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Charlatos 16-17, 5123


This log is purely intended as an archival record of spoken words and actions of characters within the game as could be witnessed by the character who was present to record them. The player posting it holds no position on the veracity, falsity, legitimacy, nor illegitimacy of any character dialogue, opinions, perspectives, interpretations, and stances presented herein.


Awaiting Elidal

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see the Kiyna disk, an orange-eyed white cat that is sitting, a wily forest spirit that is flying around, the skull-shaped Irval disk, the Wolfloner disk, the cherrywood Arianiss disk etched with lotus blossoms, the discordant Tikba disk, a concerned wasteland spirit that is flying around, the web-draped Missoni disk, the repousse copper Perigourd disk raised in leafy designs, a lazy wild reddish-black dog, a green-eyed white kitten, the Vaemyr disk, an animated flayed gigas disciple, the Izaneth disk, the Stormyrain disk, the Kelfyr disk, a grizzled porcupine, an amber-eyed tawny range wolf, a thick pink robe, the Peche disk, the flaming Nairena disk, a jet black velvet ribbon, a fringed wolf skin frock, some faded inky black socks, a midnight blue tunic, a red-nosed rolton cookie, a large acorn, an ayanad crystal, the Arahnim disk, a polished silver cart with some stuff on it, a piece of sheet metal, a round silver-banded barrel, an herbal remedy donation bin, some wide stone benches with some stuff on it and an old well.

Also here: Astrilyn, Earthdiver, Town Councilor Kiyna, Niffly, Irval, Wolfloner, Mourdeyan, Cleasai, Arianiss, Tikba, Maikoya, Missoni, Perigourd, Pukk, Town Councilor Vaemyr, Great Lord Izaneth, Stormyrain, Kelfyr, Kippe, Conquerer of Reim Peche, Lady Nairena, Conquerer of Reim Markx, Ealeaf, Grand Lord Arahnim, Nightbless, Ussey

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Vaemyr!"

Arianiss exclaims, "I joined Vaemyr and I found ten silvers on the street!"

Speaking to Pukk, Nairena asks, "Whats in it for us?"

Speaking to Pukk, Nairena says, "I need incentives."

Speaking to Nairena, Pukk says, "He will give everybody a hug later."

Speaking to Pukk, Nairena says, "I heard hugs are worth more than a ora claid."

From nearby, you hear Coins yell, "This wagon is on fire!"

Pukk says, "Vaemyr's hugs are worth a lot because he usually has cooties."

Pukk asks, "Wagon on fire?"

Markx yells, "What wagon?"

Pukk yells, "Where?"

Vaemyr says, "Moving."

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see an animated flayed gigas disciple, a black imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it, the Moot Hall and a large purple wooden barrel.

Astrilyn says, "It doesn't look on fire."

Vaemyr says, "Doesn't seem on fire."

Tikba dryly says, "This wagon is not on fire."

Kiyna asks, "Wrong wagon? Maybe the one at the Docks?"

Speaking in Sylvankind, Kelfyr says something you don't understand.


Tikba says, "The voice came from the Raging Thrak."

Tikba says, "I am not sure there are wagons there."

Pukk says, "I think we were being misled."

Kiyna says, "Fortunately, it's raining."

Vaemyr says, "I think we've been bamboozled."

Irval whispers to the group, " word?"

Earthdiver says, "He is out hunting minotaurs now."

A cool breeze stirs through the area.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Pukk says, "You are starting to sound like Raelee and her big words."

Irval says, "Ahh the breeze stirs."

Tikba says, "I am glad the winter storms have passed."

Missoni says, "The weather is much more pleasant."

[General] Elidal thinks, "Good evening."

Irval says, "Beats the constant snow."

Emperia says, "I...suppose that rain is better than snow. Probably."

[General] Perigourd thinks, "Fair eve."

Irval says, "I wore a kilt mostly through the winter. That won't happen again..."

[General] Vaemyr thinks, "Good evening Elidal."

Vaemyr says, "Ahh Elidal on thoughts."

[General] Irval thinks, "Greetings Elidal."

Kiyna says, "Though not, you'll notice, in the specific amount of days Iliyaas said it would. Prophetic fraud, revealed for what it is."

[General] Mourdeyan thinks, "Evenin Sir."

Speaking to Irval, Astrilyn asks, "Was it Roelon's fault?"

Pukk says, "It's always Roelon's fault."

[General] Vaemyr asks, "Might you be enjoying this nice cool breeze tonight?"

