they want new then its on them."

Speaking to Lylia, Evia says, " just barely got the office decorated."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "At least that is my opinion."

Speaking to Lyrna, Ysharra says, "Both I and Ysharra heartily agree."

Questions 1 and 2, From Sweetsin: Global Storylines and Story Time

Kenstrom exclaims, "Alright question time!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Sweetsin!"

Lylia says, "Aww, shucks. Thank you. But questions are for Kenstrom, not me."

Speaking to Draccor, Puptilian says, "Either no one will go to jail if you are constable or you would become a new source of income for the town."

Kenstrom says, "The best kind."

Sweetsin says, "I am wondering if there is a chance to spread said story line across the whole of the towns, not just in the Landing."

Pukk quietly exclaims, "Cross overs!"

Speaking darkly to Puptilian, Draccor asks, "Yer saying I won't arrest anyone?"

Sweetsin says, "And work in different times, not just this late hour I rarely make it to."

Evia exclaims, "Global destruction!"

Kenstrom asks, "What...we not good enough for you?"

Kenstrom peers quizzically at Sweetsin.

Sweetsin groans at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "LANDING. RIDE OR DIE."

Kenstrom snickers.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Sweetsin exclaims, "I can't stay awake this late always!"

Kenstrom says, "So to answer that question..."

Kenstrom asks, "Yes?"

Sweetsin asks, "And isn't it fun to concur?"

Bristenn adds his name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom says, "There is going to be more of a focus on storylines this year."

Kenstrom says, "Across the board, across the towns."

Dergoatean says, "Fun."

Speaking to Draccor, Puptilian says, "I'm saying either you won't or you would triple the town budget in arrest fines."

Nazarr says, "Oh, excellent."

Sweetsin nods approvingly at Kenstrom.

Albanus sarcastically says, "Oh boy, I can't wait."

Maylan says, "That's great to hear."

Kenstrom says, "I can't answer that for any other GMs, but I definitely know our "directive" has been that."

Ysharra asks, "Any hints on where we'll go?"

Kenstrom says, "Do more storylines."

Gryzzlbok says, "Wonder if we can conquer Icemule."

Kenstrom says, "Lucky for me, that's kind of my wheelhouse."

Kenstrom says, "So, win win."

Speaking darkly to Puptilian, Draccor says, "And I would not keep any of that money for myself, correct."

Kenstrom says, "I'm a big fan of involving other GMs and towns, and I've already reached out to some others."

Evia says, "Saying wheelhouse is out for 2019."

Kenstrom says, "So yes, some plans are in work."

Sweetsin says, "It's hard for F2P to get involved in citizen stuff when they belong nowhere."

Speaking to Gryzzlbok, Zosopage says, "Ok I'd be in a quandry there since I'm an Icemule citizen."

Kenstrom asks, "Did Lydil mention anything earlier?"

Kenstrom asks, "In Solhaven meeting?"

Sweetsin holds up her hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Bristenn says, "He was vague, as Lydils always are."

Speaking to Zosopage, Gryzzlbok says, "You can be our inside man."

Bristenn says, "He likes to keep us in suspense."

Bristenn says, "I, on the other hand, love me the crap out of spoilers."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Raelee says, "Not specifically."

Kenstrom says, "Okay, well then I won't say anything yet."

Gryzzlbok says, "I see the resemblance."

Xorus says, "Wouldn't want to reveal the secret plan to annex the Landing."

Speaking heartily to Gryzzlbok, Dwi says, "He said der gonna be war gainst my mini."

Bristenn says, "You're lookin' at a guy who'll read ahead before a movie so he can enjoy the cinemetography instead."

Speaking to Sweetsin, Albanus says, "It's hard for some citizens to get involved when they couldn't care."

Kenstrom says, "But yeah we're always trying to plan stuff, etc."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "I thought it was the other way around."

Maylan says, "Spoiler alert, the Empire makes a claim on the elven village."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Raelee says, "He mostly talked about elven and imperial diplomacy. Which means talking to elves and such."

Kenstrom says, "There's also some room for Witchful Thinking to have some cross over stuff."

Kenstrom nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "We lose the Settlement, and absorb Nighthaven in its place."

Kenstrom says, "But I can tell you..."

Kenstrom says, "For 2020..."

Speaking to Albanus, Sweetsin says, "Well it's all about amount of time you can sink into the game too."

Jahadeem quietly says, "I thought the Elven Villages was where the Savant Guild was going... hmmm.."

Speaking darkly to Maylan, Draccor says, "Or the elven village is made to ruins."

Kenstrom says, "10 years since the coming of Grishom Stone..."

Speaking heartily to her old witch miniature, Dwi asks, "Yer gonna haff to crossdress?"

Kenstrom says, "There will be something big."

Kenstrom grins.

Sweetsin says, "I still have his left nut in my pocket."

Raelee says, "Wow."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Has it really been 10 years now."

Cryheart says, "Do tell."

Xorus says, "Something wicked this way comes."

Lylia says, "My, my."

Nazarr says, "Grishom conquers the Arkati."

Ysharra says, "An anniversary party for a self-proclaimed Blood God."

Puptilian says, "Man I been in this town too long."

Evician says, "More like something wicked has already been here."

Lyrna says, "Well, it's been 9, since it won't be until 10 years..."

Kenstrom nods at Puptilian.

Speaking to Nazarr, Maylan says, "That would be...epic."

Lyrna says, "Er, next year."

Sairai softly says, "Gads you and me both."

Kenstrom says, "Jan 2010 I became a GM."

Speaking to Puptilian, Stormyrain says, "You're still a baby in Landing years."

Dergoatean exclaims, "Lovib Keke!"

Speaking amusedly to Stormyrain, Chaoswynd asks, "Right?"

Sairai softly says, "I been in the workshop too long."

Kenstrom says, "I think. Something like that."

Speaking boredly to Kenstrom, Albanus says, "Oh no, another multi-month invasion with an invincible boss that leads up to a less than stellar payoff."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Berkana says, "Sure feels longer."

Speaking darkly to Puptilian, Draccor says, "You could move to River's Rest."

Zosopage says, "So you have the whole year to torture us first."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "As Pup yes but I really only been here for way longer then that. But Pup is my first that really did stories so just wow it's been a long run."

Kenstrom shrugs at Albanus.

Kenstrom says, "So, yes."

Kenstrom nods at Sweetsin.

Sairai softly says, "Please don't go to River's Rest."

Sairai softly says, "Oopps was that outloud."

Questions 3 and 4, From Puptilian: Moot Hall Orchard and Mayor Portraits

Kenstrom exclaims, "Pup!"

Albanus says, "Everyone move to River's Rest."

Puptilian turns to face Kenstrom.

Albanus says, "Make the RR GM open a endgame hunting ground."

Puptilian asks, "Two fast questions. Is Moot Hall orchard suppose to be citizen only and can we change it? Two when are the mayor portraits going up?"

Evician says, "He's asking for a friend."

Kenstrom exclaims, "I actually added a new note on mayor portraits last week. So, 2019!"

Kenstrom grins.

Lylia says, "Yeahhh, I am kind of curious about those."

Sweetsin says, "Mayor posters or wanted posters."

Kenstrom asks, "Is the orchard citizens only?"

Kenstrom says, "It shouldn't be."

Speaking to Draccor, Albanus says, "Just have 30 post-capped people suddenly show up in your town and pester you for hunting. Pressure usually works."

Draccor darkly asks, "Can I have a wanted poster?"

Puptilian says, "Hey, Lylia and Crux did a good job as mayor...need SOMETHING to be remembered by."

Speaking to Draccor, Sweetsin says, "Tough, I get the first one."

Ysharra says, "It's not worked in the Landing."

Lylia says, "No one will forget Elanthia's first Player-Mayor."

Kenstrom asks, "Is the orchard citizens only?"

Speaking to Draccor, Berkana says, "He doesn't know what he's talking about."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Seems to be that way."

Dergoatean says, "It didn't used to be."

Speaking to Ysharra, Albanus says, "Do you see who's in charge of the Landing."

Shinann says, "Odd."

Kenstrom says, "Hmm."

Kenstrom wanders away.

Draccor says to Roblar, "You, sir, are a reeking, iron-witted rudesby!"

Speaking to Albanus, Ysharra says, "Your point? He has other priorities."

Speaking to Roblar, Lylia exclaims, "Hi there!"

Kenstrom wanders in.

Roblar deeply says, "Hi."

Kenstrom says, "Nah, it shouldn't be."

Puptilian ponders.

Kenstrom says, "No block on the door."

Sairai softly says, "If the orchard is opened to all."

Sairai softly says, "The birds will get too fat."

Sairai softly says, "Just saying."

