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Name: Beaver Enthusiast Mitch O'Saurus Profession: Ranger Level: 100 Title: Woodsmaster Race: Forest Gnome Gender: Male Age: very young (0) He is average height for a space alien. He appears to be very young. He has obviously fake Forest Gnome eyes and unnaturally grey skin. He has transparently fake, flowing grey hair stapled to his head. He has an irregularly shaped face, a nonexistent nose and a pair of suuuper skinny arms and legs. And he is not a space alien.

He is wearing an aluminum foil hat, a fantastic spacesuit, the optional space cloak upgrade, a ray gun, a bag that has an inside that is bigger than the outside. Figure that one out, pal., a beep-bop boopulator, a space pack, some NOOB gloves with a small tag dangling from it, a Jason Statham, and a Mitch with a horrifying canada goose and a three-handed sword secured to it.