Morandas Vinewise

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Morandas Vinewise was known as the cackling cleric and his player ran the popular Morandas Mausoleum for many years.

Behind the Scenes

Morandas Vinewise the Sylvankind Cleric.
He appears to be in his 70's, has long, braided white hair, multihued eyes, and fair skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a glass amulet, a gold ring, some cracked leather gloves, a linked ruby demon miniature bracelet, some imflass threaded arm greaves, a vultite wall shield, a gold-stringed thraak skin sack, an Elanthian Times Press Pass, a silver monocle, a deep green glaes spider charm, a crimson eog bascinet, an imflass charm bracelet, some steel-rimmed spectacles, an imflass Lorminstra symbol, some studded eonake gauntlets, a shadowy black burglar's cape, a parti-colored blue and gold surcoat, a starched white clerical collar, some polished mother-of-pearl cufflinks, a glaes wedding band, a mithril juggernaut pin, a key-shaped Lorminstra pin, some knee-high cuffed leather boots, a witchwood star cloak clasp, a pulsating blue sunstone earring, a white potion bag, a draken hound crested scale leather, a gold stickpin, a small silver star, a green shamrock, a green shamrock, a blue samite sporran, a black samite belt, some black samite gloves, a gold-trimmed silvery samite kilt, and a blackened myklian scale eyepatch.