Puptilian says, "Maybe the last reset that locked the door a few months ago reset that. We couldn't get some people into it."

Puptilian shrugs.

Kenstrom nods.

Kenstrom says, "Yeah it got locked on accident."

Question 5, From Nazarr: Krolvin Retaliation

Kenstrom exclaims, "Nazarr! You're up!"

Dwi heartily says, "Birds fry up bedder."

Dwi heartily says, "When dey fat."

Nazarr says, "I would just like to know if we can expect retailiation from the krolvin and their allies for that glorious invasion of ours last year."

Kenstrom says, "OH!! And 2019 will have some militia reorg and updates."

Kenstrom grins.

Speaking to Puptilian, Chaoswynd says, "Just checked with a non-citizen, no issues."

Kenstrom says, "You know I can't tell you that."

Kenstrom winks at Nazarr.

Speaking to Ysharra, Albanus says, "I'm sure that writing lines for his NPCs is a top priority, but other GMs have stated they wanted people to move away from the Landing in the past, which is why it doesn't have a true capped hunting ground."

Question 6, From Dergoatean: New Invasion Mechanics

Kenstrom exclaims, "Dergoatean!"

Stormyrain whispers aloud, "I need a drink."

Zosopage says, "So yes."

Maylan says, "MORE KROLVIN."

Jahadeem quietly says, "Yay militia updates."

Dergoatean asks, "Any plans for additional invasion/storyline mechanics? The introduction of ships/barricades/etc to knock down was a winner. Pylons, too. Maybe a new invasion demon?"

Speaking to Albanus, Lylia says, "There's a list you can join."

Maylan says, "I love squishy invaders."

Nazarr says, "I was just hoping for hints. I wouldn't mind."

Nazarr grins at Kenstrom.

Speaking to Lylia, Albanus says, "I'm not asking questions."

Speaking to Albanus, Ysharra says, "Then I guess the pressure of having capped people in it isn't sufficient. Which is what I said."

Lylia says, "I'm well aware."

Speaking to Albanus, Berkana says, "No, but you're talking more than Kenstrom is."

Zosopage adds his name to the jumbo list.

Speaking to Berkana, Albanus says, "Wasn't aware that was against the rules."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Puptilian says, "Nice question."

Evia says, "Gabby gabbermouth."

Kenstrom says, "Yes, and yes."

Speaking amusedly to Stormyrain, Chaoswynd says, "Nice."

Speaking to Albanus, Berkana says, "It's more that it's rude when it's his forum and he's trying to share information with people."

Dergoatean says, "I will hold my breath, then."

Gryzzlbok adds his name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom says, "I'm going to be trying to put together some um, script proposals."

Kenstrom says, "And beg for some coding help."

Dergoatean says, "Wish I could help."

Dergoatean chuckles.

Cryheart says, "I would if I could code."

Speaking to Berkana, Albanus says, "I never said I wasn't rude. Also inform me when being rude is against the rules."

Lylia says, "I was hoping for krolvin genocide, actually, but I guess that's a bit much to ask."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Chain Haliste to a desk and tell her no booze until she gets it done."

Kenstrom says, "And I have a friend who is a GM now too, and working on coding, so we may be able to work out a partnership."

Speaking sadly to Dergoatean, Jahadeem says, "So do I -- my app wasn't even read."

Speaking to Cryheart, Sweetsin says, "It isn't too late to start learning how."

Kenstrom says, "Rude is against my rules."

Kenstrom nods at Albanus.

Kenstrom says, "So knock it off or go."

Kenstrom winks.

Speaking to Puptilian, Evia exclaims, "Harsh!"

Speaking to Jahadeem, Dergoatean says, "My day job wouldn't go for it."

Evician says, "Don't be a Hlendril."

Kenstrom asks, "But you saw the thing on bosses right?"

Kenstrom peers quizzically at Dergoatean.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Dergoatean says, "Yeah, can't wait to see them in the capped areas."

Roblar deeply asks, "The packs thing?"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Dergoatean asks, "And... elsewhere, maybe?"

Kenstrom says, "And the packs, yeah."

Kenstrom says, "I can do that now too."

Evia says, "Oh haven't checked that out yet."

Roblar deeply says, "Someone please [find/make] better adjectives for those."

Gryzzlbok says, "The packs don't drop any loot."

Pukk quietly says, "Mini-bosses."

Kenstrom says, "In invasions, storylines, etc."

Roblar deeply says, "From what I've read.."

Roblar cringes.

Dergoatean says, "Super cool."

Thrassus says, "Oh boy."

Kenstrom says, "So that could be interesting."

Kenstrom says, "I need to do some more testing first."

Roblar deeply says, "But like the boss and packs thing."

Lylia says, "My little alt has encountered a couple in the Spider Temple. They are interesting indeed."

Kenstrom says, "But..."

Kenstrom grins.

Speaking to herself, Dirra says, "Buy deeds."

Kenstrom says, "Buy deeds."

Lyrna says, "Deeds are always good."

Puptilian asks, "Where is the Wheel of Deeds??!!?"

Dwi heartily says, "Why buy sompthin dat's free...if'n yer patient."

Kenstrom says, "I ran late so....sacrificed."

Kenstrom snickers.

Kenstrom says, "But I'd like to roll out some new storyline mechanics, yes."

Evia says, "No wheel."

Kenstrom says, "But I'm at the mercy of others, so we'll see."

Roblar deeply says, "Tonight deeds are only subtracted."

Kenstrom says, "I've got some ideas."

Roblar twirls his lantern charm about on its chain, causing the metal surfaces to glint merrily. Without warning, a beam of blue light arcs out and shines upon Thrassus.

Kenstrom says, "Especially when it comes to the pylons."

Puptilian says, "Its not like he doesn't take back the deeds within the first month anyway."

Roblar deeply says, "Minus 10."

Lyrna says, "The pylons are surprisingly fun."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Darcena says, "If this goes the way I am hoping it's going to go, I could kiss you."

Pukk quietly says, "I enjoyed the pylons in the storyline."

Speaking deeply to Thrassus, Roblar says, "Fate decided."

Kenstrom says, "I'm really trying to get some new concrete non-fighting mechanics."

Thrassus says, "No no no."

Kenstrom says, "For lower levels, or those just wanting not to be in the massive death ball."

Lyrna says, "Kinda like the drake."

Berkana says, "Concrete is a bit heavy to get air lift on."

Dergoatean says, "Awesome. I choose not to fight concrete ALL THE TIME."

Kenstrom flirts with Darcena.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra asks, "Something akin to the pylons and the towers?"

Kenstrom nods at Ysharra.

Targetina darkly repeats, "Massive Death Ball."

Cryheart asks, "Like pouring oil over critters who enter the gates?"

Dergoatean says, "But sounds nice."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Targetina says, "Nice band name."

Tivvy says, "Or a really killer party."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "We need our own red orbs."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "The complaints even though it's a ton better is to get low levels in play more. I think more options like the rooftops or pylons for them would be great."

Kenstrom grins at Ysharra.

Question 7, From Tolida: Character Backgrounds

Kenstrom exclaims, "Tolida!"

Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "Build a moat."

Balley softly says, "That will be nice."

Speaking in Faendryl, Tolida asks something you don't understand.

Tolida asks, "Hiya. So I'm still relatively new to GemStone, just less than a year now. My question is, I heard that there is/was a way to submit a character background to you if they wanted to possibly be more... "integrated" into any ongoing storyline?"

Speaking to Tolida, Darcena says, "It's ok. Not everyone can be a giantman."

Kenstrom says, "Yes! In fact, I plan to make 2 posts soon."

Kenstrom says, "One, asking for people's favorite memories/events from storylines..."

Speaking quietly to Tolida, Jahadeem exclaims, "Great question!"

Kenstrom says, "And two, a new opportunity to submit character backgrounds."

Evician says, "Pfft that's a no brainer."

Tolida nods at Kenstrom.

Speaking to Tolida, Lylia says, "I'm glad you asked that."

Sweetsin says, "That's not asking for trouble or anything."

Kenstrom says, "So, that said, you can always submit your player background to me."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "Wonderful request, thank you for asking us to share."

Tolida nods at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "So save your memories, and post them soon when I ask."

Kenstrom grins.

Nazarr says, "Thank you, Kenstrom."

Speaking quietly to himself, Jahadeem says, "Have to keep working on mine."

Lylia says, "Now I'll be thinking about it and trying to pick just a couple of highlights so I don't write a novel."

Bristenn says, "There is also the wiki, and a lot of good examples of character pages on there as well. You can look to those for format and inspiration etc."

Kenstrom says, "Because I'm trying to just, get an idea for what people really have enjoyed about past storylines."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "Where I am at."

