Madelyne Cross

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Madelyne Cross
Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Cross Into Shadows
Gender female
Race human
Status unknown
Relationship(s) Elithain Cross (father)
Alias/Title The urnon golem

Madelyne Cross was the daughter of Elithain Cross.


Madelyn was used to seduce Grishom, making him fall in love with her and gaining the trust of their family long enough to get close to Grishom's father to assassinate him for his animosity against her own father. After witnessing the murder, Grishom lashed out and killed Madelyne, stabbing her in the stomach with his ritual dagger which ended up trapping her spirit inside. Many years later, Grishom prepared to channel the spirit of Madelyne into a large chunk of urnon to create a golem, but his plan was defeated by heroic adventurers. Moments later, in an act of betrayal, Elithain finished the ritual himself and Madelyne's spirit was used to create an urnon golem. Now trapped inside of her new construct form, Madelyne escaped with her father.

Madelyne was sighted several times afterward. She ostensibly slew Baron Kuligar Gardane in Talador, although it was revealed that Kuligar was actually Deylan, and she killed the Baron of Idolone. In the end, during her father Elithain Cross' ritual, she turned on him and he was killed by adventurers and Wehnimer's Landing defense forces. Afterward Althedeus tried to inhabit her. As the adventurers spoke to her and explained the situation, the urnon golem she powered went dormant and allowed the assembled combatants time to destroy it. Without a host to latch onto, Althedeus - also known as The Shadow - dissipated.

Madelyne's spirit was seemingly not destroyed, but if she lives or exists, is unknown.