Markx says, "The Gods have made us the most paranoid people ever. Perhaps it was just a pleasant cool breeze."

[General] Elidal thinks, "I feel as if it's been such a long time since we've spoken. I'll be along to the bonfire soon if you wish to join me."

Vaemyr says, "Heading there in a moment."

Vaemyr asks, "Lets see does cryheart get lost two or three times?"

Vaemyr says, "And off we go."

Astrilyn says, "You've got the slow part down, at least."

Pukk says, "Wait...I will just skip the bonfire then."

Vaemyr asks, "So I'm supposed to do a few laps around the encampment right?"

Speaking to Vaemyr, Perigourd says, "Just to warm up."

Irval says, "Bonfire."

Stormyrain asks, "Anyone have a blanket?"

Speaking to Kelfyr, Stormyrain murmurs, "I tried."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Missoni says, "Perhaps I will knit one for him."

Goldstr says, "Wonna be lon Spring be here."

Mourdeyan says, "Wonder how young Samfelt is doin."

Stormyrain says, "That would be lovely."

Kiyna says, "Shoot. Need to get some cider..."

[General] Coins asks, "Eidal, are you related to the eidolons in Solhaven?"

Kelfyr says, "Might just be full after sharing some squirrel with that squire."

Nairena asks, "Who are we meeting?"

Kelfyr says, "Napping it off."

Goldstr says, "Elidal said Bonfire."

Stormyrain says, "Could be, I just worry he's cold and will fall ill. Last thing we need is for the entire camp to come down with an illness."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Arianiss says, "Or spiders."

Speaking to Arianiss, Stormyrain says, "Spiders are also not"

A young girl races by, maneuvering through those gathered as she chases a small chicken that keeps flapping its wings wildly.

Nairena exclaims, "Bad Sparky!"

Kelfyr says, "I'm starting to think that girl will never catch that chicken."

Speaking to Earthdiver, Vaemyr says, "You came well prepared."

Elidal Speaks

Lord Elidal just arrived.

Elidal blinks.

Elidal asks, "Does no one sleep?"

Irval says, "Assistance will require our creativity to tackle new hardships paired with painful events."

Elidal chuckles.

Kelfyr says, "The falconer does."

Mourdeyan says, "Not often, not well."

Elidal says, "There's far too much work to do."

Speaking to Elidal, Irval says, "Pot , meet kettle."

Speaking amusedly to Elidal, Nairena says, "Soon."

Speaking to Elidal, Goldstr exclaims, "Hail Baron!"

Missoni greets, "Fair eve, Lord Elidal."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "I should be sleeping... but well I'm not, so I'm here."

Vaemyr chuckles.

Elidal grins.

Elidal nods at Vaemyr.

Elidal says, "It is good to see all of you."

Mourdeyan says, " for others."

Elidal says, "It has been some time."

Mourdeyan says, "Indeed."

Perigourd says, "Thankfully, the worst of the winter seems over."

Vaemyr says, "Little over a month or so."

Kelfyr says, "We're well into mud season."

Irval asks, "We made it all mostly through the winter. Few citizens succumbed to the cold. How faired the encampment?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Vaemyr asks, "Something wrong?"

Elidal says, "We've seen some sickness, some harsh weather. Some losses. Each one tragic."

Missoni quietly says, "Fair eve."

Elidal says, "But I am hopeful, and some spirits are up at the news of more arrivals soon."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Stormyrain says, "I am just concerned about the falconer, he's laying in the mud--I can't imagine he's comfortable."

Goldstr says, "As have we."

Nairena says, "The elements test us. Some pass. Others fail."

Vaemyr asks, "Company?"

Tikba amusedly says, "Magister."

Elidal nods.

Elidal says, "The caravans should now presume, with spring here, and Gnul gone."

Elidal says, "Commander Sablo travels with one from Riverwood."

Elidal says, "With..."

Elidal says, "My parents."

Mourdeyan says, "Good news indeed."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "You seem, so enthused about that."

Speaking to Elidal, Missoni says, "Ah, you must be very excited to see them after so long."

Nairena says, "Things are getting serious."

Tikba asks, "Do you look forward to seeing them?"

Evia says, "Why would he not."

Arianiss asks, "Will you introduce us to them?"

Speaking mildly to Evia, Tikba says, "Parents can sometimes be difficult."

Speaking to Elidal, Goldstr says, "Ye needs protrctive escorts jess let us know."