Kenstrom says, "Memorable moments."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Seems only fair, though. He's shared so much with us."

Lyrna says, "Yeah, I'll have to pare it down some."

Shinann says, "First time I ever did that and next month is 21 years... he does read them."

Kenstrom exclaims, "And welcome!"

Kenstrom nods at Tolida.

Kenstrom says, "Buy deeds."

Evician says, "Wrote 17 pages of vignettes just from your stories Kenstrom."

Kenstrom says, "You will need them for 2019 through 2020."

Kenstrom says, "I shall not be kind."

Zosopage says, "Heh, the computer I used is kinda way out of date so all my logs are gone."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Chaoswynd says, "You need to make t-shirts that say "Buy Deeds."

Kenstrom says, "Raznel and Grishom have been a long time coming."

Kenstrom winks at Ysharra.

Balley softly says, "Will be great."

Kenstrom snickers.

Question 8 and 9, From Lylia: Closing Door and Bugged Tea Kettle

Kenstrom exclaims, "Lyli!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Lylia too!"

Darcena mutters, "New nickname."

Speaking to Dwi, Dirra says, "I owe her an eyeball exploding."

Darcena asks, "Heeeey Lyli, girl. How's it gooooin?"

Lylia says, "There is no need for a Lylia Two. Lylia One is fully operational."

Gryzzlbok says, "Or as giantphang says, Miss lia."

Speaking heartily to her old witch miniature, Dwi says, "She dint mean dat."

Cryheart says, "Oh..was looking forward to the sequel."

Lylia says, "I have TONS of questions. I'll ask just a couple."

Roblar deeply asks, "L'yl?"

Lylia says, "Might I get a damned door that closes? It doesn't need to latch. that closes. On the mayoral office. That would be swell. All kinds of swell! Also, my tea-kettle is acting funny, but I can just bug someone with an assist about that."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "So it wasn't just me. Thank you."

Lylia says, "Nope. Not just you."

Speaking to Lylia, Maylan says, "If you do get a door, it would be fun to slam it in people's faces."

Speaking deeply to Lylia, Roblar says, "Bettet yet, ask for a scripted door."

Roblar deeply says, "Slame when closed."

Roblar deeply says, "Slam."

Speaking to Maylan, Darcena scolds, "No, because she might do it to me."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Jahadeem asks, "I thought you had an "open door" policy as mayor?"

Lylia says, "Icemule now has this Winter Palace of a mayoral complex going on, with an antechamber and such. I would just like a closing door."

Speaking hesitantly to Lylia, Targetina suggests, "Ejection seat?"

Lylia exclaims, "It's only an open door policy if there's the option to close it!"

Ysharra says, "You have your escape tunnel."

Nazarr says, "Open doesn't mean always open."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "Trap door. You need a trap door like Mr Burns. Go for broke."

Maylan says, "She also needs a cushion for her desk. Not the desk chair, just a cushion on top of her desk."

Maylan says, "For reasons."

Sweetsin says, "I would of asked for a trap door personally."

Kenstrom asks, "Icemule has a winter palace!?"

Kenstrom scoffs.

Ysharra says, "Right to your lovely backyard of salamanders and gigantic rodents."

Kenstrom says, "I'll see about the door. It used to close."

Nazarr says, "It definitely does."

Darcena says, "And we have some ramshackle MOOT HALL."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Targetina says, "IT's beautiful."

Xorus says, "It is decadent."

Lylia says, "Dude, you should see that thing."

Kenstrom says, "I might have broken it."

Speaking to Lylia, Dethnyain says, "But what if someone held you captive for would the town rescue you through a locked door."

Kenstrom says, "Let's invade Icemule and melt it."

Evician says, "Slammed it too hard."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "You take a month off and get out played by Mule. Step it up."

Maylan says, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Invade and burn it down."

Sweetsin adds her name to the jumbo list.

Gryzzlbok says, "I think I mentioned we should conquer icemule."

Roblar deeply says, "Can't rising sea levels."

Lyrna says, "Just steal it."

Zosopage exclaims, "That's my birthplace!"

Ysharra says, "Um, if someone kidnaps Lylia in her office she won't be the one needing rescue."

Kenstrom exclaims, "That's it. Landing will get a huge temple of Koar upon a hill!"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Darcena says, "You're speaking my language."

Nazarr says, "I think we need a town hall to rival it. To SURPASS it."

Maylan says, "Melt Icemule and loot a single door from the rubble."

Kenstrom says, "For its Mayor."

Lylia says, "I'm in. But I'd warn Tawariell first out of solidarity for Her Mayorness."

Evician says, "Guh."

Xorus says, "Kidnappings in the Mayor's office happen through the window anyway."

Lylia says, "I don't want a Koar statue."

Speaking to Lylia, Darcena whispers aloud, "Me neither."

Lylia says, "Re-carve the Colossus in Lylia's likeness, and we're talking."

Jahadeem quietly exclaims, "Praise Koar!"

Zosopage says, "Well a Koar statues suits me."

Kenstrom exclaims, "We'll build a magnificent tower from the bones of Icemulians upon which the mayor shall sit with TWO doors!"

Albanus says, "Obviously it has to be a Luukos temple so 90% of the Landing can relate to it."

Shinann says, "There you go."

Evician exclaims, "Two doors? That's insanity!"

Dergoatean says, "One door will be phaseable, the other not."

Question 10, From Evician: GM Alterations

Kenstrom exclaims, "Evician!"

Maylan exclaims, "Kindly keep White Haven intact, that's all that I ask!"

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem says, ".. yeah two doors... neither of which will close."

Speaking to Lylia, Dergoatean says, "Great questions, Lyli."

Xorus says, "Behind the third door will be a Goat."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Evia exclaims, "Or maybe a nice clock and bell on top of Moot Hall!"

Speaking to Lylia, Dergoatean says, "Imeanlyliapleasedonthurtme."

Zosopage exclaims, "You do know there are Icemulians here!"

Nazarr says, "And the art in the Icemule town hall."

Lylia says, "Thanks for checking on it. And if y'all call me 'Lyli' in the real world, I may cause harm."

Speaking to Xorus, Dergoatean exclaims, "Let's make a deal!"

Shinann says, "I have other names."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Evician!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Evician!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Evician!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Evician!"

Speaking to Dergoatean, Ysharra says, "Don't choose the other door."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Evician!"

Speaking quietly to Dergoatean, Jahadeem asks, "The box or what's behind the curtain?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Speaking to Shinann, Puptilian says, "So does Pup."

Kenstrom says, "And I will look into the tea kettle thingie."

Evician asks, "Just a quick question, I know this past year you changed my features thru the story and I loved it. Possibly my favorite moment and I think the last time I wrote in my storyline from your RP. Are you allowed to manipulate characters in other ways like devotion to a god or whatever?"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Lylia says, "Thank you so much. It's turning all my cups into bricks."

Evician says, "I was bashing my head on the keyboard gimme a sec."

Sairai softly asks, "Oh do you now?"

Kenstrom says, "I can manipulate you all I want. Dance puppet, dance."


Speaking heartily to Evician, Dwi says, "A quicks question is more like... Huh?...."

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "I never dance."

Evician says, "Not what I meant, but thank you for answering my question."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem says, "Him not me."

Kenstrom Evician dances.

Kenstrom says, "DAMNIT."

Kenstrom says, "I suck."

Ysharra says, "Like bleed to death on us."

Kenstrom says, "I'm rusty."

Kenstrom snickers.

Lyrna quietly says, "That's how I got the silver streak in my hair."

Cryheart says, "Is are."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Tivvy says, "We saw nothing."

Evician grins at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "Let's try this one more time..."

Puptilian says, "There has been a change of deity once." [referring to Chaston converting someone to Koar]

Sairai softly asks, "Um Draccor only at a rock concert?"

Sairai softly says, "Just saying."

Evician dances.

Kenstrom says, "HAHA."

Puptilian says, "The ronanite."

Kenstrom says, "YASSSSS."

Evician grins at Kenstrom.

Pukk quietly says, "Took you long enough."

(Dwi Evician dances.)

Lauranathalasa says, "Dreaven made kobolds dance."

Dwi heartily says, "It's easy."

Pietra asks, "Everybody do the Evician?"

Pukk quietly says, "Yeah, that was fake it turns out."

Speaking to Lauranathalasa, Maylan says, "I saw that."

Kenstrom says, "So yes. I like to leave lasting um, things on people, for important things in storylines."

(Evia Evia Evician dances Kenstrom.)

Kenstrom says, "I believe in leaving a mark."

Maylan asks, "But I think he removed that video from youtube?"

Kenstrom says, "Now one second..."

Lauranathalasa says, "I spent 30 minutes trying to do it."

Pukk quietly says, "I tried."

