Memailly and the Coming of Magic

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Sahaegin says, "The next part I would like to tell is.."

Sahaegin says, "The Coming of Magic"

Sahaegin says, "Memailly Traithmok had been with the halflings for many years, and though she was still young in terms of being an elf, she'd slowly gained the trust of the halfling tribe"

Sahaegin says, "Finryst Carlsonne had come to depend upon her as an advisor."

Sahaegin says, "Finryst had long since discovered that Memailly was a wizard trained in the venerable halls of Ta'Illistim's finest academies. "

Sahaegin says, "She had given up any allegiance she might have once felt for her Elven ancestry with the commencement of her marriage to a halfling warrior named Einaz Traithmok, a union that lasted over 70 years"

Sahaegin smiles.

Sahaegin says, "The marriage ended when Einaz was killed in a conflict with an Ardenai hunting party, leaving Memailly a widow."

Sahaegin says, "When Finryst told her of his plans for bringing magic to the tribes, she agreed and willingly took on the organization of the endeavor. "

Sahaegin says, "Time proved that Memailly's enviable talent in magic was equaled by her skills at management."

Sahaegin says, "Young halflings with magical promise were located during the coming years, and brought to Fraelshire."

Sahaegin says, "Here a structure was erected, a large building where the tenants of magic began to be taught, and it was called Grinstoff Roth."

Sahaegin says, "The children who studied there turned out to be surprisingly adept, and Memailly was amazed, then delighted, with their promise."

Sahaegin asks, "Who could have known that such a vast well of talent was lying undetected in the small, hardy people?"

Sahaegin says, "During her teaching, Memailly was at first puzzled why spells she cast at the halfings would be resisted as though they had not worked. "

Sahaegin says, "With experimentation, she discovered they had an innate ability to withstand elemental magic to a degree she had never encountered before."

Sahaegin says, "While she was never able to fully explain this, she eventually deduced it derived from a combination of the halflings' close relationship with the land and their natural inclination to disdain hostility. "

Sahaegin says, "Memailly gave it a name, calling it the 'reshchleiv' or as translated in halfling, 'Land's bounty.'"

Sahaegin says, "As Finryst passed from Trine Father, his successors continued to support the work, trusting Memailly's administration with unquestioning approval."

Sahaegin says, "With her Elven longevity, she schooled year after year of new initiates, and watched their children, and their grandchildren follow in the magical arts."

Sahaegin says, "And as time passed, the initiates grew into their power as though they were growing in height. The other races, meanwhile, had no suspicion that the halflings possessed any knowledge of the arcane arts."

Sahaegin asks, "any questions before I move on to the next age?"

Ferdirand raises his hand.

Merryleon raises his hand.

Elfstan raises his hand.

Sahaegin asks, "Yes Ferd?"

Ferdirand asks, "you say that Memailly's husband was killed in a conflict with Adrenai...was there open conflict between Halflings and Others?"

Sahaegin says, "At that time, there the conflict was not common"

Sahaegin says, "However.. the next section of the history will tell you that it was a lead-in to events that would later happen"

Sahaegin says, "Let me go on..."