Tikba says, "There can be disagreements."

Speaking to Elidal, Stormyrain asks, "How long until you expect them?"

Elidal says, "A week? Maybe two at most."

Vaemyr says, "Hmm I see."

Elidal says, "I am not ready for them to come, truth be told. But I welcome it all the same."

Goldstr says, "We will be ready."

Elidal says, "My biggest concern is my brother."

Speaking to Elidal, Nairena asks, "Are they just visiting?"

Elidal shrugs.

Thrassus says, "Hopefully there are reinforcements for the guard coming along with them."

Elidal says, "No. They will be moving here."

Elidal nods at Nairena.

Mourdeyan says, "Let us know as ye see fit Sir, for sentry or escort duty."

Elidal nods at Thrassus.

Nairena says, "Very good news."

Speaking to Elidal, Kelfyr asks, "Into a tent? Or have you found them more stable lodgings nearby?"

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "Your brother not get along with your parents that well? I think if he has a nice magical thing to study in quiet, and doesn't ever need to see anyone then he'll be fine."

Elidal says, "They'll preside in the Outpost for now."

Elidal nods.

Elidal nods at Kelfyr.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Mourdeyan says, "Quirky fellow."

Elidal says, "Safer."

Irval says, "Especially with the Rooks splinter factions..."

Elidal says, "My mother adores us both. I am quite sure my father well..."

Elidal says, "Him and Eni do not get along well."

Goldstr asks, "Outpost do be a safe spot, Lady Larsya aware?"

Mourdeyan says, "Allows eccentricaties, to a point then."

Missoni says, "Perhaps this move will be an opportunity for them to get along better."

Remnant Rooks and Reivers

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr asks, "Aye... have you... heard about our Rook situation? Seems a fairly well-funded group of them have decided to revert back to the "any means nessecary" ways of things. When will you have more available guards or troops?"

Elidal nods at Goldstr.

Elidal says, "Yes, Lady Larsya is happy to help."

Goldstr nods at Elidal.

Elidal asks, "I've heard, rumblings?"

Evia says, "To safe travels and warm reunion."

Elidal peers quizzically at Vaemyr.

Elidal says, "A few spotted reports."

Elidal asks, "Perhaps bring me up to speed, before my announcement?"

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "How detailed do you want it."

Stormyrain says, "Succinct, if he has an announcement."

Thrassus says, "The trail of blood Mother left across the town was more than mere runblings."

Thrassus says, "Rumblings, rather."

Tikba says, "These splinter Rooks are the ones who abducted Lady Aronia and attempted to kill her."

Irval says, "Too bad she didnt bleed at. Tough cockroach..."

Irval says, "Out."

Irval says, "I'll give her that."

Evia says, "Say the mother rook."

Goldstr says, "We neds watch fer da Wraith mer den Mother now."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, ""Mother", Casiphia was attacked by a "new" leader Ordlyn, whom are funded by someone called the "Wraith" who had ties going back to Rysus's days... This is all to try and prevent imperials and the silver kings from establishing themselves here apparently."

Elidal asks, "The Rooks are divided?"

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "Seemingly."

Irval says, "Splintering."

Evia says, "Thats what she said."

Mourdeyan says, "Seems so, fracturing."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "They are devided but both seem to still consider you enemy number 1."

Irval says, "I fear they will only become more violent as a result."

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "There was also a visit from Dikirk, the Reiver, who said they too are going through an inner turmoil. It appears some kinsman of an older foe have garnered sway within their clan."

Evia whispers something to Mourdeyan.

Elidal says, "Then, pardon my frankness...but if the Rooks are divided, and still see us as their enemy..."

Vaemyr says, "But aye, the splinter faction, is very concerning, they do not have the... restraint we've seen from the Rooks in recent history."

Elidal says, "Then little has changed for us. If anything, they are weaker for it."

Elidal says, "...and they are all still our enemy."

Irval says, "Yah but an injured animal is more dangerous when cornered..."

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "Some of them are more inclined to peace, but those following the old ways may be more likely to take issue with the settlement here."

Speaking to Elidal, Thrassus says, "It's more the means of opposition that is the dividing issue, yes."

Elidal nods at Irval.

Tikba says, "We must expect more frontal assaults."

Mourdeyan says, "With more insight, we may at some point be able t'use the fractures to scatter them further."

Elidal asks, "Do we believe either side can become peaceful?"

Elidal peers quizzically at Perigourd.