Kenstrom wanders away.

Sweetsin says, "Shard marks."

Puptilian says, "I never noticed....."

Lylia says, "I really appreciate when stuff has consequences. Up to and including a change in physical features."

Raising his copper flask into the air, Draccor shouts, "Come and get me, ye land-lovin' curl!" before taking a swig from his flask.

Kenstrom wanders in.

Dwi heartily exclaims, "I tole ye der was beez!"

Kenstrom says, "Your door is fixed."

Kenstrom nods at Lylia.

Shinann exclaims, "No hip thrusts!"

Stormyrain says, "I think it makes the most sense and is true to the characters and their choices."

Questions 11 and 12, From Jahadeem: KST Start Time and Bounties

Kenstrom exclaims, "Jahadeem!"

Lylia says, "You are the BEST."

Gryzzlbok asks, "All it took was a hinge right?"

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem asks, "1) Is there a chance of starting some things about an hour earlier for those of us on the east coast? ; 2) Any possibility of storyline specific bounties?"

Speaking to Lylia, Evia exclaims, "Don't forget to tip him!"

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "Now you have to run again so you can maybe get another year of door usage."

Ysharra says, "He'll go down in history as the man who closed a door."

Kenstrom says, "Just don't run a re-election campaign on your door is always open...."

Kenstrom says, "Because it's not."

Speaking to Evia, Lylia says, "What, like tipping a cow? I think GM-tipping is frowned upon."

Kenstrom snickers.

Kenstrom snickers.

Lylia says, "Oh, if I run a re-election campaign, it'll not include open doors."

Kenstrom says, "Ooo."

Kenstrom says, "Storyline specific bounties is a good idea."

Dergoatean exclaims, "Yeah!"

Kenstrom says, "I have no idea how plausible that is, but interesting. And I will look into it."

Lylia says, "That's a great idea."

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Dat baton o parade doom!"

Lyrna says, "It really is."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Like taking storyline alchemy recipes to the next level!"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "You kind of had it with the stuff from the forest for Stone."

Kenstrom says, "Although..."

Kenstrom says, "Yeah."

Kenstrom nods at Puptilian.

Jahadeem quietly says, "About 1 in every 100 ideas I have are good lol."

Kenstrom says, "Exactly."

Pukk quietly says, "Or foraging."

Lyrna says, "Espeically if it's not tied to gems or such to have to get anything but an invitation to leave town."

Kenstrom says, "I can use mongens to make specific critters, with specific items, with specific spawns.."

Kenstrom says, "SO while you won't be using the bounty system..."

Kenstrom says, "I could control when and where they spawn."

Speaking heartily to Kenstrom, Dwi exclaims, "Collectin Svardin's toenail clippins...stuff like dat!"

Kenstrom says, "And what they look like, their stats, what they have, etc."

Kenstrom says, "So yeah. Noted."

Dergoatean says, "You heard it here, folks. Kenstrom is implementing an alternate advguild."

Kenstrom says, "HAHA."

Maylan exclaims, "Bring back capped hunting if you do!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "FREE RECHARGING!"

Xorus says, "Misadventure Guild."

Roblar deeply says, "Kill 25 vathors."

Maylan says, "Cough_lichslanding_cough."

Roblar deeply says, "Get a fixstat potion."

Jahadeem quietly asks, "What about the chances of starting about an hour earlier for us East Coasters?"

Kenstrom says, "As for hour earlier..."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Lylia explains, "Yeah, for evil characters. Like 98 percent of us."

Kenstrom says, "I try. Sorry."

Dergoatean says, "Earlier storylines, I would has a sad..."

Gryzzlbok exclaims, "Move to Vegas!"

Sweetsin says, "I only have 16 cards left, this first."

Jahadeem quietly says, "Well not all teh time... was hoping for just sometimes."

Kenstrom says, "I work long-ish hours, go to school full time, and I have a hot wife and 2 needy kids who think I am awesome, but don't realize it yet that I'm just a big nerd."

Kenstrom snickers.

Kenstrom says, "So I try to get online as soon as I can."

Albanus adds his name to the jumbo list.

Ysharra says, "It works for some people here. I'm just glad you do most of the more involved stuff on the weekends."

Kenstrom says, "But maybe yes, I always try, but, should take naps and drink coffee and buy deeds."

Kenstrom snickers.

Evician says, "We appreciate what you do for us Kenstrom."

Lylia says, "Uhh. Nerds are awesome. These are not contradictions."

Puptilian says, "Family first."

Darcena says, "I have to take naps."

Darcena says, "It's ok."

Kenstrom says, "But yes. BIG events will always be Fri's and Sat's."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Jahadeem says, "I know the deal... It's 1:30am here and my wife might get upset with me at any moment for still being up."

Kenstrom says, "So it's a little easier to handle less sleep."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Maylan says, "Thank you for that."

Darcena says, "And sometimes I drool a little on the keyboard."

Darcena says, "But, you know. It is what it is."

Kenstrom says, "Tell her it's KST and all will be well."

Kenstrom nods at Jahadeem.

Evia says, "Not so much anymore."

Ysharra says, "I have a kid, too, and he's gotten out of bed four times tonight. It's a thing."

Sweetsin says, "I tried that."

Speaking to Jahadeem, Puptilian says, "Chocolate and flowers. Just saying."

Sairai softly says, "Actually I'm thankful things don't happen all early when some of us cannot be here."

Shinann says, "Money works too."

Speaking to Jahadeem, Targetina says, "Do the dishes, and the laundry."

Speaking heartily to Ysharra, Dwi says, "Ye kin buy new things."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Sweetsin says, "And he knows what that means, it works once or twice but by the third time it no longer is a suitable answer."

Kenstrom says, "Now, when I become rich and famous, or one of those..."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Pukk says, "Don't worry, they will finally think you are cool when you introduce them to their first table top D&D campaign."

Kenstrom says, "I'll be here all day."

Kenstrom snickers.

Dethnyain says, "Get her or him to play too."

Jahadeem quietly says, "I'll keep working on it... appreciate the answer though."

Evia says, "MST sucks."

Darcena says, "You're already famous."

Speaking to Dethnyain, Puptilian says, "Good point, get her addicted and win win."

Lylia suggests, "Some things that are multi-town and multi-GM story lines may have multiple times of activity, too, when those happen. And we as players can help spur interest in story events."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "She means infamous."

Kenstrom says, "I just need to publish more books."

Kenstrom snickers.

Question 13, From Dwi: GM Response

Kenstrom exclaims, "Dwi!"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "Yes you do."

Speaking heartily to Kenstrom, Dwi exclaims, "Wot!?!"

Raelee says, "You do indeed."

Dwi heartily says, "Oh."

Dwi grunts bashfully, averting her eyes.

Kenstrom nods at Raelee.

Kenstrom winks at Raelee.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Dirra says, "Have loved your previous."

Kenstrom waves to Jahadeem.

Dwi heartily says, "Could der be more Angry Giants? Please. But no huge ridiculously ol' Elemintals if'n Lauranthalassaslass (or likewise oldster-ish) aint der? Referin to dat trouble Hussf caused...anna gots me in o'er me head. Gots a follow up. When ye say, "Aint yer department"."

Gryzzlbok says, "Ask him if all birds taste like chicken."

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia exclaims, "Can barely manage EST yet, and I'm in it!"

Draccor darkly asks, "What did Hussf do?"

Kenstrom asks, "Someone have one of those magical language earcuffs?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Dwi heartily says, "It's likka fun thing dat happened."

Sweetsin says, "I wish."

Pukk quietly says, "I wish."

Lyrna says, "Me too."

Darcena says, "She says she wants to see more of the invasiony angry giants like when Hussf led his campaign to the glacier."

Kenstrom says, "I actually have a giant thing I've been sitting on for awhile."

Dwi scowls at Kenstrom.

Leafiara says, "Hussf basically organized groups to get revenge on frost giants and arctic titans, then some GM or other jumped in and--"

Kenstrom says, "So maybe."

Leafiara points at Darcena.

Kenstrom winks at Dwi.

Darcena says, "But not capped."

Kenstrom says, "Haha, I jest I jest."

Kenstrom pokes Dwi in the ribs.

Dwi grunts at Kenstrom and nods.

Draccor darkly says, "Oh."

Pukk quietly says, "That sounded so wrong."

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Foller up!"

Kenstrom laughs at Pukk!

Draccor darkly says, "Yeah that's cool."

Cryheart says, "No comment."

Speaking in Giantman to Kenstrom, Dergoatean asks something you don't understand.

Draccor darkly says, "More of what Hussf did then."

Dwi recites heartily:

"Pointy ear schoolin... der's only been two elfs insulted by dis..."

