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"Pound for pound, the best pyromancer money can hire!"
Race Burghal Gnome
Culture Vylem
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Pyromancer, Vylem Folklorist
Profession Wizard
Religion Indifferent Cultist of Fash'lo'nae
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Sunfist, LDI, Sneaky Kobolds
In-a-Word Firecracker
Disposition Chipper, Feisty
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Adventurous
Flaw Chronic inability to properly gauge risk
Greatest Strength Willingness to stand up to anyone, regardless of size
Greatest Weakness Willingness to stand up to ANYONE, regardless of size
Hobbies Spirit Beast Training, Rousing Piccolo Performances
Likes Camaraderie, Whiskey, Cigars, Raw Onions
Dislikes Alchemy, Snobbery, Short Jokes
Fears Abandonment
Loyalties Landing Defense Irregulars, Sneaky Kobolds

About Mekimin

Mekimin is a bombastic denizen of Wehnimer's Landing, regularly seen stuffing her oversized wizard's hat with treats. She is a member of the Landing Defense Irregulars. A Master of the Guardians of Sunfist, she collaborated with the cartographer Alosaka on the creation of a novel method of tracking down hidden Grimswarm warcamps. She is a founding member of the Sneaky Kobolds, a ragtag mercenary crew. She performed "How Fash'lo'nae Created the Gnomes", an original piece of Vylem Folklore, at Bardfest 5120.


You see Mekimin the Pyromancer.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome of the Vylem Bloodline.
She is average height. She appears to be young and sprightly. She has sparkling purple eyes and freckled skin. She has chin length, tousled auburn hair. She has a triangular face, a pointed nose and protruding ears.
She has a fire salamander tattoo on her arm, a Vylem bloodmark tattoo on her ankle, and a raised fist tattoo on her wrist.
She is holding an ancient faewood runestaff in her right hand.
She is wearing a pointed brown wizard's hat, an alexandrite Fash'lo'nae symbol, a burnt umber cloak, a grey-striped dark leather epaulet, a shiny steel trophy pin set with a carved pearl, a rugged crimson harness, a charred maroon backpack, a thigh-length raspberry linen tunic, some fiery scarlet leather, a dainty ruby red kilt, and some muddy brown leather boots.

Bardfest 5120 Performance

Mekimin performed her original piece, "How Fash'lo'nae Created the Gnomes," in Wehnimer's Landing at the 25th annual Bardfest on the evening of Leyan, the 24th of Koaratos in the year 5120.
Dremerie recites melodically:

    "And now, our final performer
     Please give a hearty welcome to... 

The backstage curtains part slightly, and Mekimin steps out onto the stage.  A glimpse of the shadowy backstage is briefly visible before the curtains close behind her.

Mekimin takes a few steps toward a podium.

Mekimin reaches out and touches her Fash'lo'nae symbol.

Mekimin politely squeaks, "I beg your silence and attention, please."

Mekimin clears her throat.

Mekimin begins, "This is a story told to me by my grandfather. It's an old Vylem tale, from way back before the gnomes separated into the clans."

Mekimin takes a deep breath.

Mekimin continues, "It's a story from before the rest of the gnomes stopped tellin' stories with gods in them."

Mekimin muses, "We still tell it in the Vylem burrows though. Because it's true."

Mekimin rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Mekimin innocently asks, "How do I know it's true?"

Mekimin flashes a wide grin.

Mekimin confidently squeaks, "Because my grandfather was there!"

Mekimin clears her throat.

Mekimin slowly takes a few steps to her left.

Mekimin solemnly intones, "Long, long ago, Grandfather Fash'lo'nae first brought fire to the round-ears."

Mekimin flails her arms about.

Mekimin quickly interrupts, "But that's a round-ear story, and our tale isn't about that!"

Mekimin proudly crows, "It's about what came just after, and of how Grandfather made the gnomes what we are."

Mekimin lets out a long, contemplative breath.

Mekimin says, "Now, all peoples know of how Grandfather Fash'lo'nae stole the ember of fire from Koar's hearth and smuggled it to the mortal world."