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "I think there could be a chance still at peace with the less violent faction, Their concern is the Silver Kings, if we could work together then perhaps."

Speaking to Elidal, Arianiss says, "Someone has to back down."

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "Dikirk favors peaceably solutions, but it seemed as if they might even divide into two settlements, based on what he was saying."

Speaking to Elidal, Goldstr says, "Aye But I would let da Reivers know dey nae have fears an could help ye."

Perigourd says, "Whether the clan would allow that is as yet unknown."

Elidal asks, "A division among Reivers too?"

Evia says, "Less violent wolf is still not a friendly wolf."

Elidal peers quizzically at Perigourd.

Goldstr says, "Nar."

Tikba says, "Dikirk's reivers are already peaceful, as long as you do not cross the river."

Elidal says, "It seems the people of Wehnimer's Landing are not the only ones victim to infighting at times."

Elidal nods at Tikba.

Elidal says, "I have made it very clear to our settlers to be cautious and avoid passing the river for now."

Goldstr says, "Reivers jess tinkin ye be takin der Villae."

Tikba nods approvingly at Elidal.

Vaemyr says, "I think that happens everywhere, some places more than others."

Elidal says, "Now is not the time to rile up the Reivers, I agree."

Vaemyr says, "There's also our Spider creating adversary."

Kelfyr says, "Two factional divisions, both bent on violence towards this encampment. And more wagons are arriving."

Evia says, "In all my times the Reivers have only ever wished to be let alone and stay away from the likes of everyone else."

Vaemyr says, "And them... I will not have any mercy for."

Irval asks, "Don't forget the mention of the ...what was it? Silver Kings?"

Arianiss says, "..and Darkstone Castle and Melgorehn's Reach."

Speaking to Evia, Perigourd says, "My concern would be what Hagga's kinfolk could lead them to."

Arianiss exclaims, "Pretty full plate!"

Elidal nods at Arianiss.

Speaking to Irval, Vaemyr says, "That's more of a futureish problem I think, but also potentially the only way we can come to a compromise with the Rooks perhaps."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr asks, "I'll send you a proposal later of the full details of what we learned so you have it, but I wouldn't want to take up too much more of your time for your... announcement was it?"

Elidal says, "Truth be told, my focus is on my people, and yours. Not castles and mountains. I will leave that to the experts."

Elidal nods at Vaemyr.

Vaemyr nods slowly.

Elidal says, "I appreciate it."

Speaking evenly to Elidal, Raelee says, "Indeed so."

Elidal says, "It's only been weeks since the dust has settled since Gnul. I want more peace and less blood ahead."

Citan deeply says, "Don't we all."

Speaking to Elidal, Irval says, "Unfortunately. Here in the frontier, that is often sought and yet , seldom found."

Guest Bodohal

Elidal says, "The actual announcement I had..."

Evia says, "Spring, new life, new growth, the time for planting."

Goldstr says, "Aye apprase da Reivers an der should be oeace."

Elidal says, "Is a short one, but long overdue."

Elidal says, "In the coming weeks, I shall host a grand feast. Something where both of our people can gather, dine, enjoy stories and merriment..."

Elidal says, "...and invite Captain Bodohal to be an honored guest."

Mourdeyan asks, "Annnnnd?"

Irval says, "Not a party without a good hangin."

Missoni happily says, "A party."

Elidal says, "Which means, some of you will not be in attendance."

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "A shame that."

Elidal asks, "A Captain away from his ship?"

A sleek white mouse says, "I brought rope."

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "We'll have to find a way to pre-occupy ourselves."

Elidal says, "It would be a tragedy if..."

Elidal nods.

Mourdeyan says, "Rife wit possibles."

Elidal asks, "You understand the quiet things I did not say aloud, right?"

Speaking to Elidal, Goldstr asks, "If I may Who woulds ye object to?"

Elidal chuckles.

Elidal says, "Sometimes I have to be very forward with people."

Speaking to Elidal, Arianiss says, "You want us to sneak aboard his ship and cause mayem. Got it."

Evia says, "Hmm? dosed off."

Xorus says, "Wink, wink. As they say."

Irval says, "Truth be told. I think it was the constant fear of the assassination attempts, that LOOKED remarkably like the Rooks work. Whether it was or not is yet to be determined. But as we all know anything and anyone imperial , is fair game."

Irval says, "From the Rook perspective ..."

Elidal says, "I've appointed Samfelt to be an envoy of sorts."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr asks, "At the dinner?"