Speaking to Pukk, Darcena says, "It did."

Gryzzlbok says, "That Hussf thing was neat but the lil ones got mowed over too easy."

Dwi taps a blizzard blue eahnor breastplate that she is wearing.

Dwi smirks.

Kenstrom says, "But yes, I LOVE responding to what people do."

Speaking in Giantman to Kenstrom, Dergoatean says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Dergoatean, Maylan says, "Neat trick."

Kenstrom says, "And making consequences."

Dwi heartily says, "Dey dont pay attention."

Dwi smiles at Kenstrom.

Ysharra says, "We might have noticed."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Darcena says, "I got this."

Dwi heartily says, "Dat's it."

Chaoswynd says, "The volcano invasion was hella fun too."

Kenstrom nods.

Dwi turns toward Kenstrom and renders a sharp salute with her mother-of-pearl baton.

Question 14, From Draccor: Veil Iron

Kenstrom exclaims, "Draccor!"

Draccor darkly says, "I seem to recall some shadowy black bears attacking my group back in the day." [was still carrying on the previous conversation]

Draccor darkly says, "Ok."

Draccor nods at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom just closed the jumbo list.

Pukk quietly says, "That was a statement."

Kenstrom just opened the jumbo list for 25 signups.

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "So my question is more mechanical than anything."

Pukk quietly says, "Not a question."

Speaking to Draccor, Puptilian says, "That has to go down as one of my favorite moments. Damn bear."

Dwi heartily says, "Yer a statement."

Dwi just nudged Pukk.

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor asks, "Veil iron, can we make it actually useful?"

Ysharra says, "Bears."

Kenstrom says, "Yer mom's a statement."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "No."

Kenstrom says, "Above my pay grade."

Kenstrom shrugs at Draccor.

Lylia exclaims, "I didn't say a word!"

Evician says, "My katana is useful."

Speaking to Ysharra, Thrassus says, "Oooh yes."

Kenstrom says, "Sorry."

Kenstrom says, "I got nothing to do with metals, etc."

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor asks, "Can you suggest it above yer pay grade then?"

Cryheart says, "Veil iron is antimagical."

Bristenn says, "You could always explore its lore properties and use it for storyline business, even if you can't do much mechanically."

Kenstrom says, "My suggestion may actually hurt your cause."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "Behave yourself. I know how to hurt you."

Kenstrom chuckles.

Draccor darkly asks, "How can they make it worse?"

Kenstrom says, "True."

Kenstrom nods at Bristenn.

Kenstrom says, "I just mean...I may not be the best champion for some things."

Kenstrom shrugs.

Draccor darkly says, "You can't enchant it with a mage."

Kenstrom says, "Woe is me."

Draccor darkly says, "You cannot ensorcell it."

Speaking to Draccor, Evician asks, "How long you been playing Gemstone again?"

Question 15, From Bristenn: Contests

Kenstrom exclaims, "Bristenn!"

Draccor darkly says, "It should at least act as maybe a T2 or T3 ensrocell naturally."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Evia asks, "Might I recommend a lovely flax flower tattoo for you fine Sir?"

Kenstrom gently removes his blue flax flower from behind his ear.

Draccor darkly says, "Since it can't be ensorcelled."

Kenstrom tries to eat his blue flax flower.

Kenstrom carefully tucks his blue flax flower behind one ear.

Bristenn says, "My first question was more along the lines of timeframe, and if there was any possibility of starting earlier, but at this point it looks like I just need to get a different job."

Kenstrom laughs at Bristenn!

Bristenn asks, "So my ACTUAL question is, any contests comin' up?"

Kenstrom says, "Well, I will TRY to do better, but keep in mind..."

Lyrna exclaims, "See, there are solutions!"

Kenstrom says, "Daylight savings is when?"

Gryzzlbok says, "Bah."

Bristenn says, "Daylight savings is always."

Speaking darkly to Bristenn, Draccor says, "The black hand pit fights are coming up next month."

Berkana says, "March or April."

Kenstrom says, "Right now I'm 2 hrs behind EST."

Kenstrom says, "When it changes again, I'm 3 behind."

Speaking to Bristenn, Ysharra says, "Let's line up our families, careers and educational attainment around Gemstone. I'm sure they'll all understand."

Darcena says, "Which is awful."

Kenstrom asks, "But you all change. AZ never changes. The world revolves around me?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Tivvy says, "It'll change just when we finally get used to it being 2 hours off."

Dwi heartily says, "This one does."

Darcena says, "Luckily there are more storylines going on in other places."

Kenstrom says, "I have no plans currently for a contest."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Shinann says, "AZ needs to change that. It's all those retirees."

Kenstrom says, "But I would love to do one."

Darcena says, "Unluckily they are not Kenstrom storylines full of betrayal and blood and gore and murders."

Bernadette softly says, "It's a buncha math I tell you."

The voice of Sweetsin says, "That will tie into this one."

Kenstrom says, "So I am open to one."

Speaking quietly to Kenstrom, Pukk says, "You live in AZ? My condolences."

Kenstrom says, "Honestly, I loved the art contest."

Kenstrom snickers at Pukk.

Speaking to Shinann, Tivvy says, "Nooooo, we're the sensible ones."

Neopuron says, "AZ is just fine the way it is."

Speaking to Shinann, Chaoswynd says, "Na, rest of the country needs to follow AZ's lead, and ditch DST all together."

Draccor recites darkly:

"The Black Hand Trading Company pit fights are coming the end of next month, stay tuned for more details"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Evia says, "Limerick contest."

Kenstrom says, "WOW."

Maylan says, "Mmmmmm pit fighting."

Kenstrom snickers at Draccor.

Bristenn says, "And you know I love those, even if I run out of time and halfass them, or uh, save my work as a jpeg halfway through and lose all my layers and then have to yeet something out at the last minute."

The voice of Sweetsin says, "Use the board."

Dwi heartily says, "Should jus break up the hubbubs into introductory pieces...a lil trouble early...den more when the Boss is runnin things."

Bristenn asks, "I .. think .. the playerbase likes them, too?"

Draccor darkly says, "We are."

Kenstrom nods at Bristenn.

Lylia exclaims, "I do!"

Kenstrom says, "Indeed."

Zosopage says, "DST all year. Standard time is so short there's no point to it."

Bristenn asks, "You guys like art contests yeah?"

Draccor darkly says, "But I'll advertise here while I can."

Kenstrom says, "I will try to come up with a contest or two."

Kenstrom snickers at Draccor.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Raelee asks, "Though Lydil promised us an art contest too. So uh... hopefully they don't overlap?"

Lylia says, "And that was a nice use of the word 'yeet.' I'm impressed."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dirra says, "Stick figures."

Raelee says, "I can't handle that."

Bristenn says, "Yussss more art contests."

Question 16, From Zosopage: Walls and Weapons

Kenstrom exclaims, "Zosopage!"

Kenstrom asks, "Oh he did?"

Speaking to Evia, Berkana says, "You missed the Black Chalice's dirty ditties and naughty prose night."

Kenstrom says, "Then I'll leave that up to him."

Bristenn says, "Hey man, I'm fine with overlap NO."

Bristenn says, "DIRRA WHY."

Zosopage says, "Is there a way to possibly make walls or turrets such as Icemule has, where younger players can go and watch whats going on around the gates and walls. Maybe have special weapons there that can actually hit some of the bigger critters? Not that they can't ever get hit but less likely to."

Kenstrom asks, "Unless mine is cooler?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Raelee says, "He didn't give a timeframe yet."

Zosopage says, "Maybe some in town at strategic places for in-town invasions."

Speaking to Dirra, Bristenn says, "Demotion. Back to squire for you."

Zosopage says, "Just so they don't have to hide in pubs or leave for the night."

Lyrna says, "He kind of mentioned that earlier as a goal."

Kenstrom says, "So I will look into what Icemule has, but we do have some stuff."

Cryheart says, "Boulders or oil vats."

Kenstrom says, "We have rooftops, and towers, and trees."

Maylan says, "I think we have most of the same stuff, if not more."

Kenstrom says, "That players can move through, fire down on critters, etc."

Evia says, "And traps, we have traps."

Dwi heartily says, "Watermelons should be ammo."

Kenstrom nods at Evia.

Zosopage says, "Ya but nothing really really suitable for fighting."

Cryheart says, "I think some younguns don't know about those."

Kenstrom says, "We have tree traps."

Evician says, "Yeah we have an upper and lower thieves highway here."

Lyrna says, "Militia needs to hold town training on our defenses.."

Kenstrom says, "I began writing up a Landing Defense Guide."

Kenstrom says, "Then stopped."

Speaking to Zosopage, Maylan says, "The wheeled towers are pretty fun."

