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Lich:Script Eloot is a third party script and is not maintained by Simutronics. Simutronics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on this page, nor is it liable for issues stemming from the use of the application on players' personal devices.

Eloot is an automatic looting script in lich that is the spiritual predessory, and borrows heavily from concepts in sloot. Eloot is actively maintained by the Elanthia-Online team. As with all scripts that deal with inventory management, it is Highly recommend to mark and register every item you value until you understand how eloot will handle your inventory, and it is not recommended to be wearing any gem hoarding containers until you can verify your eloot settings and behavior.

What does it do?

Eloot will gather loot from a killed monster or room, place that loot into the defined containers including overflow containers. It will not gather specific loot types you define,skin creatures, will drop boxes off at the locksmith pool or town locksmith if you desire, and will sell loot that meets the criteria and deposit coins. Eloot settings are saved per character per instance, in your lich5 data folder. Ex lich-5\data\eloot\GSIV\Rinualdo.yaml. If you wish to keep eloot settings across more than one char, you can copy and paste this file and rename the .yaml to each character you have.

How do I get it?

Eloot can be downloaded via ;repo download eloot.

As a script in active development and with the constant state of changes in the game, it is recommended to set eloot and all Elanthia-Online scripts to auto-update via ;repo set-updatable eloot

Eloot scans your inventory each time lost, so adding ;autostart add --global eloot start to your lich autostart can populate the information it needs at the start of your gaming session.

How does it work?

Eloot operates off in game STOW settings where a user can define one or multiple containers for loot. STOW settings need to be configured in game or eloot will not function. Eloot does not utilize User.vars like Sloot does. Eloot allows the user to define a variety of loot and selling conditions. You can access the configuration via ;eloot setup

The Looting Tab

The looting tab allows the user to define what items you want eloot to pick up. Item categorization is based on lich's gameobj-data.xml file. When no exclusions are defined and all available loot on the ground meets the relevant criteria, eloot will use the in game verb loot room, which the game engine gathers and places items based on your stow settings

  • Loot Types
    • Allows the user to tell eloot what things to loot. Of note, this is based on lich classification so some items may fit multiple categories. For example, a weapon may be both a weapon, magical, valuable, and uncommon.
  • Other Settings
    • A variety of switches for eloot configuration. Supports Coin Hands and a switch is provided for eloot to keep a lot in the yaml file for items that eloot is unable to loot.
  • Overflow containers
    • These are containers the user defines when the default stow containers are full. Of note, these should not be your default or box containers. For example, if your default container is a cloak and your box container is a backpack, then you would not designate either as overflow for boxes, but instead would pick satchel and knapsack as your primary and secondary overflow.
  • Never Loot
    • Items to never loot. Black ora, urglaes are popular exclusions for non clerics.
  • Always Loot
    • Always loot these items, no matter what other settings contain
  • Creature exclusions
    • If there is a creature you do not want to loot, such as one that can injur you when searching.
  • Unlootable
    • Note, sometimes due to player interaction, an item can be classified as unlootable. For example, if there is an uncut diamond on the ground and you run eloot, then another group or group member loots that diamond before eloot finishes, eloot may attempt to classify that as an unlootable item and will not try to loot again. You can check this location to see what items eloot was unable to loot previously.

The Selling Tab

  • Sell Types
    • Which items you want eloot to sell. MARK EVERYTHING IMPORTANT
  • Only Sell from these STOW containers
    • If you have a STOW container you want eloot not to sell from, you would remove it here. Testing beforehand is highly recommended.
  • Exclusions
    • If you want eloot not to sell any items supported by nouns or regex here
  • Keep Scrolls
    • Allows a defined list of spell numbers that eloot will not attempt to sell. Requires the appropriate training in reading scrolls to determine if a scroll contains the defined spells
  • Appraisals
    • If enabled, eloot will attempt to appraise the designated categories to determine if they meet the Gemshop and Pawnshop limits established. This is useful for determining enhancive items that may require futher player inspection. Eloot will not attempt to resell items above these thresholds during the current session and will provide a notification to the user. If the current session is closed, eloot will attempt again on the next session.
  • Locksmithing
    • Allows the user to define which, if any, locksmithing component to use and allows the user to set a preconfigured tip as an actual silver amount or as a tip percentage.
  • Other Settings
    • Allows the user to define if they want collectiables deposited to the town collection location, to sell in FWI and if they want gold rings delivered to the chronomaster. 1212/1205/650 are options as well for those who can cast.

The Skinning Tab

  • Settings
    • Fill in the appropriate switches if you want eloot to skin, if you want it to keel and or use ranger spell 604 or Sunfist's Sigil of Resolve
  • Skin Weapons
    • Eloot needs to know what your skin weapon is and what container it is contained in. If your creature list requires a blunt weapon to skin, these also need to be filled out
  • Skinning Exclusions
    • Any creatures you do not want eloot to attempt to skin

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