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PEER is used to look in a direction (see adjoining rooms), or to interact with other characters, creatures, or items.



[Usage:  PEER (direction|player|creature|object)]

Peer direction:

[Wehnimer's, North Ring Rd.]
Night guards and militiamen pass by, moving between the barracks and the guard towers at either end of the north road.  The broad cobblestoned way proceeds east and west, hugging the inside of the northern wall.  A sparse mix of citizens and visitors, including trappers and traders returning home for the night or staying out to ply some late business, walk among the ever-vigilant guards.  You also see a candle-lit path and a squalid canvas pavilion.
Obvious paths: east, west
>peer east
You peer east and see ...

[Wehnimer's, North Ring Rd.]
Worn and uneven paving stones broken by deep ruts cover the road here, making for treacherous footing.  A faint chorus of sounds emanates from the south and west, as the subdued hum of the bazaar melds with the occasional cries of night birds flying above.  You also see a red-bricked pathway.
Obvious paths: east, west

Peer person:

>peer XXX
You peer quizzically at XXX.

Peer creature:

>peer vel
You peer quizzically at a velnalin.

Peer item:

>peer my sap
You peer closely at a green sapphire, but see nothing of interest.  Maybe if you examined it closely, you would see more.