Mekimin glances around the room.

Mekimin cocks her head.

Mekimin nods approvingly.

Mekimin ominously says, "Well, this theft so angered Koar that his fists shook with lightning. As he stood before his darkened hearth, poking at the cold, black ashes, he roared:"

Mekimin recites:

    "Someone bring me the head of that wicked, old Fash'lo'nae!"

Mekimin gasps, "And as he bellowed the ashes came to life!"

Mekimin frightenedly squeaks, "A great dark cloud poured forth from Koar's fireplace!"

Mekimin gives a slight flick of her wrist, and an onyx-inlaid Onar figurine suddenly appears in her hand!

Speaking grimly to her Onar figurine, Mekimin says, "The darkness' name was Onar, and it whirled about Koar, waiting for instruction."

Mekimin says, "And Koar hesitated but for a moment, before he yelled once more:"

Mekimin recites angrily:

    "Go forth! And don't come back without the head of Fash'lo'nae!"

Mekimin yelps, "With a 'whoosh!', the black wind flew up through Koar's chimney and out the top! Off Onar flew with his black knife, to claim the head of Fash'lo'nae."

Mekimin takes a few steps to her left.

Mekimin gently says, "Now, of course Grandfather saw all of this."

Mekimin explains, "In those days, Fash'lo'nae had a mirror with a hundred-and-one facets that showed a hundred-and-one worlds, and he could look in it to see anywhere he pleased."

Mekimin says, "And so, with his hundred slitted eyes fixed upon his mirror, he saw the coming of Onar."

Mekimin says, "Quick as a thought came Onar to the castle of Grandfather! But Fash'lo'nae is quicker still, and fled on a moonbeam to the mortal world."

Mekimin says, "Grandfather found himself in a great field of grass, and his hundred eyes saw Onar hurtling down from the Moon."

Mekimin glances apprehensively up.

Mekimin exclaims, "And so Grandfather turned himself into a tiny snake, and slithered into the grass. But Onar became a Black Mongoose, and gave chase!"

Mekimin exclaims, "But Grandfather is faster still, and became a songbird and flew into the sky! But Onar became a hawk, and followed!"

Mekimin exclaims, "On and on the chase proceeded, now trout and garr, now velnalin and lion, now fox and hound, round the whole belt of the world!"

Mekimin exclaims, "And just as Onar was about to catch him, Fash'lo'nae became a muskrat and dove into a hole in the ground!"

Mekimin ducks slightly and covers her head with her arms.

Mekimin says, "Down, down, down, went Grandfather. Down all the way into the winding depths of the earth, taking many a secret, twisting tunnel."

Mekimin says, "Finally, grandfather pushed his way through a tangle of roots and dirt and found himself in a dark cave."

Mekimin asks, "And what did Grandfather see there?"

Mekimin gasps, "Seven little muskrats!"

Mekimin exclaims, "Grandfather stared back at the muskrats in wonder, hidden so deep in the ground that not even his gazing-mirror had found them!"

Mekimin says, "And Grandfather said:"

Mekimin recites:

    "Secret dwellers of the earth's belly: will you help an old man whose death is near?"

Mekimin begs for mercy!

Mekimin says, "And the seven muskrats turned to each other and consulted among themselves."

Mekimin whispers quietly to herself.

Mekimin says, "Then the wisest and most beautiful among them smiled and nodded, and so the seven gathered around Grandfather, moving to protect him."

Mekimin says, "And Grandfather said:"

Mekimin recites dramatically:

    "Gentle, secret dwellers of the underground!
     You shall be my refuge!"

Mekimin says, "And Fash'lo'nae took his form of an ancient old man, hunched and wizened."

Mekimin exclaims, "And he lifted his gazing-mirror high above his head!"

Mekimin seems to be waiting for something.

Mekimin excitedly hollers, "And he brought the mirror down upon the ground, shattering it into a hundred-and-one pieces!"

Mekimin gazes with awe at her surroundings.

Mekimin gasps, "As its shattered pieces fell, the faces of the cave dwellers were caught in its hundred reflections, and lo: Their forms suddenly hunched and sprouted great, long beards to match Fash'lo'nae's own!"

