Narrow dark walnut cart

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Narrow dark walnut cart is a boutique shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It specializes in erithi clothing, and is located on Taarna Rd. outside the herbalist shop.

[Wehnimer's, Taarna Rd.]
A small house is set back from the curve in the road, in the midst of a carefully tended garden of strange plants. A twisting path leading to the door is lined with carved wooden pots in which grow many species of pungent herbs. Two modwir saplings entwine over the door, forming a leafy arch. You also see a narrow dark walnut cart framed in delicate bronze nautilus shells with some stuff on it.


On the dark walnut cart you see:

a butter-hued raw silk atika folded in softly waved peaks 10000
an ocean blue muslin atika traced with delicate ivory ammonite shell embroidery 10000
an ornately folded silken atiki studded with pure gold crane clasps 10000
a dark auburn linen atiki with sharply folded copper-trimmed edges 10000
a stiff-collared sable broadcloth isiqiri lined with round carved ivory buttons 20000
a layered forest green samite isiqiri cuffed with fine silver and gold threading 20000
a bell-sleeved celadon brocade atanika painted with cream lotus blossoms 20000
a rich mulberry satin atanika adorned with fire agates down the central opening 20000
a russet silk and linen ataniki simply cut with a left-bound front opening 20000
an amber-colored heavy muslin ataniki inset with lustrous raw silk bands 20000
an elegantly knotted vatanura fashioned from delicate cobalt blue watered silk 10000
a pale cloudy grey burnt velvet vatanura swept with coiling ivy designs 10000
a floor-length granite silk velvet robe patterned with broad silver-white leaves 20000 Significant amount, any number, (Cloak worn)
a square-sleeved pine green satin robe woven with feathery tree bough silhouettes 20000 Significant amount, any number, (Cloak worn)
a niveous marbled silk vatanura streaked with titian ribboning 10000
a gleaming pewter brocaded silk vatanura 10000
some gently flared ebon suede nanjir 15000
a pair of billowy silver and alabaster silk nanjir 15000
some slim black silk satin kanjir seamed with tiny cloud agate beads 15000
a pair of slender velvet kanjir finished in green-tinged porraye 15000
a bluish violet samite kanjiqi embellished with thin-cut bamboo disks 20000
a gilded brushed leather kanjiqi artfully sculpted into narrow pleats 20000
a flowing white sailcloth tunic with oval-shaped ironwood toggles 15000 VSA, one item (Chest)
a tailored combed wool tunic colored in shades of indigo and lapis blue 15000 VSA, one item (Chest)
some rush-soled walnut leather yatane 15000
some low-heeled onyx suede yatane 15000