Elidal says, "I'll need you all to coordinate the details with him. But he'll need some safe protecting to and in Brisker's Cove."

Kelfyr says, "He really is coming into his own, that Samfelt."

Mourdeyan says, "Hope the lad is faring well."

Elidal nods at Kelfyr.

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "He was rather well kitted last time we saw him."

Earthdiver says, "He certainly has a good start to his armor now."

Elidal says, "He will deliver my invitation soon to Bodohal."

Elidal says, "He'll need your help."

Mourdeyan says, "An an offer of trainin when he is able."

Vaemyr says, "We will provide it."

Speaking to Elidal, Stormyrain offers, "I have a new home in Brisker's Cove."

Stormyrain smiles.

Nairena says, "I don't think he will show."

Stormyrain says, "It's a lovely space."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "And we appreciate your help in this matter too."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Vaemyr asks, "So party at your place?"

Mourdeyan says, "I think he's too self important not to show."

Goldstr exclaims, "We take care a Sam!"

Irval says, "Samfelt is now I feel, a wolf in settler clothing..."

Elidal grins at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Perigourd asks, "Perhaps a suitable place for a soiree?"

Speaking to Vaemyr, Stormyrain says, "It would be--unfortunate--if the party here is the same night as my housewarming."

Tikba says, "I am sure we can find people to attend the dinner, and people who unaccountably will be absent."

Mourdeyan says, "Hmm."

Vaemyr says, "We'll talk it over with folks."

Kelfyr says, "There are certainly a number of us who just aren't cut out for that sort of formal soiree."

Speaking to Tikba, Stormyrain repeats, "It would be unfortunate if the dinner is the same my housewarming party."

Elidal nods at Tikba.

Vaemyr says, "Make sure there is both ample protection where needed."

Elidal says, "Thank you, as well."

Elidal says, "I know Aronia will claim she did not need your help, and maybe that is so..."

Elidal says, "But thank you."

Mourdeyan says, "It would be good to settle a few things b'fore your families planned arrival."

Speaking to Elidal, Missoni says, "I am glad she is well."

Kelfyr says, "Her claim wouldn't be half false. The Sister is well able to defend herself."

Kelfyr says, "If maybe a little over eager to defend herself to the death."

Xorus asks, "Has Iliyaas been about?"

Speaking to Xorus, Vaemyr says, "Someone saw her earlier today."

Vaemyr says, "In the forests."

Goldstr exclaims, "An Samfelt will be under da Order's full protection!"

Speaking mildly to Kelfyr, Tikba says, "It is difficult to ask an arkati to be gentle."

Elidal says, "Iliyaas is always about."

Elidal nods at Xorus.

Elidal says, "But never here."

Mourdeyan says, "Enisius is about also of late....checkin his mail? or inspecting the post office."

Elidal says, "I've tried and tried."

Elidal says, "Even in Riverwood, she'd never come too close."

Tikba amusedly says, "Magister Enisius was disappointed in the state of our postal facilities."

Raelee quietly mutters, "... there is some merit to such an existance."

Vaemyr says, "I don't think he'd ever seen a postal facility..."

Elidal begins chuckling at Tikba!

Mourdeyan says, "The dust bunnies."

Elidal says, "That does not surprise me."

Xorus says, "We have heard she has some sort of interest in the Alabaster Spire. We do not know why, but would receive her whenever."

Kelfyr says, "He also doesn't like the taste of our stamps."

Speaking to Raelee, Perigourd says, "Hard to find books though."

Elidal nods at Xorus.

Elidal says, "Ah, good."

Speaking to Perigourd, Raelee says, "The greatest of libraries can seem much like a forest of shelves. Easy to lose oneself in, at times quite difficult to find anyone else."

Speaking to Raelee, Perigourd says, "Than we each have a forest in our own way."

Speaking to Evia, Goldstr asks, "Ye knoes der be Bandits after ye?"

Speaking to Goldstr, Evia asks, "There is?"

Elidal twists slightly, cracking his spine. He looks much better.

Evia says, "I best get after them."

Elidal says, "I slept under the stars for two nights."

Elidal says, "I am sore. I'm too young to be sore."

Elidal chuckles.

Citan deeply says, "It's quite comforting."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "You are definitely too young to be sore."

Speaking to Elidal, Missoni asks, "Why did you sleep under the stars?"

Kialeigh says, "Never too young to be sore."

Speaking to Elidal, Evia says, "And under the fair Liabo moon."