Kenstrom says, "I should finish it."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Except the kobolds and roltons trigger them."

Evia says, "Darcena will volunteer to do it."

Chaoswynd suggests, "Making the log fall traps outside the walls that rangers can set more useful would be rather nice...."

Kenstrom says, "They shouldn't."

Cryheart says, "All younguns should have to read that guide."

Speaking to Lyrna, Darcena says, "I did hold a class."

Zosopage says, "And weapons where youngtsers can hit the big critters."

Kenstrom says, "There's a level min for the log traps."

Speaking to Lyrna, Darcena says, "I could easily hold another one."

Kenstrom says, "I believe."

Shinann says, "I have a few plans but I'll let the militia know on our channel."

Speaking to Zosopage, Maylan says, "But there will always be a trade off between safety and damage dealt."

Kenstrom says, "And it's higher than the kobolds, etc."

Lyrna says, "Not a bad idea."

Darcena says, "Oh. I'm behind."

Kenstrom says, "But maybe a wandering hill troll can set them off."

Ysharra says, "Have something like what the Ewoks pulled on the Imperial trooopers."

Darcena says, "Evia already said that. Haha."

Ysharra says, "Smush."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "Will have to test them but they always seem to disappear."

Darcena says, "You guys are talking too fast."

Kenstrom exclaims, "OH!"

Kenstrom says, "I need to bring back the CHE towers."

Speaking heartily to Darcena, Dwi says, "Sor......."

Evia says, "Huh where are they."

Zosopage says, "I know there needs to be a balance but I'm just thinking of getting younger characters involved more."

Maylan says, "Yes, I miss the barmaid."

Speaking heartily to Darcena, Dwi says, "....ry."

Kenstrom says, "They got destroyed."

Speaking to Evia, Puptilian says, "Burned down."

Ysharra says, "I'm sure they've been having kittens over it."

Darcena says, "But there are the oil vat towers and there's the rooftops."

Nazarr asks, "What were they?"

Darcena says, "So there are lots of places here Zoso."

Evia says, "And there is one of those rolling tower things trapped on the east side of town."

Speaking to Zosopage, Maylan says, "That would be wonderful."

Speaking to Nazarr, Puptilian says, "Movable defense towers."

Darcena says, "The towers."

Kenstrom says, "But for Landing, we have towers, wheeled towers, rooftops, treetops, and tunnels."

Cryheart says, "Ye took my questioin."

Shinann says, "And the wandering milita NPCs. I miss Shinann yelling at them." [Kenstrom comes back to this much, much later in the log]

Nazarr says, "Pup Oh, thank you."

Ysharra says, "Defense towers that were destroyed by Future Raelee."

Bristenn says, "I'd recommend upping the damage output of certain mechanics in the towers, too."

Pukk quietly says, "When cutting down logs to restock the ballista I often wonder. How come I can fit 6 logs in a disk, but only 3 in my backpack."

Kenstrom says, "Most of those except tunnels, provide a way to fight in invasions, and view, from safety."

Maylan says, "And/or reducing RT."

Evician says, "And a tiny kitten...Icemule doesn't have a tiny kitten, and he's the governor."

Bristenn says, "And the other traps, to give them more allluuuuure. Also the reduced RT, yes."

Puptilian adds his name to the jumbo list.

Dwi heartily says, "Gub'ner."

Zosopage says, "The walls at Icemule are great except that you have to clear the dang ice all the time."

Lauranathalasa says, "That kitten is older than me and it's still a kitten."

Kenstrom says, "But yes, Landing defense is a priority of mine, but at the mercy of coders, kind of thing."

Speaking to Zosopage, Darcena says, "Any time you'd like me to show you the multiple town defense systems in the landing, I am happy to do so."

Speaking heartily to Lauranathalasa, Dwi says, "Yeah..but yer a kitten too."

Kenstrom says, "I'd love rolling log traps in town."

Kenstrom says, "Closing gates."

Kenstrom says, "Etc etc."

Darcena says, "Evia made me learn about it and teach a class on it as a squire for Order of the Silver Gryphon."

Dergoatean says, "Basically all the traps in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but for invaders."

Evician says, "Cutting off your escape so that the critters can eat ya."

Kenstrom cackles!

Speaking to Kenstrom, Chaoswynd says, "Anything that could potentially hurt defenders if someone accidentally set them off."

Kenstrom says, "Exactly."

Lylia adds, "And making sure the people who staff the towers get a little love with story descriptions of what they're doing and some RPA goodness, but you're usually great with that. I know it matters a lot to people who have been firing off pylons to be recognized for those efforts."

Bristenn says, "When they were first released during the GSS and Morgiest sat my butt in a tower and told me to coordinate all of them, most of our time was spent shouting RT. Heh."

Maylan says, "I just like sounding the alarm."

Thrassus says, "We should have a warehouse full of unstable plinite under the town just in case."

Speaking to Maylan, Lylia says, "Oh, we know you like sounding the alarm."

Speaking to Lylia, Dergoatean says, "The pylon stuff in Prax's last night was so awesome."

Kenstrom says, "It won't matter for long."

Dwi heartily asks, "Ammo runners?"

Dwi heartily says, "Fer us yougins."

Kenstrom says, "When your imperial masters come to take over."

Cryheart says, "Good idea...younguns who use or others the towers or such get RPA."

Kenstrom snickers.

Speaking to Thrassus, Lylia says, "You're just hoping for a Cersei/wildfire kind of thing."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Darcena asks, "The one with the kraken?"

Questions 17 and 18, From Gryzzlbok: Siegery Miniatures and Spirit Talismans

Kenstrom exclaims, "Gryzzlbok!"

Gryzzlbok asks, "My question is a 2 parter, 1) The siege miniatures, will they ever be able to be leveled up in power like spirit beast talismans. 2) the Airhsip that we can get the items to make spirit talismans seems to have been stuck outside the landing for a while now (one space east outside the north gate) is it bugged or closed for good or...what's the deal sir?"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Lylia says, "Which happens just a century or so before the Faendryl masters take over."

Bernadette softly asks, "Anyone remember how to fell a tree?"

Pukk quietly exclaims, "No more imps!"

Speaking to Darcena, Dergoatean says, "Yes! The unleashed kraken."

Speaking darkly to Bernadette, Draccor says, "With an axe."

Bernadette softly says, "Aye."

Kenstrom says, "Siege miniatures can level up, yes."

Gryzzlbok turns to Kenstrom and cheers!

Kenstrom says, "The airship is Auchand's baby, I'd post on the forums."

Kenstrom says, "Or email him directly."

Gryzzlbok nods at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "I've no idea."

Speaking to Bernadette, Zosopage says, "I've cut down hundreds of trees."

Gryzzlbok says, "Thank you."

The voice of Sweetsin says, "Should have an invasion of Siege miniatures and the only way to kill them is with personal minis fighting them."

Kenstrom laughs!

Lyrna says, "I don't know where to find good trees for chopping around here, but yeah, I've cut down a lot of trees for ballista bolts."

Bernadette softly says, "So have I."

Chaoswynd amusedly says, "Now that'd be fun."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Rise of the Toymaster!"

The voice of Sweetsin says, "Yes."

Speaking to Lyrna, Darcena says, "Dragonclaw."

Evia says, "There are a few spots."

Pukk quietly says, "That sounds fun."

Lylia says, "Oh, great. You've given him ideas."

Bristenn asks, "..wasn't he a Batman villain?"

Question 19, From Sweetsin: Smaller Stories

Kenstrom exclaims, "Sweetsin!"

Ysharra says, "We already have our own version of Batman."

The voice of Sweetsin exclaims, "What?!"

Evician says, "Yeah Bernie has chopped down an amazing emouth of trees."

Kenstrom asks, "Aren't ALL my villains Batman villains?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Darcena says, "You signed the list, Sweets."

Ysharra says, "Might as well start bringing in his rogue gallery."

Bristenn says, "YES Toymaster was Batman, Arcade was X-Men."

Cryheart asks, "Stone is the Joker?"

Speaking to Raelee, Bristenn asks, "Right?!!?"

Roblar deeply says, "I don't think the ship is stuck."

Gryzzlbok says, "Well he was on the Flash and Smallville and they aren't Batman."

Pukk quietly says, "I am the Joker."

Draccor darkly exclaims, "I am Batman!"

The voice of Sweetsin says, "Oh is it my turn for a question."

Kenstrom says, "Hah. Lich King was more like Joker than any of them."

Sweetsin says, "Um, it's been so long and I am sleepy, let me try and remember."

Shinann says, "Crux."

Kenstrom says, "I always pictured a Sinister/Magneto hyrbid with Stone."

Shinann asks, "Where is he?"

Sairai softly says, "I never knew a Batman dependent upon blue crystals; just saying."

