Nations on the Brink (storyline)/Coming Home (vignette)

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Coming Home

Walking up to a stone building, a petite elven woman pauses to inspect the sapphire-tiled door. Carefully, she pries four small tacks from the frame and crumples up a few bits of parchment in her hands.

“I certainly did not mean to be gone so long. Oh dear, it seems my notice was ripped off, or perhaps blew away.”

Unlocking the entrance, Polimynia walks into her shop and looks about.

“I had hoped that I would find my niece here. I will have to send her a note immediately. She will want to hear the news I have about the family and that her great aunt has recovered.”

Running one finger over the layer of dust on the counter, she frowns.

“It does not look like anyone has been here. I do hope Yrmythia is well. It is not like her to ignore a request for help. I did send her word of my departure with one of the gnomes in service to the Keep. Now I have to wonder if she received it.”