Mourdeyan says, "From sleepin."

Citan deeply says, "Yeah.. you aren't old enough to have a back."

Goldstr says, "Woulds be good sleep fer me."

Irval says, "That's what he said..."

Speaking amusedly to Elidal, Tikba says, "Once again, if you had a sweater, it would provide some comfort."

Elidal says, "The open sky is Aronia's favorite. It didn't rain for days. It was nice to see the stars."

Elidal says, "It rains so much here."

Vaemyr says, "But I do quite enjoying sleeping under the stars."

Speaking to Elidal, Arianiss says, "It didn't always."

Kialeigh says, "We all needed to invest in rain gear."

Missoni says, "That does sound lovely."

Speaking to Elidal, Mourdeyan says, "Only when it's not snowing."

Earthdiver says, "At least it's not blood."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "There are dry spells sometimes, the worse is the blood rain, gets everywhere."

Elidal says, "I hope to never see blood rain."

Elidal says, "Ever."

Earthdiver says, "If you spend enough time here."

Raelee quietly says, "... give it time."

Nairena says, "That wasn;t a pleasant experience."

Earthdiver says, "You get used to it."

Speaking to Elidal, Arianiss says, "You all wanted to be nearby Wehnimer's..."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "Please don't jinx yourself..."

Xorus says, "You will undoubtedly meet Grishom eventually. He brings the blood rain with him as a herald."

Vaemyr says, "Aye, dealing with Grishom is inevidable as long as you are in this area."

Elidal says, "The time will come to deal with him."

Evia says, "Soon it will be Day of Zelia's Warning ... a lovely time for, oh..maybe feasting and surprises."

Elidal says, "I am certain of that."

Elidal says, "Iliyaas is certain of that."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "I imagine she feels what he's done more than most."

Vaemyr says, "Aronia too."

Elidal says, "Iliyaas more so, yes."

Speaking to Elidal, Goldstr says, "But first we get ye Barony up."

Elidal nods at Goldstr.

Evia says, "Trees to plant too."

Elidal says, "Then we will be united against him."

Vaemyr says, "We have a lot of other problems to deal with first."

Elidal nods at Goldstr.

Speaking to Evia, Perigourd says, "Indeed."

Evia says, "And flax..."

Goldstr agrees with Elidal.

Tikba says, "Will Aronia consecrate the altar soon? She must feel the lack."

Elidal looks up at the sky.

Elidal says, "Every star fades. Even the red ones."

Irval says, "Think he's more interested in tearing the sky asunder...."

Tikba says, "They will return, in a year's time."

Goldstr says, "Da HandMaidens be a showin soon."

Speaking to Tikba, Stormyrain offers, "Until they don't."

Elidal stretches.

Mourdeyan says, "Each eve the sky is born anew, dressed in other stars like gems."

Vaemyr says, "It is really nice though not to be freezing anymore..."

Mourdeyan says, "Indeed."

Evia says, "Winter's shroud has lifted."

Elidal nods at Vaemyr.

Elidal says, "I am glad to see the spring."

Elidal says, "Yes, Aronia has planned something soon, finally."

Elidal says, "I could not tell you what. I am am devoted to Imaera, but she..."

Citan deeply says, "Indeed it puts a bounce in most adventurer's step."

Elidal waves a hand over his head.

Speaking to Elidal, Perigourd says, "Many rituals involving certain natural tokens, and the like."

Vaemyr says, "She was impressive the other evening."

Tikba amusedly says, "The curse of expertise."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Kelfyr says, "That was more the other side of Imaera."

Elidal says, "She is beauty and fury, and sometimes I cannot approach because of either."

Elidal begins chuckling at Perigourd!

Speaking to Kelfyr, Vaemyr says, "I think it goes to show her connection though, and how deep it runs."

Speaking to Elidal, Vaemyr says, "Ahh I think you'll figure it out."

Elidal says, "Thank you all for the fine company tonight."

Vaemyr says, "Appreciate your time as well."

Speaking to Elidal, Missoni says, "And thank you."

Tikba politely says, "It is always a pleasure to see you, Elidal."

Mourdeyan says, "Good t'see you Lord Elidal."

Speaking to Elidal, Goldstr says, "Was a good talk."

Nairena says, "Rest well, Elidal."

Elidal says, "May the future only hold unity and growth for us, while our enemies continue to fracture and splinter into memories."

Elidal waves.

Lord Elidal just went southeast.