Roblar deeply says, "It is just the gangplank, which is closed."

Kenstrom says, "Yeah where the hell is Crux."

Kenstrom asks, "Who's he eating?"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "I see Crux as Mr. Sinister."

Zosopage asks, "Who was the Riddler?"

Roblar deeply says, "The same portal is suped outside IMT's west gate and opens to the firebird."

Speaking to Zosopage, Puptilian asks, "Cross?"

Roblar deeply says, "East gate."

Kenstrom says, "Okay, let me know if you remember."

Sweetsin asks, "Is it only going to be one major storyline or is there a chance for smaller ones that are only an hour long lasting?"

Kenstrom nods at Sweetsin.

Kenstrom says, "Oh."

Stormyrain says, "I don't know, the portrait I did kinda was Jokeresque for Crux."

Speaking to Puptilian, Zosopage says, "Perhaps."

Kenstrom asks, "For 2019?"

Bristenn says, "Barnom Slim had the palace and flying dais to be Frank Langella Skeletor, so there's that."

Stormyrain says, "And creeptastic."

Sweetsin nods at Kenstrom.

Bristenn says, "Frank Langella Skeletor is best Skeletor."

Zosopage says, "Need a twoface."

Kenstrom says, "Witchful Thinking is my larger storyline for this year, probably a 2.5 to 3 month storyline, depending on other events around it and during it."

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "I'll be the new Rook leader if needed."

Speaking to Bristenn, Ysharra asks, "You didn't like the one in the Dirty Dancing commercial?"

Berkana asks, "Could you all please settle down and let the questions finish, please?"

Kenstrom says, "For a long, long time I've tried to pull off Small Town Adventures."

Kenstrom says, "I did like, 2."

Kenstrom snickers.

Speaking to Ysharra, Bristenn says, "That was more how Barnom Slim wound up, yeah."

Kenstrom says, "Where it was like a 1-2 day adventure/storyline."

Kenstrom says, "Didn't take long."

Bristenn says, "Vordillian as He-Man, of course."

Kenstrom says, "Wam bam and done."

Kenstrom says, "I have like 20 hooks prepared."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Sweetsin says, "Shorter than those."

Kenstrom says, "So yes, I'd love to do some smaller quick stuff."

Sweetsin nods.

Kenstrom says, "And with a more storyline focus this year."

Balley softly says, "Those are fun."

Kenstrom says, "I can see that happening."

Puptilian says, "The whodunit night where we tried to find a killer in one night was a lot of fun."

Draccor darkly says, "I can make a dagger disappear......inside someone's head."

Kenstrom says, "The Rooks already got a new leader it seems."

Kenstrom grins at Draccor.

Speaking to Lylia, Xorus says, "Electrifying."

Speaking to Draccor, Sweetsin asks, "Can I pick whose head?"

Questions 20 and 21, From Albanus: Smoke Shop and Weapon Wagon

Kenstrom exclaims, "Albanus!"

Cryheart says, "A mother of a story."

Albanus says, "First, a serious questions. 1. When are we getting a proper smoke shop (the bath house doesn't count). 2. I heard the weapon wagon outside of town was closed, any plans to re-open it or move it inside. Non-serious question, when are you burning the Landing down and replacing it with Edgy Darklanding, a nexus of evil energy patrolled by demons with blood flowing down the walls to better fit your citizen demographic."

Dergoatean says, "Mystery, intrigue EVERYONE DIES... see you next week. I could do with a few of those."

Pukk quietly asks, "Albanus is the new leader?"

Pukk quietly exclaims, "I didn't see that coming!"

Draccor darkly says, "That's how I heard it."

Dwi heartily asks, "Tuesday?"

Speaking quietly to Albanus, Pukk says, "You don't look like a woman though."

Kenstrom says, "I have no plans for a smoke shop per se, but maybe worth considering."

Lylia adds her name to the jumbo list.

Kenstrom says, "Maybe even part of the Cutlass, I dunno I'm not fully done with that shady tavern."

Dwi heartily says, "Smokin stunts yer growth."

Kenstrom says, "I'll look into the weapon wagon. If it's closed, I'll have to see why, and if we can re-open."

Puptilian says, "Its been closed for over a year now."

Maylan says, "Mmm smoke shop would be a good addition to a tavern."

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor asks, "Any word on when player shops will be liquified?"

Nazarr says, "It's definitely closed."

Kenstrom says, "And pfft. the citizen demographic is SO different than the Adventurer demographic."

Kenstrom shrugs at Draccor.

Kenstrom says, "I'll look into it then."

Maylan says, "Emo landing already exists in the form of Lich's Landing."

Kenstrom just closed the jumbo list.

Question 22, From Puptilian: Tunnel Safety

Kenstrom says, "Puptilian1."

Draccor darkly says, "Lich landing was awesome."

Kenstrom says, "...AND 2."

Kenstrom snickers.

Evician says, "Heh I remember when longswords first came out....people were like OMG I need this in my life."

Speaking to Maylan, Nazarr says, "Yes, but we can't access that."

Pukk quietly says, "Can you reopen Grey Wind Manor...I was having so much fun there."

Speaking to Nazarr, Maylan says, "I know."

Speaking to Pukk, Chaoswynd asks, "They closed that?"

Pukk nods.

Speaking to Pukk, Chaoswynd says, "That sucks."

Puptilian says, "The tunnels were orginally billed as a way for younger players to get around during invasions but you use them as another way to get at us..."

Bristenn exclaims, "The food's still there!"

Nazarr says, "I wish they'd reopen ALAE. That was a great organization."

Thrassus exclaims, "Tactics!"

Puptilian asks, "As a mentor I do get questions on how to avoid invasions occasionally. Do you still plan to use the tunnels?"

Darcena says, "I'm still technically a member."

Draccor darkly says, "Good question."

Kenstrom says, "I only use the tunnels to hurt you sometimes, when you're going to shake down Rooks."

Sairai softly asks, "Are there rodents in the tunnels?"

Leafiara incredulously repeats, "Avoid... invasions..."

Kenstrom says, "I try not to use them much during invasions, etc, so people can use them."

Cryheart says, "Sounds like a trap."

Zosopage says, "See I thought those tunnels were just a way to get at us."

Speaking to Leafiara, Puptilian says, "There is a small gropu that hate them."

Evia asks, "The Rook tunnels, or the tunnels of old?"

Speaking to Puptilian, Leafiara says, "I know, I'm just teasing."

Puptilian nods at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "So yes, the Burrow Way is a good way to avoid invasions."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "I'll keep offering that solution then."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Evia asks, "Oh..not very elegant, but any chance of making the water buckets for fires self destruct when empty?"

Kenstrom says, "I'll send on a request."

Kenstrom nods.

Dwi heartily says, "Just ring a bell..use dem cryers...Git indoors ye idjits."

Bristenn says, "The catacombs were fun for that way back when, also."

Speaking to Evia, Chaoswynd says, "Great, now the buckets will explode, and set more folks on fire."

Question 23, From Lylia: New Shops

Kenstrom says, "And last for the night...."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Lylia!"

Dwi heartily says, "Course I'd go outside if'n I heard dat."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Dergoatean says, "Lyli."

Bristenn corrects, "Lyli."

Kenstrom laughs!

Kenstrom says, "Lyli."

Darcena says, "Heeeey giiiirl."

Lylia says, "Albanus' question did make me think of another one: Would there be a possibility of other new shops? The smoke shop sounds like a welcome addition as Pinefar's pretty distant, but I think some people might also like to see a stationery shop, as Ta'Illistim's even more distant."

Kenstrom asks, "Mayor Lyli, your question?"

Kenstrom snickers.

Lylia says, "YOU get to call me Lyli because YOU can kill me if I object."

Speaking to Lylia, Maylan says, "YES."

Maylan says, "STATIONERY."

Maylan says, "ALL THE THINGS."

Speaking to Maylan, Lylia says, "You smell like Bourbon Street."

Kenstrom asks, "Stationery?"

Kenstrom asks, "Like um...words?"

Kenstrom asks, "And paper?"

Kenstrom furrows his brow.

Speaking to Lylia, Darcena mouths, "Heeeey giiiirl."

Lyrna says, "For writing..."

Speaking to Lylia, Puptilian says, "With our new....agreement with TV maybe new trade agreements and merchandise."

Speaking to Lylia, Chaoswynd suggests, "Coffee shop. We've got tea, but some kind of frontier coffee options would be nice."

Kenstrom asks, "Huh?"

Lylia says, "Yeah. Text for the text-world."

Kenstrom chuckles.

Speaking to Lylia, Evia says, "With flax linen papers."

Maylan says, "Dooooo eeeeet."