Mekimin says, "And Grandfather said:"

Mekimin recites:

    "You will be the grandfathers of the people I name Gnomes!"

Mekimin grins wickedly.

Mekimin recites slyly:

    "And you are all named Fash'lo'nae!"

Mekimin purposefully walks to stand behind a podium.

Mekimin says, "Now, Onar still poured like black smoke through the tunnels, tracking the scent of Fash'lo'nae. Round and round he circled, until suddenly..."

Mekimin waves an onyx-inlaid Onar figurine around.

Mekimin raises her Onar figurine skyward!

Mekimin roars!

Mekimin suddenly bellows, "He burst through the wall and into the cavern!"

Mekimin blinks.

Mekimin blinks.

Mekimin says, "Dumbfounded, Onar looked over the many identical faces turned toward him."

Mekimin recites angrily:

    "I am here to claim the head of Fash'lo'nae!"

Mekimin says, "So Grandfather turned to greet Death, flashing his yellow teeth. Grandfather grinned and said..."

Mekimin recites dramatically:

    "I am Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

Mekimin says, "And the little one next to him said..."

From behind a podium, Mekimin's voice exclaims, "I am Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

From behind some open curtains, Mekimin's voice exclaims, "I am Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

From behind some heavy wooden pews, Mekimin's voice exclaims, "I am Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

From behind a long fel table draped with silver and green bunting, Mekimin's voice exclaims, "I am Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

From behind Seomanthe, Mekimin's voice exclaims, "I am Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

Mekimin crows, "Their voices all cried out in a jumble!"

Mearyn giggles.

Mekimin grips her Onar figurine a little tighter.

Mekimin glowers.

Mekimin exclaims, "Enraged, Onar rushed forth, quick as thought, and thrust his knife at Grandfather Fash'lo'nae!"

Mekimin softly says, "But Grandfather is quicker still..."

Mekimin says, "...and moved a step to the right..."

Mekimin takes a few steps to her right.

Mekimin wails, "And Onar's knife cleaved the neck of the gnome that stood behind him!"

Mekimin squeamishly moans, "A spray of gore!"

Mekimin gives a slight flick of her wrist, and a small totem head suddenly appears in her hand!

Mekimin exclaims, "The sickening thump as a head hit the floor!"

Mekimin drops a small totem head.

Mekimin whispers aloud, "Onar's inky fingers wound through the hair of the decapitated grandfather and lifted it from the stained dirt."

Mekimin picks up a small totem head.

Mekimin dusts herself off.

Mekimin glances around the room.

Mekimin nods firmly.

Mekimin hisses, "His duty dispatched, the head claimed, Onar vanished through the tunnels of the earth to deliver his prize to Koar's table."

Mekimin put a small totem head in her barkcloth pack.

Mekimin put an onyx-inlaid Onar figurine in her barkcloth pack.

Mekimin turns around.

Mekimin strides a few steps forward.

Mekimin says, "Grandfather Fash'lo'nae spread his arms wide as he turned to the gnomes. And he said..."

Mekimin recites solemnly:

    "You gave me refuge in my time of need. And so I, Fash'lo'nae the Firebringer, shall be among you always."

Mekimin recites:

    "The secret places of the the world shall be your home
     And all the secret things of the world shall be your delight."

Mekimin flashes a wide grin.

Mekimin chirps, "And so the gnomes ventured from their cave and went out into the world, and spread far and wide among the cities of men, and elves, and dwarves, and everyone else too, for that matter!"

Mekimin exclaims, "And, as Grandfather promised, we found safety in secret places, and solace in secret things!"

Mekimin warns, "But to this day, one can never be too sure..."

Mekimin whispers aloud, "Should an ancient gnome give you a wink as you pass them by, remember..."

Mekimin recites triumphantly:

    "They might be Fash'lo'nae, the Firebringer!"

Mekimin folds her hands behind her back.

Mekimin bows.

Mekimin glances up.

Mekimin winks.

Mekimin beams!

Mekimin retreats through the backstage curtains, vanishing from sight.