Berkana says, "Oh yes... paper and cards and envelopes."

Albanus says, "Just make the print shop sell paper, and ink."

Bristenn exclaims, "This climate can't grow coffee!"

Dwi heartily says, "Crayons."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Evician says, "You lost me at words."

Berkana says, "And paper you can scent."

Maylan says, "And sealing wax."

Bristenn says, "You'll have to import that sweet sweet bean."

Lylia says, "Yeah, that'd work."

Cryheart asks, "We have a tea shop?"

Sairai softly says, "We could pass notes around."

Kenstrom says, "I do want to add some new shops, yes."

Lylia exclaims, "We do have a bakery that sells teas, yep!"

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia says, "Bakery, kinda."

Speaking to Cryheart, Puptilian says, "Second room of the bakery."

Kenstrom says, "Talisker even had an idea back in the day, to build a shop bazaar in town."

Ysharra asks, " a shop that sells darts?"

Cryheart says, "Oh."

Lylia says, "There was even a contest for that."

Xorus says, "You could have a combination scroll and rolling papers shop."

Lylia nods at Kenstrom.

Kenstrom says, "With some new shops all connected via a square center."

Ysharra asks, "To use in your new tavern?"

Evia says, "Like a farmer market? I said that a few elections ago."

Lyrna exclaims, "That's fun!"

Speaking to Cryheart, Chaoswynd says, "Has a teakettle, free water and wood, etc. Have to buy teabags and such tho."

Kenstrom says, "I could see that maybe one day."

Cryheart says, "Ahhh."

Dwi heartily asks, "Scribes who show up to work? Der's a shop here already aint der?"

Kenstrom says, "With a word shop thingie..."

Kenstrom says, "Smoke shop..."

Dergoatean says, "Hm, shops all around a square, in a town..."

Kenstrom says, "Hand pylon shop..."

Kenstrom says, "Pew pew pew."

Kenstrom snickers.

Dergoatean exclaims, "Like... a town square!"

Evia says, "Head shop."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Chaoswynd says, "Yes please."

Kenstrom says, "You see Darcena the Pylonslinger."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Lylia exclaims, "By Jove!"

Kenstrom says, "Pew pew."

Dergoatean says, "Pewwww."

Darcena says, "PEW PEW."

Sairai softly says, "A puppet shop."

Lyrna exclaims, "Send mana into it and get little shots out of it!"

Lylia asks, "Hey, do we get to say "By Jovery" to make it all IC-like?"

Draccor darkly says, "You see Draccor the town stoner."

Bristenn says, "Ha."

Bristenn says, "I get it."

Puptilian says, "Hey minis have weapons that go with them...they need a pylon too."

Sairai softly asks, "Give the puppeteers something to do?"

Cryheart says, "Citizens could hae working shops that require investment in time and for items get silvers or rpas."

Evia says, "By Jovery, Lyli that is a grand idea."

Xorus says, "Not a real frontier town without hand pylons and folksy gibberish."

Kenstrom says, "An imperial pinata shop."

Pukk quietly exclaims, "Now that Pukk will go to!"


Kenstrom exclaims, "OH!"

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "No it has to be called the hobby lobby."

Sairai softly says, "We need a practical joke shop."

Lylia says, "No. I can't even shop at a virtual Hobby Lobby."

Albanus says, "Firework shop."

Pukk quietly says, "House of Cholen shop."

Kenstrom asks, "Is Maags here?"

Gryzzlbok says, "Cholen sounds so dirty."

Cryheart says, "Nae."

Albanus says, "No."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Bad juju in text alone."

Shinann says, "Nope."

Cryheart says, "She is still about though."

Kenstrom says, "Okay don't tell her..."

Draccor darkly asks, "A tart shop?"

Berkana says, "She doesn't need more tarts."

Lylia says, "I won't say a word."

Sairai softly asks, "Yes?"

Cryheart says, "They promise."

Draccor darkly says, "I already told her."

Puptilian asks, "Everyone here gets a pony so she misses out?"

Dwi heartily says, "Issa puppit."

Evician says, "I want dragon wings so I can mess with Svardin."












okay no just kidding]

Kenstrom says, "I want to one day add HORSES to the town stables."

Kenstrom says, "But you can't ride them haha."

Bristenn says, "I have horses. In my stables."

Darcena says, "Kenstrom. Just stop there."

Kenstrom says, "But they'll have interactive commands."

Thrassus exclaims, "Figments of imagination!"

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "You know she would steal them...."

Pukk quietly says, "Just once, I want Rufus to actually fly by him."

Kenstrom says, "To like, feed them."

Pietra says, "Finally a use for the letter m... oh."

Kenstrom says, "Pet them..."

Speaking to Bristenn, Dirra exclaims, "Clops!"

Speaking heartily to Sairai, Dwi exclaims, "Scarey!"

Darcena says, "And go read my Horse system and my Garrison system."

Kenstrom says, "Comb them..."

Lyrna exclaims, "That'd be good!"

Albanus says, "That's it, he's gone mad with power."

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "I want a pair of them Batman pajamas."

Darcena says, "And go make those happen."

Tivvy asks, "No pony rides?"

Nisugi asks, "Clean up after them?"

Darcena says, "Right nao."

Tivvy says, "Womp womp."

Cryheart says, "I want to comb them and hug them...but also ride them."

Zosopage says, "Clean their road apples."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Evia says, "How about a few horse err..npc's? like the kitten and stuff...only a horse."

Shinann asks, "Can I send the militia to clean the stables?"

Lylia asks, "If we're not able to ride them, why do we have a 'MOUNT' verb!?"

Kenstrom says, "Like a back door idle horse system."

Kenstrom snickers.

Ysharra says, "A taxidermy shop. Sort of our own Build a Bear."

Xorus says, "The Shadow Valley horses will have to invade to liberate them."

Berkana says, "Mister Ed... great."

Roblar deeply says, "I think an old jousting verb."

Speaking to Shinann, Puptilian says, "So another reason not to join. You have me do that all the time."

Gryzzlbok says, "We have a mount command already."

Speaking to Ysharra, Thrassus says, "I'd like a bear building shop."

Draccor darkly says, "You could try to mount a centaur."

Maylan says, "Someday...someday we will be able to use the MOUNT verb."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "Shush."

Speaking to Lylia, Evia says, "Ask your hubby."

Roblar glances skeptically at Draccor.

Roblar deeply says, "Scandalous."

Lyrna says, "The stables are NOT one of the worse jobs you can get."

Zosopage exclaims, "Thats what we're missing around town. Road apples!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Oh!"

Lylia softly repeats, "Scandalous."

Speaking to Lyrna, Darcena says, "Sewers."

Speaking darkly to Roblar, Draccor says, "I know you tried."

Kenstrom says, "And I do want to make new Wandering NPC's."

Kenstrom says, "For town."

Kenstrom says, "And new town mood messaging."

Sairai softly says, "I do wish I could ride a horse in the stables."

Kenstrom says, "But those are near the bottom of my list per se."

Cryheart says, " the middle ages there were poop movers."

Xorus says, "Bring back the curious mystics and placid monk."

Cryheart says, "And water haulers."

Kenstrom says, "WARE THE BAY."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Puptilian says, "There is your contest. Two of them."

Dwi heartily says, "Dont do dat...some folks sleep der."

Xorus exclaims, "Terror rides the sea like the wind!"

Shinann says, "I think we need to ware the bay anyway."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "And Sylvia. I'd like to see what she looks like."

Kenstrom says, "Maybe I'll make a placid mystic and a curious monk."

Kenstrom snickers.

Lylia says, "I Loved -- with a capital L -- the mood messaging during the construction of the Imperial warships."

Evician says, "Oooo edgy."

Draccor darkly says, "I think if people are trained in thrown weapons they should be able to hurl buckets of water at fires."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Chaoswynd says, "Make a Savant. Really piss folks off."

Speaking to Kenstrom, Dirra says, "Thank you for the meeting, bed for me."

Dirra says, "Night all."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Me too!"

Sairai softly says, "Thank you."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Time for sleep!"

Evician says, "Thanks Kenstrom."

Kenstrom exclaims, "Thanks for coming all!"

Lylia says, "Thank you so much for the meeting."

Maylan says, "Sleeeepy."

Lyrna exclaims, "Thank you!"

Zosopage says, "Make a Pukk wandering around town."

Cryheart says, "Thanks for the meeting."

Kenstrom exclaims, "2019 will not disappoint!"

Kenstrom exclaims, "Have a goodnight!"

Pukk quietly exclaims, "Thank you for holding the meeting!"

Leafiara exclaims, "G'night!"

Speaking darkly to Kenstrom, Draccor says, "Make sure you wash off all that blood."


Kenstrom walks off into the distance.